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Online Jumping Games
Play Ninja SantaNinja Santa Game

Plays: 5160
Category: Action
Ninjas have santas too. And forget about chimneys, this aspiring ninjaSanta is descending into the bottomless pit armed only with awesome jumping abilities and his shurikens.
Play Goats Versus TigersGoats Versus Tigers Game

Plays: 5151
Category: BoardGame
WARNING- 'INSANELY ADDICTIVE' 'Goats Versus Tigers' is a very very funny and addictive strategy based game like chess. This is a hunt game between the extravagant Tigers and deceitful Goats. Here tiger tries to hunt the deer and the deer tries to block the tiger's movement. Player can play as 'Tigers' or as 'Goats'. If you are playing as 'Tigers' then you will have 3 tigers. Your goal is to kill 7 goats to win the game. You can kill the Goat by jumping over them to an empty spot. Tiger can not jump over another tiger. Again you have to escape from being trapped. If tigers are fully surrounded by goats and if there is no place to jump then tigers will loose the game. If you are playing as 'Goats' then you will have 15 goats. Your goal is to block 3 tiger opponents. First of all you have to get all the goats on board. Once all goats are on board then only you can move on the board. If you surround tigers so that there is no empty space for the tiger to jump on then that tiger is blocked. Recent changes: Gameplay improved..added more fun...Now AI is super strong New art added... Performance improved...
Play Bimmin Haunted NightBimmin Haunted Night Game

Plays: 5131
Category: Action
Bimmin is back with new Halloween outfits! Run through the jungle, jump over obstacles and avoid being eaten by the skeleton T-Rex!
Play Parkour FOGParkour FOG Game

Plays: 5079
Category: Sports
Parkour meets tagging in this running, jumping, police avoiding adventure. Navigate your way through the rooftops and streets in Parkour the game. The more jumps you get in, sprays you get and the longer you go, the more your score will build, so pretty much just don't get caught and you are good to go. Run free!
Play Turbulent TundraTurbulent Tundra Game

Plays: 5067
Category: Other
A one button, arcade game with an addictive nature. Help the penguin escape the collapsing ice flow! Will you keep control as it gets faster and faster?
Play Buggy MadnessBuggy Madness Game

Plays: 5030
Category: Driving
Drive the truck to rush forward.
Play POPSY The PenguinPOPSY The Penguin Game

Plays: 4998
Category: Adventure
Help Popsy explore the environment while collecting fish and stars for extra points and find the treasure. Once you find the key and return to the Igloo you will go to the next level. Be aware of the enemies. The Yetis will be there, so make sure you get them before they get you. The only way to conquer your enemies is by jumping on their heads. Use the arrow keys to move left and right and the spacebar to jump. Happy Hunting!
Play Primary (Chinese Version)Primary (Chinese Version) Game

Plays: 4995
Category: Action
Primary is about Roy, a super soldier in the land of the HUEman (get it? Ya we are lame.), who must climb to the top of Prizim tower to try to find a way to close the portal that is allowing horrible black goopy creatures into his world.
Play Road BlocksRoad Blocks Game

Plays: 4979
Category: Adventure
Race your car by jumping over the roadblocks.

Plays: 4916
Category: Action
Jump your way through levels and worlds in this platform game that revolves around jumping. Use the arrows.
Play Paris Hilton Jail EscapeParis Hilton Jail Escape Game

Plays: 4915
Category: Sports
Help Paris with your trampoline to escape jail by jumping over the walls! Use your mouse to move the trampoline.
Play Jumpix 2Jumpix 2 Game

Plays: 4902
Category: Action
In this 3D arcade platformer, you have a control over a jumping and rolling ball. Trying to get max score on each level is a challenge, you've got to avoid falling from edges. Dangerous traps and interesting tasks await you in 40 carefully designed levels. Built-in map editor allows you to create up to ten levels of your own, share with other players, play their levels and give ratings. Hardcore players are welcomed to try Time Mode.
Play Worms Have WingsWorms Have Wings Game

Plays: 4892
Category: Action
Jump little fish - Jump for your lives! You start the game with 5 fish and your job is to keep them alive by feeding them. Click and hold your mouse button on a fish. The longer you hold the higher they jump. Try to feed them flying worms and flies. Avoid the hungry birds and the fisherman with the T.N.T.
Play Frog AdventureFrog Adventure Game

Plays: 4850
Category: Action
Stay Away from Red Bugs Eat only Black Bugs Make a High Score
Play Raptor RampageRaptor Rampage Game

Plays: 4770
Category: Action
Collect eggs in your jumping journey!
Play Obey The GameObey The Game Game

Plays: 4747
Category: Puzzles
It's time to listen to the game. Guide your elephant through an ever-faster game of thinking, jumping, and saving girlaphants. Survive as long as you can, but remember to only do what the game tells you to!
Play Go CarGo Car Game

Plays: 4737
Category: Driving
This is a mini game of car jumping. The game has two scenes.
Play Frost JumpFrost Jump Game

Plays: 4737
Category: Puzzles
Mr Frost Needs to meet up with his girlfriend Nancy. Be careful the water is dangerous so jump carefully!
Play Jumper 2Jumper 2 Game

Plays: 4588
Category: Action
Like the original Jumper, this one is a game about jumping, but not as simple anymore. Jump on moving boards, collect powerups and jump over the bonus increaser to increase your scores per jump.
Play Solitaire-Bottle CapsSolitaire-Bottle Caps Game

Plays: 4548
Category: BoardGame
It is a solitaire game with bottle caps. Use your mouse to take all the bottle caps off the board one at a time, except the last one. A move is affected by one bottle cap jumping over an adjacent one into a vacant block beyond. Any direction is permitted except diagonally. You are allowed to design your own board and play it! More bottle caps means more challenges! Hope you Enjoy it:)

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