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Play Quick JumperQuick Jumper Game

Plays: 1390
Category: Action
Evade enemies through quick movement and short ranged teleportation. Attempt to reach the portal at the end of each of the 56 levels.
Play Run Dwooz RunRun Dwooz Run Game

Plays: 1384
Category: Strategy
Run Dwooz Run is a funny game, you have to change the color of the Dwooz based on the portals which will appear when he is running. You must match the color to that portal to successfully pass through. You will loose a life if you hit a wall, or if you pass a portal without the correct color.
Play AsteriskAsterisk Game

Plays: 1301
Category: Puzzles
Hello. We offer you to host at your portal our wonderful game Asterisk: Elegant puzzle game, 20 entertaining levels, pleasant relaxing music, stylish graphics. Preview: (also, you can read the positive feedback) Download game: Game features: - 20 various puzzle levels - stylish design, unobtrusive animation - easy and pleasant atmosphere of the game - beautiful graphical and sound effects - good opportunity of training your spatial thinking Faithfully yours, Renat
Play Ugi - The Time TravelerUgi - The Time Traveler Game

Plays: 1294
Category: Adventure
Draw a path so that Ugi the alien gets to the time portal, than hit Play. Use as few paint as possible in order to get more stars. Hit Undo or Clear to erase the paint, if you made a mistake.
Play RblOcKsRblOcKs Game

Plays: 1290
Category: Puzzles
Try to get the ball hit the portal by bouncing off the walls to reach the portal.
Play OneShotOneShot Game

Plays: 1242
Category: Action
Reach a portal by using no upgrades, only your skills
Play FunkinFunkin' Defense Game

Plays: 1202
Category: Rhythm
Funky Forest is in danger! Waves of Gorliks are aproaching the magic portal. They want to control the power of funky music. let them! Build towers in their path and destroy them with no mercy!
Play Golden NinjaGolden Ninja Game

Plays: 1178
Category: Strategy
It's a funny, easy strategy game, all operations can be done by single mouse click. The content is about the war between several ninja clans, little ninja troops running through from time to time, screaming to occupy the castle of oppsite side. It includes 4 kind of buildings, 1 castle; 2 camp; 3 portal; 4 cannon. It also have 4 kind of spell, 1 brambles 2 tornado 3 fire ball 4 earth shaking, those 4 spells could help you pass the level. As long as you take over all the buildings and wipe out all the enemies, you win. By the way, when you saw the yellow flag wave over the buildings, it means to be on your side, the red one is enemies, don's miss it.
Play Demon HornDemon Horn Game

Plays: 1176
Category: Action
Dynamic and fun platformer/slasher which tells the tale of a brave battle between a knight and terrible demons. Long ago, knights of the Teutonic Order built a great castle just above the abyss, which led to the gates of hell. They vowed not to leave this place and give their lives in battle if there were ever an invasion. Hundreds of years pass, and the seal blocking the portal between the two worlds is broken. Hordes of demons escaped and stormed the Castle! The brave hero takes up his sword, and goes to the bottom of hell, to re-seal the ancient evil spirits!
Play Robot Out Of TimeRobot Out Of Time Game

Plays: 1126
Category: Puzzles
Robot Out Of Time is a unusual logical game where you act as a robot which can clone itself. Your goal is to collect all the batteries on the level and then enter the portal. The task is being complicated by the lack of time, so to pass a level you should have a clear understanding of what your robot and its all clones should do.
Play SplitManSplitMan Game

Plays: 1120
Category: Action
Split your character into identical clones. Skillfully use the clones to reach the exit portal in each level.
Play OneShot2OneShot2 Game

Plays: 1109
Category: Action
Reach a portal by using no upgrades, only your skills
Play MonstersTDMonstersTD Game

Plays: 1072
Category: Action
You are in charge of defending the tower. Monsters are on the way and you need to keep them back. You must protect the portal to our world from the monsters attack. The game features: – 12 different towers to help you protect the portal – 7 types of monsters + 7 bosses of each type – 3 powerful spells – 20 achievements – 12 upgrades
Play Side By SideSide By Side Game

Plays: 954
Category: Puzzles
A genuine and inventive platform puzzle with a cute story and great music. Two mammoths from different worlds want to meet each other, so they must travel through the portals in their lands to find the portal that connects their worlds. Story : On a cold day, a lonely mammoth walks to a lake, to find a image of a mammoth from another world. As soon as they see each other, the wish to meet appears within. Remembering stories from their ancestors, saying that the worlds are connected by portals, they begin their journey across the worlds.

Plays: 951
Category: Action
Help BLYM on his way through 4 big worlds in this platform puzzle game. Use his special skill to morph into blocks and move them to solve the levels.
Play ProtoboticProtobotic Game

Plays: 884
Category: Action
Protobotic is a puzzle-shooter with a unique geometric design aesthetic. The goal of the game is to advance your weaponized robot through a series of challenges to escape from a science facility. Each level offers the perfect number of new challenges that will keep the player engaged all the way through to the Portal-inspired ending.
Play gamegame Game

Plays: 862
Category: Sports
racing game
Play Orb EscapeOrb Escape Game

Plays: 834
Category: Puzzles
Similar to the worlds hardest game, attempt to move your orb to the portal without getting hit by any blocks in this addictive skill game.
Play Mars Portal ManiaMars Portal Mania Game

Plays: 776
Category: Driving
Come test your skills in an epic driving adventure game, collect all the Blue Crystals from the red planet, travel to new locations in the game thru portals and discover the new martian colonies in this Mars Portal Mania game. Enjoy!
Play EscapeEscape Game

Plays: 745
Category: Adventure
Escape the cave. Don't touch the walls

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