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Online Ice Games
Play Ice AliensIce Aliens Game

Plays: 5580
Category: Shooting
Help Spaceman Sam blast his way out of an icy hell! After crash landing on some weird azz ice planet these oddly adorable aliens are trying to kill yo’ azz. Use your blasto cannon to escape a cold death. Don't forget to upgrade your weapons and build defense towers.
Play Heart of IceHeart of Ice Game

Plays: 5544
Category: Action
Explore a vast icy kingdom and defeat mysterious creatures in this epic platformer.
Play Alkirian 4Alkirian 4 Game

Plays: 5519
Category: Adventure
Dan moves to Los Andes to find the eight fragments of the Ice Stone.
Play Conquer AntarcticaConquer Antarctica Game

Plays: 5457
Category: Shooting
A gang of brave, little penguins aspire to conquer the Antarctic ice territory! Help them to defeat all the rival gangs.
Play Dizzy TurtleDizzy Turtle Game

Plays: 5454
Category: Action
This dizzy turtle is sliding all over the place. Guide him away from the sleeping penguins and into the pizzas.
Play Ice Cream TruckIce Cream Truck Game

Plays: 5444
Category: Strategy
Similar to other shopping/business games. This time you own an ice cream truck and need to make money to travel the world.
Play Kids Vs. Ice CreamKids Vs. Ice Cream Game

Plays: 5419
Category: Action
Kids vs. Ice Cream is a funny take on the real-world job of being an ice cream truck driver, created for the Reality Bytes design contest! The goal of the game is to shoot your retrofitted potato gun (modified to shoot ice cream instead of potatoes) at insane hungry children, who are trying to climb onto your truck, tear it apart, and steal all the ice cream inside. Knock kids down with ice cream to earn cash. There is an upgrade shop, a 16-level campaign, a survival mode, tons of achievements, and more. If you beat the campaign, you will unlock impossible difficulty mode. There should be plenty to keep you busy. Thanks for playing and enjoy!
Play Ice RushIce Rush Game

Plays: 5411
Category: Driving
New great extreme arctic racing game from Your task is to find the secret package on the North Pole and take it to the base. You have the map and the hint arrow. The police cars will prevent you from reaching your aim. Pay attention that the driving on the ice is rather difficult because of sliding. There are five skill levels and each one is the harder than the previous one. Use arrows to drive and space as handbrake.
Play Icy FishesIcy Fishes Game

Plays: 5411
Category: Action
A fun chain reaction game with strategic system. Help the octopus to rescue fishes from ice floes to… eat them.
Play Hockey ChallengeHockey Challenge Game

Plays: 5303
Category: Action
Try to score a goal against the goalie in this hockey game!
Play Present PanicPresent Panic Game

Plays: 5168
Category: Action
Santa Claus is in trouble! The elves have gone on strike and spread all the presents for Christmas around Santa's factory in the north pole. Santa must travel through eight areas of the North Pole manufacturing plant and recover all the presents in time for christmas day! Many obstacles will either hinder or assist you in your task. Packing crates can be pushed around to allow access to otherwise unreachable areas, conveyor belts can move your around the levels, ice cubes can melt at the worst possible moments, and mysterious switches can make parts of the level appear and disappear or conveyor belts switch directions.
Play Icebreakers miniIcebreakers mini Game

Plays: 5155
Category: Action
Icebreakers™ is an arena vehicle combat game where a group of kids compete in custom-built, ice-emitting vehicles to earn the ultimate prize: "Neighborhood Bragging Rights-".
Play playSEGA Ice ShuffleplaySEGA Ice Shuffle Game

Plays: 5143
Category: Puzzles
Ice Shuffle is a skill game combining curling and pinball, so you’ll have to take to the ice as you target the top scores.
Play 3D Holiday Car3D Holiday Car Game

Plays: 5111
Category: Action
Control a 3d weird polar car and use your best skills to move to the target spot. Play up to 28 levels of pure car driving fun.
Play Furious MolesFurious Moles Game

Plays: 5104
Category: Action
The moles are furious! Cover their yelling and moaning with items from the garden - you might even be able to cheer them up with an ice-cream or two.
Play Lonely PenguinLonely Penguin Game

Plays: 5087
Category: Action
A puzzle platformer about a penguin who travels through different levels to reach hislove. Use your skills and do not touch the pink penguin until you touched the whiteblock to cool down. Score points for each level you complete, the faster you are the morepoints you will score. Remember, when you retry a level you will lose points. Lonely Penguin is a fun high quality puzzle platformer game, good luck.
Play Turbulent TundraTurbulent Tundra Game

Plays: 5078
Category: Other
A one button, arcade game with an addictive nature. Help the penguin escape the collapsing ice flow! Will you keep control as it gets faster and faster?
Play Crazy PenguinCrazy Penguin Game

Plays: 5037
Category: Puzzles
One crazy penguin is fond of ice-diving. But sometimes he does it wrong. Help him to get into the water!
Play FlakesFlakes Game

Plays: 5022
Category: Puzzles
A nice little winter puzzle game where you match up snowflakes.
Play Ice-9Ice-9 Game

Plays: 5000
Category: Puzzles
A simple puzzle game going on the usual formula of connecting same-color dots. Great music, fun, quick play.

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