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Play Skylark 2Skylark 2 Game

Plays: 2275
Category: Action
A typical shoot-em-up action game, sequel to Skylark. Linda & Jane have to get out of the jungle on their plane.
Play Evo LegionsEvo Legions Game

Plays: 2270
Category: Action
Ever wondered what it is like to be a White Blood Cell? Evo Legions is a survival shoot-em-up. How long can you fend off the ever evolving viruses to protect your host human?
Play BatteryBattery Game

Plays: 2243
Category: Shooting
Retro top scrolling shooter in space.
Play Galactic 123 Call To ArmsGalactic 123 Call To Arms Game

Plays: 2219
Category: Action
Galactic 123 Call To Arms. A space shoot em up. A manga anime , action adventure scifi game with a plot. The Planetian Republic is invading planets. Now there is an open war being fought between several space nations. Fire lasers, pilot starships! How to play: Arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move. SPACEBAR (or Z) to fire. Keys 1-3 to select weapon. H to heal (ground mode only). If you have unlocked / equipped any optional extra weapons in any of the episodes, you can access them with keys 4-7 (ground mode only). And checkpoints are your friends! If you lose, you will return to the last checkpoint, not to the beginning of the game! They also replenish your health and items. At the end you can unlock and item you can use in other episodes. This is Episode 9 of the Galactic 123 anime videogames series. For all episodes visit Galactic123.Com
Play Spaceship LegendSpaceship Legend Game

Plays: 2210
Category: Action
Shoot 'em up to get higher score, and share it to facebook, twitter, etc!
Play Whirlybird BombsWhirlybird Bombs Game

Plays: 2206
Category: Action
Whirlybird bombs is a vertical shooter and very very simple to use in fact you just need to use 1 key to drop a bomb.the main goal is destroy the city so you can land your chopper.Note you can only drop 1 bomb each time you pass over the city,it has 6 level in total,the game is bilingual french and english.I hope you will enjoy and will bring you back some memories.
Play Star BomberStar Bomber Game

Plays: 2168
Category: Action
Sometime in the future... In a galaxy not too far from here... The Freedom Alliance is in the final throws of an epic battle with the evil galactic dictator Zarxis... The Freedom Alliance has at great human cost obtained blue-prints of Zarxis' ultimate weapon, dubbed the "Deconstructors", they are able to destroy entire planets with their formidable weaponary... The alliance is relying on you, Duke Flystalker, to use your elite piloting skills and your ability to tap into the cosmic harmonics by feeling "The Source", in order to attempt a series of daring bombing runs, destroying the "Deconstructors" and thus freeing humanity from Zarxis' evil rule of tyranny...
Play Paralyze AttackParalyze Attack Game

Plays: 2157
Category: Action
Paralyze attack is a fast shoot em up with a tactical slowmotion / bullettime mode. Fight different type of enemies in this space shooter. New behaving enemies will appear as you advance through the game including special enemies that react differently than the standard ones and big bosses. You'll have a standard weapon and a special one that will evolve as you destroy enemies.
Play Space KillerSpace Killer Game

Plays: 2145
Category: Action
A futuristic shoot 'em up. Stop the spaceship from reaching it's destination. Follow your commander's instructions.
Play FiregearFiregear Game

Plays: 2143
Category: Action
There's shoot'em all game, you have good chance to kill enemies, keep alive and complete your mission. You will meeting 12 different target types, include green bonus ship, meteors, mines. When you kill bonus ship you can received an additional weapon activated by 'S' button. You can have maximum: two shields (up/down - each for 1 point), two vertical fire balls - 2 points, one circle fire balls - 3 points, rear shield - 4 points, inivisible mode - 5 points. Enjoy!
Play Battery 1.5Battery 1.5 Game

Plays: 2102
Category: Action
Retro top scrolling shooter in space. Completely reworked from the start version.
Play Fleet DefenderFleet Defender Game

Plays: 2069
Category: Action
This is an old school Galaxian style shooter with a twist. Your goal, instead of just looking out for yourself, is to protect the 3 transport ships that are at the bottom of the screen, as they make there way to a new space colony.
Play Jet-Pack Turkey of TomorrowJet-Pack Turkey of Tomorrow Game

Plays: 2062
Category: Action
Jet-Pack Turkey of Tomorrow! Thanksgiving 2010 by A challenging retro shooter. Destroy OvenBots of the future!
Play space Raiderspace Raider Game

Plays: 2060
Category: Action
Space Raider awaits an epic space adventure. Collect powerful weapons and launch into a fast-paced shooter. During your flight will be as many enemy vehiclesbe killed, to avoid missiles .
Play Quasi-BlasterQuasi-Blaster Game

Plays: 2044
Category: Action
The evil aliens continue to ravage earth as the intergalactic war goes on. Entire fleets of earths ships have been wiped out in the brutal assaults carried out. One lone gunner figured out a way to use the aliens technology against them. Can this turn the tide and save us from certain doom? Only you can decide in this fast paced vertical shoot em up. Collect pieces of alien technology from destroyed enemies to help you through the waves.
Play TurboTurbo Game

Plays: 2041
Category: Action
Put your reflexes and and shoot 'em up skills to the test! Tons of upgrades and unlockables and multiple levels of difficulty! Get ready for Turbo!
Play ProximaProxima Game

Plays: 2034
Category: Action
8 Alien battle cruisers are on there way to destory earth, your mission is to destroy all the power units located on each cruiser, allowing you to continue to the next. Watch out though, they won't go without a fight, each cruiser has patrolling enemy ships, you've been warned! The power units are square objects with a flashing center, and these are also located on the radar by flashing dots.
Play Invaders From SpaceInvaders From Space Game

Plays: 1966
Category: Shooting
1940's film themed shoot em up game. The aim is to blast the aliens before they get you.
Play Celebrity ClownCelebrity Clown Game

Plays: 1958
Category: Other
Shoot\'em up Celebrity Clowns accurately in Hollywood City.
Play Doomland 2154Doomland 2154 Game

Plays: 1909
Category: Shooting
Shoot em up time crisis style in this amazing 3d shooter, Doomland 2154.

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