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Play Escape 3D HalloweenEscape 3D Halloween Game

Plays: 3655
Category: Puzzles
You are locked in an old Haunted House on Halloween night…Pumpkins! Pumpkins everywhere! Can you unlock multiple rooms and find the treasured pumpkin? Even the keys in this house are riddled with mystery. Find all the gems, use objects and clues to help you escape.
Play SingularitySingularity Game

Plays: 3565
Category: Adventure
Can you defeat the forces of gravity? Navigate your spaceship from one nebula to the next, but watch out: the black holes are formidable opponents.
Play Hotel Escape 3Hotel Escape 3 Game

Plays: 3427
Category: Other
Welcome to the third and final instalment of the Hotel Escape Trilogy! How to play: Simply click on objects you would like to pickup to add them to your inventory Click on the bag for your inventory (or space) Click on the left, right, top and bottom of the screen to navigate to different locations in the game
Play LiriluckLiriluck Game

Plays: 3281
Category: Action
Navigate the space-ball through 25 challenging levels. You have to collect all coins in order to complete a level!
Play Canyon GliderCanyon Glider Game

Plays: 3276
Category: Action
Can you navigate the canyon and get the best score possible?
Play QuamorolQuamorol Game

Plays: 3262
Category: Puzzles
Quamorol is a completely new game type where you have to use your mouse's "force" to navigate the ball through 15 challenging levels.
Play Puke MazePuke Maze Game

Plays: 3205
Category: Puzzles
In Puke Maze you have to navigate your mouse cursor trough various levels to win.
Play GyroballGyroball Game

Plays: 3182
Category: Action
Navigate your gyroball to the glowing goal of each level without falling off the platforms.
Play Magneto 2Magneto 2 Game

Plays: 3162
Category: Puzzles
Move the your magnetic ball through various levels filled with different magnets. Use arrows to navigate the ball and try not to bounce against walls or obstacles!
Play SteerWheels 2 ChinaSteerWheels 2 China Game

Plays: 3158
Category: Driving
A fun physics based game where you have to push a yellow ball to the yellow exit bar. Navigate through all the levels and overcome the various obstacles that might get in your way. Can you use your logic and knowledge of physics to beat this game?
Play JetPak DXJetPak DX Game

Plays: 3095
Category: Action
An exciting arcade shooter, in JetPak DX, you play Major Tom, an astronaut who has crash landed his on a meteor and must re-assemble and re-fuel his spaceship in order to escape. Navigate with your JetPak and locate all the pieces of your spaceship but be careful to dodge flying debris.
Play Crowd SurferCrowd Surfer Game

Plays: 3066
Category: Action
Use your crowd surfing skills to navigate your way across the the crowd for as long as possible.
Play Dino Jeff Adventure 2Dino Jeff Adventure 2 Game

Plays: 3051
Category: Adventure
Dino Jeff returns with a new look. Several hidden areas to unlock and find. Use a jet pack to navigate the level with care and strategic consideration in order to obtain the high score. I'm not even 100 percent sure what the highest score possible is but it's above 340 thousand. Surprise me! From PabMo.
Play GatecrasherGatecrasher Game

Plays: 3040
Category: Action
An addicting game requiring a mix of frantic reflex and cool headed strategy to dodge enemy orbs, navigate gates and rack up the highest scores. Use powerups, or save them for later against more enemies, but you only get one life so make them count!
Play Snake MiniXSnake MiniX Game

Plays: 3022
Category: Action
Snake MiniX, the addictive game for toddlers, kids and adults Navigate the Snake through different worlds and eat as much food as possible.
Play TinyNukeTinyNuke Game

Plays: 2974
Category: Action
Navigate round the little galaxy as a dangerous nuke, destroying the planet you’re on in order to reach a neighbouring globe.
Play Astro RunnerAstro Runner Game

Plays: 2973
Category: Action
You are a member of the elite ?Astro Runner? squad (defenders of the peace, weapons of the brave, hope for the hopeless) . While on your latest mission your ship?s guidance systems failed leaving you to navigate the treacherous Asteroid Belt with nothing but your wits and a few charges. Death is undoubtedly your fate. How long will you survive?
Play Magneto 3Magneto 3 Game

Plays: 2927
Category: Action
Addictive skill game in which you have to drive your magnetic ball through various levels filled with different magnets and magnetic conveyor belts. Use arrows to navigate and try not to bounce against walls or obstacles!
Play UFO RideUFO Ride Game

Plays: 2922
Category: Action
You are flying through a asteroid field! Help the alien navigate his ship safley.
Play MagnetoMagneto Game

Plays: 2917
Category: Action
Drive a metallic ball through various levels of magnets! Use arrows to navigate.

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