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Online Maze Games
Play Rootbeer Maze 2Rootbeer Maze 2 Game

Plays: 6774
Category: Puzzles
Run through the maze, race against the timer and have plenty of fun.
Play B-Maze IIB-Maze II Game

Plays: 6571
Category: Puzzles
Navigate around a randomly created maze as quickly as you can and make it to the exit.
Play SokoOHSokoOH Game

Plays: 6557
Category: BoardGame
SokoOH is a logical, sokoban like puzzle game in which the player pushes boxes around a maze, viewed from above, and tries to put them in designated locations.
Play Destruction RollerballDestruction Rollerball Game

Plays: 6545
Category: Puzzles
Guide your faithful paintball across the maze of tiles to the end. Watch out along the way for tiles that change how you control the paintball.
Play Rabbit Eat RadishRabbit Eat Radish Game

Plays: 6504
Category: Action
Help Sunny Starz? munch her way through the maze! Use the direction keys on your keyboard to help Sunny Starz? crunch carrots! · Earn points for every carrot Sunny Starz crunches · Crunch on a stinky Onion and you lose a chance · The game is over when you lose 3 chances
Play Lab Rat LabyrinthLab Rat Labyrinth Game

Plays: 6369
Category: Adventure
Free the mouse from the labyrinth within the depths of his cage.
Play The Red GameThe Red Game Game

Plays: 6366
Category: Other
Don't touch the Red!
Play zombie tagzombie tag Game

Plays: 6329
Category: Action
you are playing tag, zombie style. run away from zombies or you become a zombie.
Play 2mazed2mazed Game

Plays: 6262
Category: Puzzles
Navigate the two mirror-like moving characters through the maze and take them to the portal simultaneously. Avoid traps and enemies, pick up bonuses and don’t forget to keep an eye on the time!
Play Mouse TrapMouse Trap Game

Plays: 6259
Category: Action
Mouse Trap is a remake of the fun-filled Exidy arcade game! MOUSE TRAP features a cheese-chomping mouse that you dash around a dangerous maze. Open and shut maze doors to escape the pursuing cats. Eat a bone, then turn your mouse into a cat-biting dog for a few moments. Gather points by eating the cheeses that line the paths of the maze. Devour them all and move on to even harder action!
Play JackJack's Beach Blitz Game

Plays: 6179
Category: Action
Special Agent Jackson Orange, disguised as a beach ball, must blast his way through multiple levels to rescue his girl friend. This maze-based shooter is inspired by the games Gauntlet and Wizard of Wor. Upgrade your weapon, collect candy and treats to replenish your limited ammo. Use various keys, transporters, and other power-ups to escape your vacation alive.
Play KoGKoG Game

Plays: 6166
Category: Puzzles
A standard maze game with increasing difficulty and three game modes.
Play LabirintLabirint Game

Plays: 6134
Category: Action
Have fun from this cool game!
Play 3D Kangourou Track3D Kangourou Track Game

Plays: 6013
Category: Action
Physical game where you are a kangourou that must escape a world made of metal blocks.
Play Ancient World Mahjong II - EgyptAncient World Mahjong II - Egypt Game

Plays: 5984
Category: BoardGame
Ancient World Mahjong II - Egypt is a classic Mahjong game by Mahjong Kostenlos Spielen. The game has 6 layouts(pyramid, scarabey, mummy, ship, sun, maze) from Egypt. I hope you enjoy it. Read in-game instructions!
Play The Epic Hard MazeThe Epic Hard Maze Game

Plays: 5964
Category: Action
You play as a little red and blue ROB, that must get through the maze as quickly as possible by flicking the switches to open the paths to the exit. The Exit is marked in purple, The switches are marked in blue, and the player is red.
Play 3D Maze3D Maze Game

Plays: 5887
Category: BoardGame
Lead the blue dot thru the 3D maze to the red dot as fast as you can.
Play Dungeon RunDungeon Run Game

Plays: 5841
Category: Action
Dungeon Run is a fast-paced, abstract, puzzle-adventure. Go and find all 33 minute pick-ups in this game.
Play Mazed-it!Mazed-it! Game

Plays: 5763
Category: Puzzles
Compleet all 14 mazez. Watch out for the moving objects and the red wall as they will return you to the beginning of the level
Play Power VacuumPower Vacuum Game

Plays: 5755
Category: Action
Lead the lost electrons to the their atom in this fast paced action game. You only have 60 seconds total to collect all 100 missing electrons from the different levels.

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