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Play Gems Cave AdventureGems Cave Adventure Game

Plays: 1712
Category: Adventure
Explore caves, pickup tools to solve puzzles and collect 8 hidden gems. After all gems collected use key to enter in to the next location. Good Luck!
Play Mobile Phones EscapeMobile Phones Escape Game

Plays: 1703
Category: Adventure
Search for 7 hidden golden mobile phones in this game, solve puzzles to get key. Use key on door to escape. Good Luck!
Play Good Memory Escape 2Good Memory Escape 2 Game

Plays: 1692
Category: Adventure
You found yourself locked by sleepy watermelon. Use your mind to solve puzzles and get outsite to obtain additional tools and find gate key-card. Good Luck!
Play Gems Cave Adventure 3Gems Cave Adventure 3 Game

Plays: 1686
Category: Adventure
Explore caves and search for 8 gems. After all gems obtained, find ancient face mask and use it to open stone gate. Good Luck!
Play Abandoned Base Adventure 3Abandoned Base Adventure 3 Game

Plays: 1684
Category: Adventure
Third part of abandoned base adventure, explore abandoned military base bunker search for valuable artifacts, then proceed to next location..
Play Underground Crystals Escape 2Underground Crystals Escape 2 Game

Plays: 1683
Category: Adventure
Second part of Undeground crystals. Explore location, find all hidden crystals. Then unlock door and escape. Good Luck!
Play Christmas Diamond room escapeChristmas Diamond room escape Game

Plays: 1676
Category: Adventure
Explore Christmas Diamond room, solve all puzzles to obtain 4 hidden diamonds, then use key to escape
Play Collapsed Car ExibitionCollapsed Car Exibition Game

Plays: 1659
Category: Adventure
Explore Collapsed car Exibition, solve puzzles to obtain different items and search for 3 ancient golden medals to complete this game. You can complete this game by collecting atleast medal. Good Luck!
Play Good Memory EscapeGood Memory Escape Game

Plays: 1627
Category: Adventure
You found yourself trapped trapped in a puzzle house, best friends have locked you to test your escaping skills. Use your mind to find way out from this house.
Play Lielpils CastleLielpils Castle Game

Plays: 1622
Category: Adventure
Explore location around the "Lielpils" Castle, solve some puzzles and avoid some guards in order to infiltrate in to the castle. Good Luck!
Play Diamnond Room Escape: Green CodeDiamnond Room Escape: Green Code Game

Plays: 1585
Category: Adventure
Explore locked rooms, search for 4 green code papers to get key from cabinets, collect items and press buttons to unlock more cabinets and obtain 4 hidden diamonds, then use key to escape. Good Luck!
Play Escape from the Big HouseEscape from the Big House Game

Plays: 1544
Category: Adventure
Explore big house, search for valuable items and solve different puzzles in order to proceed in game. Solve all puzzles and escape from house. Good Luck!
Play Green Crystals EscapeGreen Crystals Escape Game

Plays: 1541
Category: Adventure
Explore locked green crystals room. Find seven green crystals and key-code to unlock door and escape. Good Luck!
Play Christmas NumbscapeChristmas Numbscape Game

Plays: 1538
Category: Adventure
Explore Christmas Numbscape rooms, solve puzzles to proceed further and escape from this place. Good Luck!
Play Black Crystals EscapeBlack Crystals Escape Game

Plays: 1536
Category: Adventure
This time your task is to find 7 black crystals. After all puzzles solved and all crystals found use key to unlock door and escape. Good Luck!
Play Valentines Day NumbscapeValentines Day Numbscape Game

Plays: 1527
Category: Adventure
Explore Valentines day room. Search for items and clues to solve puzzles and collect 10 code papers and code hint. After all items obtained, enter code in to the door lock panel and escape. Good Luck!
Play Revenge of Angry TomatoRevenge of Angry Tomato Game

Plays: 1519
Category: Adventure
Angry tomato have locked you! Explore house, search for items and clues to solve different tasks and puzzles. After all puzzles solved use keycard to escape. Good Luck!
Play Pink Crystals EscapePink Crystals Escape Game

Plays: 1487
Category: Education
Explore pink crystals room, and solve puzzles to find seven pink crystals and key to escape. Good Luck!
Play Usb Flash Room EscapeUsb Flash Room Escape Game

Plays: 1376
Category: Education
Explore Usb flash room and collect seven usb flash sticks that contains valuable information. After all sticks collected use key on door to escape. Good Luck!
Play Red Crystals EscapeRed Crystals Escape Game

Plays: 1359
Category: Adventure
Red Crystals Escape is point and click room escape game. Find seven red crystals and safe code to get key. Then use key to escape. Good Luck!

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