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Play Deep Sea EscapeDeep Sea Escape Game

Plays: 881
Category: Puzzles
Deep Sea Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Gamesperk. In this escape game, A man went under the sea in a submarine for a research. Unfortunately the submarine was break down. Help the man to escape from the sea with his submarine by finding items and by solving the puzzles. Use your best escape skills. Good luck and have fun.
Play Life Treasure BoxLife Treasure Box Game

Plays: 852
Category: Puzzles
This is a game which costs a mathematician ten years painstaking research ,the game is according to the time of your visit,the frequency of your play, and the rhythm of each click to explore your subconscious world which you don\'t understand. As long as you stick to open the box ,you will have a new understanding of yourself.
Play Glean 2Glean 2 Game

Plays: 845
Category: Action
Traverse terrestrial aquatic and aerial alien planets. Mine and scrounge for resources while fending off the local wildlife. Research and craft upgrades to delve deeper and unlock all of the logs, and continue the story of Glean. This sequel greatly expands upon the original with two new environments, dangerous alien creatures, new resources and a completely revamped research and crafting system. The game auto-saves every time you enter your ship.
Play Particles!Particles! Game

Plays: 840
Category: Adventure
Particles! is part of the RiGD research project developed by the Center for Connected Learning and Computer-based Modeling at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. We are interested in how people interact with the mechanics we have designed in this game. There are no risks to playing the game though you should feel free to stop playing at any point. You may however enjoy the game! If you do, feel free to play it as many times as you want. While your age and game play data will be used in studies exploring how people use Particles!, no data that could be used to identify you will be collected.
Play Escape from the EarthEscape from the Earth Game

Plays: 797
Category: Adventure
One of the devastating secrets revolves around the Mysterious Mayans is the relationship with the Aliens. A group of archaeologist still believes that Mayans have their own space ship. Mr. Andrew, who has collect evidences of spaceship existence, has died. The mystery is forbidden. His grandchild, who restored the research, came to know about the end of the world. He decided to escape from the earth using the space ship. Help him out to escape from the apocalyptic earth!!
Play Forestia : The Prince KlorfForestia : The Prince Klorf's Journey Game

Plays: 796
Category: Adventure
In the year 20XX, how global warming at an dangerous point. But none of those who dare to fix it, because at that time the earth was in power Mr. Wilder. The world leaders are dictators, he can do anything to anyone with his power. Fortunately, Prince (Prince Klorf) from hutanus planet was on his way from planet to planet Earth passes. He did research to find new types of plant species of each planet. How angry he was, at the sight of the forests of the earth were spent for the sake of immediate gratification. Here is the start of a trip klorf princes of the earth to save the forest ..
Play tieu diet kien khong lotieu diet kien khong lo Game

Plays: 777
Category: Action
trong m?t l?n nghiên c?u các nhà bác h?c dã vô tình t?o ra m?t loài ki?n kh?ng l?,nhung h? không ki?m soát du?c nó và dã d? nó x?ng ra ngoài , dó là m?t vi?c h?t s?c nguy hi?m cho s? t?n t?i c?a nhân lo?i và gi? chúng dang ? trong m?t cánh r?ng g?n dó. Do dó b?n dã du?c g?i d?n c?u vi?n ? dây Nhi?m v? c?a b?n là di?u khi?n xe tang c?a mình d? tiêu di?t các con ki?n b? d?t bi?n nguy hi?m dó d? b?o v? cho nhân lo?i tránh h?a di?t vong; B?n s? d?ng các phím qua trái - ph?i - lên -xu?ng d? di chuy?n xe tang nh?n phím space d? phun d?a tiêu di?t ki?n và ch?ng ng?i v?t c?n du?ng. s? t?n t?i c?a nhân lo?i dang ph? thu?c vào b?n dó. c? lên và chúc may m?n. during a research scientist accidentally created a giant ant, but they can not control it and had escaped out to it, it is a very dangerous job for the survival of humanity and now we are in a field nearby forest. So you've been sent to rescue here Your task is to control your tank to destroy the ants mutated danger to protect human beings from Graphics doom; You use the keyboard to the left - right - up-down to move the tank hit space-based solution to spray and destroy evidence obstacle is in the way. the existence of humanity depends on you there. fixed up and good luck.
Play Monster DefenderMonster Defender Game

Plays: 762
Category: Shooting
The monsters are coming to you, shoot them before they destory your hammer, take the gold coin, research and upgrade your weapon in your workshop.
Play AlliantAlliant Game

Plays: 711
Category: Action
The year 3087. The earth's resources have finally met their end. In order to survive the human rave must find another planet to sustain. After five years of research a new planet was dicovered. A planet that is already inhabited..
Play RobrunRobrun Game

Plays: 648
Category: Action
In a top secret research and development center, an even more secret project is being developed. Top secret military agency is working on a robot (unfortunately nobody knows what is its purpose because everything is so secret :). One day, the robot takes an opportunity to escape and run away from the lab. Solders starts the pursuit…
Play Laboratory EscapeLaboratory Escape Game

Plays: 644
Category: Puzzles
Help these rabbits to exit from the laboratory before they used by the professor to conduct research. You will move these two rabbits together to reach the exit door. Let's reach the exit door fast before the time runs out. Avoid all evil rabbits and attack them so that the rabbits can continue to walk to the exit door. Let's complete 30 challenging levels in this game and make all rabbits can exit from the laboratory together.
Play Lodge EscapeLodge Escape Game

Plays: 639
Category: Adventure
I was on a research trip with my friend. During the trip, we were supposed to stay at a Lodge in a small village. Middle of the night, i got a shearing noise that pierced my ears. Next thing I knew, my friend is missing. I pounded on the doors for help but it's of no use. I have to escape from this lodge and spot my friend. Will you guide me..?
Play Last ResistanceLast Resistance Game

Plays: 618
Category: Action
For decades we have been looking for intelligent life on other planets. But then it found us first! Thus began a bitter war between aliens and humans for power over resources, research units and the sheer survival of their civilization. It turned out that the invaders were more intelligent than hoped for and so they took after a short time the upper hand in the battle for the planet and its inhabitants. Nevertheless, there is a small group of survivors who called themselves 'Last Resistance' and they doesn't given up. You are the vehicle commander of this group and responsible for the defense of the presumably last stand against the prevailing aliens. While there are a few brave people who are actively assist you in the defense, but secretly everyone is clear about one thing: This fight is hopeless! Scouts have reported that several UFO's have already set a course to the camp and they will arrive shortly. Stand up for a hard and bitter fight. He will grant no breaks, and only ends when the last defense collapses.
Play RawCatLawnChairRawCatLawnChair Game

Plays: 602
Category: Action
How high can a feline launch off of a lawn chair, when accelerated by a treadmill? This question has plagued many intelligent minds throughout the past -- but not anymore! With Raw Cat Lawn Chair, you can launch your very own virtual cat from the comfort of your chair! Earn research funds from every launch to upgrade your cat, chair, and treadmill via the CAT-CAD Upgrade System. Reach new and exciting height today with Raw Cat Lawn Chair!
Play Wow Underwater EscapeWow Underwater Escape Game

Plays: 586
Category: Puzzles
Wow Underwater Escape is type of point and click new escape game developed by While you went inside underwater for a research you are trapped inside. No other humans are near to help you out. Find some useful objects and hints to escape from underwater. Good Luck and Have Fun!
Play Escape from Pirates IslandEscape from Pirates Island Game

Plays: 554
Category: Adventure
Guys!! Myself smith, i planned a research trip. As per my plan I started the journey in ship. All of a suddenly the ship got crashed and the sea waves took me to an island. You know what? The island looks very strange. A group of people are coming, who are they? Oh no! They were pirates. If I caught, they will kill me. I want to escape, gosh! I can see a ship over there. I need your help to escape, will you……?
Play Scientist House EscapeScientist House Escape Game

Plays: 545
Category: Adventure
Just Imagine, you have been trapped inside a scientist house. Now you'll have to take up the challenge to escape from the house using the clues and objects found at there. Do some research works to have a wonderful escape!
Play Forest Boat EscapeForest Boat Escape Game

Plays: 544
Category: Action
This is the 2nd escape from jounior research fellowship is in the forest for research work. Unfortunately his boat has damaged, while leaving help him to escape from this strange forest by finding the objects and clues.
Play CraterCrater Game

Plays: 50503
Category: Adventure
Free research of a map, tactical fights, reception of experience by characters.

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