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Online Jumping Games
Play Tobikomi JumpmanTobikomi Jumpman Game

Plays: 4551
Category: Action
A fast paced, fast jumping side scroller videogame featuring 7 different worlds across 28 levels.
Play Checker CrazeChecker Craze Game

Plays: 4547
Category: BoardGame
Remove Blocks from the board by jumping over each Block with another Block in this crazy Checker game!
Play Santa Claus JumpingSanta Claus Jumping Game

Plays: 4512
Category: Dress-Up
Help Santa Claus to collect gifts and then go for shopping to collect dresses.
Play Boost BallBoost Ball Game

Plays: 4480
Category: Action
A little game about collecting items and jumping platforms. In this game you control a ball that can climb walls for brief moments or roll at high speeds to jump off ramps. The main goal is to collect all the icons in order to open the path to the exit. The controls are always displayed on screen and there are some hints along the first level. There is a password option, but the progress is saved automatically as well. Requires Flash Player 10 to play correctly.
Play Hop Block 2Hop Block 2 Game

Plays: 4452
Category: Other
Use the mouse to move the circle. Try to hit as many blocks as possible! If you fall, you lose!
Play Butter Boy!Butter Boy! Game

Plays: 4448
Category: Action
Dear butter boy, An evil mad scientist has taken over my butter factory and made the butter really weird >:( but for some strange reason, I think jumping over the butter is what you must do so meet me at the front door of the factory and i'll get you all set up! Please help me!
Play HedgizHedgiz Game

Plays: 4397
Category: Action
Brave Hedgehogs jumping on trampolines and popping colorful balloons! That’s entertainment.
Play Color BlocksColor Blocks Game

Plays: 4395
Category: Puzzles
Use your hand/eye co-ordination in this addictive puzzle game where you help a frog jump on the coloured blocks. Use the number keys to match the block you're jumping on and arrow keys to jump in a certain direction.
Play Jumping CowJumping Cow Game

Plays: 4357
Category: Action
Use your mouse to make PlayCow jump and collect flying gifts, the more gifts you collect the more pooints you got, every 1000 points will give you a new PlayCow, you can get up to 6 PlayCow, Avoid Butterflies and Rocks!
Play RocketJumpRocketJump Game

Plays: 4313
Category: Action
RocketJump is a challenging platformer that involves rocket jumping through obstacles to reach the end of the game. As the game gets harder, your timing, precision, and puzzle-solving abilities will be tested.
Play Ninja Yin YangNinja Yin Yang Game

Plays: 4293
Category: Action
Restore the YIN-YANG balance and complete each level by placing the black ninja on the platform with the black sign and placing the white ninja on the platform with the white sign. Balance is restored and level completed only if both ninjas are on their platforms at the same time.
Play Two Hearts BETATwo Hearts BETA Game

Plays: 4282
Category: Action
This is the beta version of my platform game, Two Hearts. There are five playable levels but the final version will have many more and a built in level editor. So I hope you enjoy it and please send me your feedback.
Play Dog Dog 'n' Roll Game

Plays: 4247
Category: Driving
Simple platform game with the following features: - Awesome characters - Special items - Extra options - Ranking (World/Country/Region)
Play Front2backFront2back Game

Plays: 4222
Category: Puzzles
This is a tricky and challenging puzzler-skill game. Your objective is to get to the exit. You do this by jumping on and around platforms, rotating the screen and by shifting from the foreground to the background and back again. You can shift between fore and backgrounds at any time (while moving or not.) You can only shift if there is an empty spot available, otherwise you will remain in the layer you currently find yourself. Shifting and rotating are key components of this game and you must learn to use them effectively if you want to solve the puzzles. Also, take note of the angle of the lines on the outside of the shifting area - that will tell you the direction of shifting your avatar will take as you move between layers. Goodluck!
Play Ice ManIce Man Game

Plays: 4172
Category: Action
Ice Man is a defender game that mixes classic defense with platformer style movement and jumping. Enemies will ramp up and get more bizarre the further you get.
Play Parachute RiderParachute Rider Game

Plays: 4091
Category: Customize
This game is a cool girls game that involves a girl jumping from a plane! This girl likes to look stylish no matter weather is jumping out of a plane or riding a horse across the desert. Use your skills to make this girl look as stylish as possible for her fun sky diving adventure. Mix and match each item in the game until you come across a great outfit!
Play Jumping BoxJumping Box Game

Plays: 4041
Category: Action
Fun physical game. Shoot the little box and help her to fly to the finish!
Play Monkie 2Monkie 2 Game

Plays: 4028
Category: Adventure
Monkie is back, after slinging through the jungle. This time he's going to practice jumps on the river! Jump from branch to branch, and get as far as you can!
Play Tako JumpTako Jump Game

Plays: 4014
Category: Strategy
This is a simple jumping arcade games. Player will control the game character to move either left or right. The game character will automatically jumping forever.
Play Obnoxius2Obnoxius2 Game

Plays: 3995
Category: Action
This is the sequel to Obnoxius. Guide green & orange to their homes. But be warned, they are jumping together but walking alone...

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