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Play ragdoll Ninja:Survivalragdoll Ninja:Survival Game

Plays: 2347
Category: Action
"ragdoll ninja:survival" is a game to test the ability of a person by way of the ninja.
Play Princess RescuePrincess Rescue Game

Plays: 2323
Category: Action
There was once a beautiful princess is kidnapped by evil dragon.They imprisoned princess in a cave......King reward the knight who can defeat the dragon and rescued the princess to the National.So player will play two knights embark on the journey of rescue princess!To complete mission of resuce,you need to destory enemies,collect item,reach the exit to into next level!
Play Epic DefenseEpic Defense Game

Plays: 2306
Category: Action
An epic action strategy game with loads of upgrades to earn, units to unlock and enemies to kill.
Play KnightKnight's Quest Difference Game

Plays: 2228
Category: Adventure
Follow your knight on his Quest to rescue the princess.
Play Epic Chicken : Egg DefenceEpic Chicken : Egg Defence Game

Plays: 2132
Category: Action
Defend your Castle from the evil Penguins! Epic Chicken will prevail!
Play When I Grow Up I Want To Be A DragonslayerWhen I Grow Up I Want To Be A Dragonslayer Game

Plays: 2076
Category: Adventure help me to fulfill my destiny! A knight-life management game with four endings.
Play Necrorun (Mobile)Necrorun (Mobile) Game

Plays: 2063
Category: Action
Death has been challenged by knights to a duel, and if they win, Death will reward them immortality.
Play Chess SoloChess Solo Game

Plays: 2060
Category: BoardGame
Move all the chess pieces on the field with a value of 1 (or lower) to complete level of the game. After placing the figures on the field this value decreases by one. The sum of all fields is your score. Putting figures on the field with zero or negative is a waste of 10 points. During the game you can change the figure before the move, but changing the king will lose one point.
Play Trigger KnightTrigger Knight Game

Plays: 2014
Category: Action
An Experimental Mini-Survival/RPG that uses one-button mechanic! Guide the Knight to defeat as many enemies as she can before her life ends! Gather gold via combats, and direct her to stronger equipments, healing items, and divine deathblow techniques to defeat deadly dragons, in multiple rapid split-second decisions!
Play SurvivorSurvivor Game

Plays: 1984
Category: Action
Fight against hordes of green apples and ghosts to survive.
Play fwg knight chinafwg knight china Game

Plays: 1963
Category: Action
chinese version of the game
Play Nightmare !Nightmare ! Game

Plays: 1956
Category: Action
platform game. The knight fight vs skeletons and living deads. Find your way, grab bonus, time, shield and fight vs each end boss level
Play Cracked HornCracked Horn Game

Plays: 1929
Category: Action
Dynamic and fun platformer/slasher which tells the tale of a brave battle between a knight and terrible demons. Long ago, knights of the Teutonic Order built a great castle just above the abyss, which led to the gates of hell. They vowed not to leave this place and give their lives in battle if there were ever an invasion. Hundreds of years pass, and the seal blocking the portal between the two worlds is broken. Hordes of demons escaped and stormed the Castle! The brave hero takes up his sword, and goes to the bottom of hell, to re-seal the ancient evil spirits!
Play A Kiss ForeverA Kiss Forever Game

Plays: 1926
Category: Customize
Her knight in shining armor is going off to war. They don't know if they'll ever see each other again, so she wants to give him a kiss that will last forever. It's so hard to give up the love of your life when you've finally found them, but when it comes to love, you must have faith.
Play fwg knight 2 chinafwg knight 2 china Game

Plays: 1919
Category: Action
chinese version of the game
Play The Hand Of Kalah KahThe Hand Of Kalah Kah Game

Plays: 1878
Category: Adventure
Funny Interactive Comic where a knight must find the lost jewel, fighting against orcs, bandits and wizards.
Play Little KnightLittle Knight's Tiny World #ld23 Game

Plays: 1878
Category: Action
Discover this 3D (flash11) game created in 24 Hours for Ludum dare 23 . This plateformer use intensive physic attraction around planets try it now! WebMasters this game require WMODE=DIRECT to work google (wmode=direct flash) a easy step for 3D flash 11 games.
Play Knight SlayerKnight Slayer Game

Plays: 1744
Category: Action
Hack and slash through waves of enemies with your trusty steed. Inflitrate the castle and stand against your doom. This game is about fast paced action and platforming.
Play Knight WhiteKnight White Game

Plays: 1659
Category: Action
White Knight, the character you control the game and exited the competitors will try to defeat in a row by winning the second round. After installation start the game using the arrow direction keys to control and jumping with the S key will attack A key. Good Luck.
Play Dungeon of HalloweenDungeon of Halloween Game

Plays: 1657
Category: Adventure
A door to a dungeon opens in front of you and as you enter, you turn into a Halloween character with the power to change your class. Your quest is to get to the last floor of the dungeon so you can stop the evil overlord and get back home. Good luck.

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