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Play Voidgale ArenaVoidgale Arena Game

Plays: 1908
Category: Action
Ultra fast defensive shoot 'em up game in which you have to defend your mother base (NESTS) Upgrade your ship , base and turrets to keep the enemy fleet on a distance. Get ready!
Play Chasmizer_4kChasmizer_4k Game

Plays: 1878
Category: Action
Old-school blasting action! Written in 3 hours for a 4KB programming competition (ads & high-score table make it bigger!)
Play Space WarsSpace Wars Game

Plays: 1862
Category: Action
destroy all the aliens and beat the higscore to be the 1st of your friend !
Play Battery 0.99Battery 0.99 Game

Plays: 1784
Category: Action
Space shoot 'em up.
Play Red FluxionRed Fluxion Game

Plays: 1768
Category: Shooting
A challenging shoot-em-up bullet hell game with epic boss battles and many power ups Requires Flash Player 10!
Play GalaxusGalaxus Game

Plays: 1754
Category: Action
Slow-paced shmup mayhep!
Play Space Raider 3Space Raider 3 Game

Plays: 1751
Category: Action
Space Raider awaits an epic space adventure. launch into a fast shooter. During your flight will be as many enemy vehicles be killed, to avoid missiles .
Play Space RaiderSpace Raider Game

Plays: 1680
Category: Action
Space Raider awaits an epic space adventure. launch into a fast shooter. During your flight will be as many enemy vehicles be killed, to avoid missiles .
Play Boss Destoyer DEMOBoss Destoyer DEMO Game

Plays: 1662
Category: Shooting
You have 8 days to destroy 4 bosses.
Play SheepteroidsSheepteroids Game

Plays: 1622
Category: Action
Shoot the sheep and avoid getting hit. Hit 3 sheep of the same size in a row to increase your score multiplier.
Play OutworldOutworld Game

Plays: 1583
Category: Action
You are the commander of a mining colony, located on an alien world. The aliens are bombing your colony and you must survive as long as possible by shooting down the alien bombers and shipping in more supplies for your crew.
Play Santa vs ElvesSanta vs Elves Game

Plays: 1554
Category: Action
It’s the jolly time of the year when Santa and his beloved elves are out to distribute presents to excited kids... Christmas trees have been set up, milk and cookies have been left however Santa has not arrived. His elves have turned against him and challenged him to the snowball fight of his life, who will become victorious?
Play ReconRecon Game

Plays: 1551
Category: Shooting
RECON is a SHMUP (shoot-em-up) type of game where player takes control of a secret operative on a mission of taking down terrorist organization known as B.A.D. (Brotherhood of Anarchy And Death).
Play Rhythem UpRhythem Up Game

Plays: 1426
Category: Action
Control the plane with your mouse. Shoot horde of enemies and survive while catching all the incoming beat to unleashed special weapon or power up. Upgrades your plane and the weapon in this frantic shoot em up with a touch of rhythm game. Survive through the level and aim for the highest score of beats.
Play Cowboys Vs PiratesCowboys Vs Pirates Game

Plays: 1375
Category: Action
Harry Hotdog never believed the myths and legends told of the Dead Man’s Curse Saloon. He thought it was just a good way to draw the crowds. They also serve the best darn whiskey in all the territory and more importantly, let him run a tab. It’s a crying shame that it turns out the stories were true. Underneath the saloon, a whole mob of pirates were buried, and they’ve come back to life. Hungry for brains and thirsty for rum. But Harry Hotdog ain’t giving up his favourite watering hole without a fight.... Fight with Harry Hotdog in a arcade shoot em’ up including two game modes to play: Story and Multiplayer Battle. Story mode introduces the first chapter of this epic fight for survival: “The Quick and The Undead.” There are 32 stages of fast and furious shoot ‘em up fun. As well as your trusty six-shooter, you’ll find a host of different weapons to take down the relentless dead. These include the spinning fury of the saw-disc-gun and the ever faithful boom-stick. Collect loot and search for treasure to buy upgrades to your stats and weapons. Multiplayer Battles allows you to compete against up to 5 online players to see who’s the meanest zombie pirate slayer in town. There are 3 different challenge modes, 8 different arenas and 3 levels of difficulty depending on how lily-livered you are! Special pick-ups are available which can really mess up the opposition. The best gunslingers get to improve their stats and work their way up on the global high scores list.
Play Mini danmakuMini danmaku Game

Plays: 1360
Category: Action
Minimalistic shoot'em'up "bullet-hell" style. Shoot your way through 15 different levels!
Play Vanguard FlightVanguard Flight Game

Plays: 1347
Category: Shooting
Engage the Coalition of Worlds in this retro style shoot ’em up.
Play Alien Attack YaytimeAlien Attack Yaytime Game

Plays: 1287
Category: Action
Hi! this is my first actual flash game, its a simple sidescroller shoot em up game, fly your ship and destroy the evil aliens!
Play Pouit XDPouit XD Game

Plays: 1281
Category: Action
Pouit XD is a small shoot em up games. The aim of the game is to avoid asteroid and get the better highscore. Good luck.
Play Dust and Sun 2Dust and Sun 2 Game

Plays: 1264
Category: Action
Classic western shoot em up, try to survive as enemy cowboys rain bullets at you! A total stick cowboy mayhem!

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