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Play Mr Mysterious & Bad BunnzMr Mysterious & Bad Bunnz Game

Plays: 2535
Category: Customize
Don't young women know better than to go out at night in a gothic village by themselves? Don't they know better than to trust a guy in a cape who isn't Batman? Well, weird things happen on Halloween.
Play Emo StylingEmo Styling Game

Plays: 2349
Category: Customize
Evelyn here is an emo aficionado who likes to dress up in the weirdest of emo clothes. She is meeting her friends who are equally weird and emo crazy like her. They have come dressed in their own unique emo styles. Help her with a wacky makeup. Give her the most garish looking hair style and color that you ever thought of. Then dress her up in the weirdest of clothes you can imagine. Make her the star attraction.
Play LittleErde Episode2LittleErde Episode2 Game

Plays: 2319
Category: Action
Episode 2! Don't miss it. The more you play the better you get. Can you make it in the alltime highscore?
Play cute creatures couple twistcute creatures couple twist Game

Plays: 2301
Category: Education
CLICK 2 OR MORE NEIGHBORING CREATURES TO REMOVE THEM A LINE WILL BE ADDED EACH TIMER EMPTY DONT LET THE ROW REACHED THE TOP after the column remover bar filled you can remove 1 column creatures by press "1","2" or "3"until "0" according to the column
Play OddroOddro Game

Plays: 2203
Category: Action
Oddro is a wonderfully weird and wacky world that you have crash landed on! Use all your navigating skills to escape from the planets surface! Try to avoid all the odd creatures and other crazy things that try to prevent your escape.
Play BuzzOff!BuzzOff! Game

Plays: 2170
Category: Action
Those pesky fly's! This time they have gone too far, Mr. Fly and several thousand of his relatives have teamed up to try and drive you mad! Don't let them Buzz your brain till it explodes, fight back by squishing the fly's. Careful though the buzzing will eat away at your sanity, as will each click, only by smashing fly after fly can you hope to hold on to what little sanity you still have.

Plays: 2151
Category: Action
This game, "SUPER TAT" is the game with genre of modification platform and speed game. It actually telling us a story about a turtle named TAT. Because of his weird look, he doesn't really have many friends. He feels so sick and sad because of his look, until one day he accidentally heard that the king held a competition. In this competition, whoever run quickly and explore the whole country will get the king's trophy For TAT, this competition is not only a common competition but also a competition that could convince the whole country that he is more than just an ugly turtle. This is a good timing for TAT to shows his ability so his friends won't see him as a weird turtle anymore.
Play Bits and PiecesBits and Pieces Game

Plays: 2098
Category: Action
Quirky platformer bullet hell.
Play Critter CaptureCritter Capture Game

Plays: 2041
Category: Action
What is it weird looking aliens and their obsession with making life difficult for us Earthlings? Yup you've guessed it... It's happened again! This time in the form of green, one-eyed flying puddings who are clogging up the skies with their constant flapping and randomly generated flight patterns. Equipped with a state-of-the-art plane that only turns at right angles, you've been charged with the task of ridding the heavens of these beasts. Manoeuvre your machine with the aim of isolating each enemy inside sections of the sky that you need to cut through using the arrow keys. Good luck!
Play HoppinHoppin'pop Game

Plays: 1995
Category: Puzzles
A "columns"-like game wrapped in a world of weird (but wonderful) creatures.
Play Heavily ArmedHeavily Armed Game

Plays: 1912
Category: Action
An action platform game taking place in a post-apocalyptic flying world.
Play Batman Heroes DefenceBatman Heroes Defence Game

Plays: 1852
Category: Action
Batman needs to protect important cargo from the bad guys. have fun with this game that have a weird mix between aa Hero from DC with Villains from Marvel.
Play Hulu Hoop CutieHulu Hoop Cutie Game

Plays: 1716
Category: Dress-Up
This sweetie is preparing for her next hulu hoop competition which will take place sometime in the next 2 weeks and she's committed to practice every day for these 2 weeks. Help her out with her clothes as she's too busy training and I'd hate to see her wear something weird on the podium and plus. Dress this cutie hula hoop girl up and have some fun while doing it!
Play Cycle AccidentCycle Accident Game

Plays: 1689
Category: Dress-Up
Weird, but a cycle accident made Emily smile but not cry. This event is going to change everything cause she's finally got acquainted with a boy she was dreaming about).
Play Weird Uncle BoxesWeird Uncle Boxes Game

Plays: 1686
Category: Puzzles
Help Weird Uncle find the right keys to open all boxes.
Play Uncle Weird Rescue MissionUncle Weird Rescue Mission Game

Plays: 1676
Category: Adventure
Evil outer space monsters want to invade earth and have killed many innocent people. Help uncle weird defeat those monsters!
Play Alien RestaurantAlien Restaurant Game

Plays: 1674
Category: Customize
Few cute aliens were just sent in a mission on the Earth. They have never been here so everything is new and weird especially the food we have. Invite them to your restaurant and try to please them preparing some alien specialties. Be friendly with these cute aliens and don't mix their orders. Make sure they're having a great time on Earth so they will come again. Enjoy your work in the special restaurant!!
Play Uncle Weird Valentine DayUncle Weird Valentine Day Game

Plays: 1624
Category: Action
Help uncle weird collect as many chocolates as possible. Be careful, book and cup will smash chocolates that you have already had!
Play Oh So Blue MagicOh So Blue Magic Game

Plays: 1553
Category: Action
In Oh So Blue Magic you need to eat the blue magic before anyone else gets to it first. Have fun in this weird game.
Play Click TribeClick Tribe Game

Plays: 1533
Category: Adventure
Halp! The Click Tribesmen need to find each other to fight weird plants, alligators, and robot monsters! Point and click the little guys to make everything better.

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