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Play Escape From the Toy ShopEscape From the Toy Shop Game

Plays: 1973
Category: Action
GamesNovel's new escape game.
Play Pyroscape 2Pyroscape 2 Game

Plays: 1959
Category: Action
The sequel to the game Pyroscape is finally done. Make sure to check out the first one so this one makes sense. Trust me it won't make sense without it! If you haven't visited the first one then you might be surprised by the style. It is a mix of video, art, and animation to create a original style of gameplay.
Play Snowy Puzzle IslandsSnowy Puzzle Islands Game

Plays: 1852
Category: Puzzles
Snowy: Puzzle Islands is an adventure through a colorful world made of switches, moving platforms, teleporters and locked gates. Your goal on each of the game's 100 levels is to use these objects to help Snowy reach the exit. Along the way, you can collect fruit bonuses and other goodies. Puzzle Islands features a 60-level campaign for serious thinkers as well as an easier 40-level campaign designed to teach kids simple logic skills. Whether you're a seasoned puzzle game fan or just want to perform simple tasks while enjoying vibrant graphics and pleasant music, Puzzle Islands will appeal to you. In addition to the original game, registered users can download the free Simple Tasks add-on and purchase our Brain Shaker expansion pack, making for hours of brain-teasing fun for Snowy fans everywhere! Full version features 60 cleverly designed regular levels 40 easier levels for youngsters Gorgeous 3D graphics and animation Free hints and solutions available online Free technical support and updates
Play Enigmatic CastleEnigmatic Castle Game

Plays: 1814
Category: Puzzles
Try new online hidden object game from During my last trip to one of Eastern European countries I went to the excursion to the ancient palace. I need to escape from the castle that is full in secrets. The goal is to find keys on the first level, to find the goods according to their shadow on the second and find differences on the third. Picturesque graphics and animation, addictive plot, and relaxing music.
Play TurkeyBonkTurkeyBonk Game

Plays: 1785
Category: Action
TurkeyBonk is a whack-a-turkey game featuring cartoon animation, music and sound effects. This game will test your reflexes as you try to bonk all the Turkeys that are popping up! But don't bonk the gophers, if you do you will lose time. Be swift, because the faster you bonk those Turkeys the higher your score!
Play RocketfishRocketfish Game

Plays: 1770
Category: Action
destroy ocean monster fishes,
Play Athos vs. BeastsAthos vs. Beasts Game

Plays: 1762
Category: Action
Trow the bombs at evil beasts to destroy them. Physics based action puzzle. Box2D engine. Features 30 base levels 4 chapters (Church, Town, Bastion, Castle) 3 special levels (blowing tubes) good reward system, score is matter 9 types of trowing objects (bombs, spears, stones) ability to choose which new level to play (3 and more) Game has theme. France of XVII century. And has "bookish" style just like you are reading some adventure story with colorful pictures. No need for complicated tutorial. There is little hints appearing at the start of first levels, picture and some words. Beast character has funny animation and goofy sounds.
Play Magic Ball ReturnsMagic Ball Returns Game

Plays: 1722
Category: Action
Magic ball returns have three different modes. All modes have different types of environment, powers, bricks, pillars and miscellaneous animation. You will have a Magic ball to break those bricks and pillars. You would need to make sure that the ball never fall down otherwise you will lose a life. Some of bricks and pillars have good strength so you might need to throw ball twice to break them. There are many specials powers hidden behind the bricks or pillars which can be used to speed up the destruction of wall considerably. But beware! there could be some negative powers as well which could decrease your efficiency or take away your life. When you get a special power, it would take position at the left or right and you will tap onto the power to use it when required. No powers are carry forwarded to next level.
Play Three EggsThree Eggs Game

Plays: 1715
Category: Action
Match 3 eggs of the same color to break them. Matching 4 or 5 in different formations generates special eggs that can break even more eggs! Combining special eggs, by switching them with each other, will generate very interesting additional effects which you will never forget! You will earn a lot of points as well.
Play Paper PlayPaper Play Game

Plays: 1692
Category: Adventure
An awesome game to test the concentration levels and one of the best games to pass the time. Filled with 12 stunning levels. Toss your crumbled paper into to trash can. Every time you kake it in a new amount of wind comes. Complete all levels as fast as possible to beat the friends.
Play Match BlocksMatch Blocks Game

Plays: 1631
Category: Action
Match 3 blocks of the same color to break them. Mean while you will get bomb with 10 seconds timer. You have to remove that bomb within 10 seconds to move to the next level. If you are failed to remove that bomb then your game is over. Use star power to increase your score.
Play Cut And KillCut And Kill Game

Plays: 1625
Category: Action
Cut wood and kill monster in 36 cool levels! Complete all levels with max stars and get all achievements! Cool physics puzzle with nice graphics and cute animation. Don't worry about save your progress, game use autosave system and make everything for you!
Play King WilliamKing William's Chocolate Challenge Game

Plays: 1581
Category: Puzzles
This game is aimed at Key Stage 1 aged children. It is a point and click adventure game with lots of entertaining animation. You navigate through rooms in Hampton Court Palace, interacting with other characters and solving a simple puzzle in each room before you can proceed.
Play Which-Way AdventureWhich-Way Adventure Game

Plays: 1580
Category: Adventure
A bizarre take on the classic choose-your-own-adventure style books. Navigate by point and clicking options.
Play Stargazer( Original )Stargazer( Original ) Game

Plays: 1574
Category: Action
stargazer is a music puzzle game that was made for the contest that was held in
Play Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home Game

Plays: 1563
Category: Education
Home Sweet Home Description: Home Sweet Home teaches child about concepts like: 1> Which is the appropriate animal for the scene. 2> What are the sounds and different characteristics of the animal. 3> Rewards the child with beautiful animation once the right animal is selected for the surrounding.
Play Three AnimalsThree Animals Game

Plays: 1374
Category: Action
Match 3 animals of the same color to break them. Matching 4 or 5 in different formations generates special animals that can break even more animals! Combining special animals, by switching them with each other, will generate very interesting additional effects which you will never forget! You will earn a lot of points as well.
Play AsteriskAsterisk Game

Plays: 1301
Category: Puzzles
Hello. We offer you to host at your portal our wonderful game Asterisk: Elegant puzzle game, 20 entertaining levels, pleasant relaxing music, stylish graphics. Preview: (also, you can read the positive feedback) Download game: Game features: - 20 various puzzle levels - stylish design, unobtrusive animation - easy and pleasant atmosphere of the game - beautiful graphical and sound effects - good opportunity of training your spatial thinking Faithfully yours, Renat
Play PabloPablo's Jump Game

Plays: 1279
Category: Action
Here is a game that is most viral and a game that delivers most challenging and fun element to the dimension of entertainment. Player is supposed to just keep moving with out getting stuck in pits. Where as the time goes the speed of run increases gradually. Lets check who keeps running to maximum speed.
Play AnimationSoccerQuiz 1AnimationSoccerQuiz 1 Game

Plays: 1213
Category: BoardGame
In this fun, authentic and addictive soccer / football quiz you almost feel like you are playing on the soccer / football field yourself. If you answer a question correct, your team will score and if you answer a question incorrect your team will miss, but be fast cause time is ticking.

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