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Play Gravity Project (Begin)Gravity Project (Begin) Game

Plays: 3537
Category: Puzzles
7 levels of something strange!
Play Gravity GlideGravity Glide Game

Plays: 3532
Category: Puzzles
Using gravity of planets you must glide the astronaut duck into the food. Very addicting game!
Play Gravity-BallGravity-Ball Game

Plays: 3530
Category: Puzzles
G-Ball is a ball-puzzle game witch contains forced gravity. Go from point A to B without smashing into spikes etc.
Play SingularitySingularity Game

Plays: 3476
Category: Adventure
Can you defeat the forces of gravity? Navigate your spaceship from one nebula to the next, but watch out: the black holes are formidable opponents.
Play Astro TrialsAstro Trials Game

Plays: 3473
Category: Action
In this space adventure game, travel between planets in a Lunar Lander style game. The difference: you go for distance instead of landing. Dodge asteroids, defy gravity, even slow down time in this platforming game with 10 levels. One for each of the planets and an additional level. Power Ups: - Fuel Supply - Increases amount of fuel you begin each level with - Time Lapse - Slows down the asteroids - Gravity Control - Changes the degree of gravity according the Gravity Switch - Gravity Switch - Takes the degree from the Gravity Control and either increases or decreases the strength of gravity
Play Physics AvoiderPhysics Avoider Game

Plays: 3444
Category: Action
Trapped forever in a odd space where the only thing to do is survive and collect jewels. An avoider style game with physics where the gravity varies constantly.
Play Bouncy BouncyBouncy Bouncy Game

Plays: 3442
Category: Action
In this game you have to get the ball to the creature, You can do this by drawing a forcefield with your mouse. Click and drag. Press "GO!" to start the ball, "STOP!" to stop and reset the ball and "RESET!" to; stop, reset and redesign your level. It uses logic to succeed with gravity friction and a current in the water. Going too fast will result in you breaking through your restrictive barrier!
Play Space mantraSpace mantra Game

Plays: 3423
Category: Action
Lean back and relax. Collect as many meteoroids on the screen.
Play Mad Shapes 3 ADSMad Shapes 3 ADS Game

Plays: 3407
Category: Action
Collect all of the shapes in each level by placing identical shapes on the playing field. Use power-ups to change the gravity, shape and size of objects. Move shapes using teleports and different mechanisms.
Play 133CH133CH Game

Plays: 3399
Category: Other
This is a tribute to one of my favorite flash games of all time: Copter. The gameplay is basically the same with only one button to worry about. Oh.. and it's not a helicopter this time. It's 133CH!!
Play Gravity Football 2: ChampionsGravity Football 2: Champions Game

Plays: 3397
Category: Education
A new Gravity Football Edition! - Play with 32 new teams, - Several bugfixess - Achievements! - Minor gameplay tweaks
Play Football Clubs MemoryFootball Clubs Memory Game

Plays: 3361
Category: Education
Do you love football? Do you remember Logos of your favourite teams? In this game you should find matching logos.
Play Cyber SpyCyber Spy Game

Plays: 3353
Category: Action
Play Cyber Spy: A fast-paced action game with unique style. Hack into the network and try to get as much data as possible. Float from folder to folder. Don't touch walls and avoid enemy firewalls and traps. Use the momentum of your avatar and the gravity of circles to fly.
Play Negative MassNegative Mass Game

Plays: 3330
Category: Action
Control the gravity and defy the laws of physics to beat some complex challenges and get your character safely through the levels.
Play Gravity Game v2.0Gravity Game v2.0 Game

Plays: 3322
Category: Other
Try to catch the blue balls within the allotted time.
Play  Halloween-Shooter Halloween-Shooter Game

Plays: 3306
Category: Puzzles
Shoot your favorite Halloween characters now with gravity! Throw ragdoll vampires, witches and mummy’s to their final resting place. RIP. Avoid bouncing pumpkins, funny zombie sheep, Frankenstein, and more as you solve tricky puzzles!
Play LunaLuna Game

Plays: 3296
Category: Action
Very relaxing game in which you must pass eye-candy colored balls to the matching portals by controlling gravity direction.
Play GravistationGravistation Game

Plays: 3270
Category: Adventure
Gravitation puzzle quest.
Play Gravity CanniBallGravity CanniBall Game

Plays: 3260
Category: Action
Just click and hold to move around, although controls are on the game. Try and get the high score, and enjoy!
Play GravqxGravqx Game

Plays: 3259
Category: Adventure
Gravqx is a challenging skill game where players have to guide a ship around a set of tunnels with the mouse in as fast a time as possible, while working with and against the forces of gravity.

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