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Play Dungeon of HalloweenDungeon of Halloween Game

Plays: 1513
Category: Adventure
A door to a dungeon opens in front of you and as you enter, you turn into a Halloween character with the power to change your class. Your quest is to get to the last floor of the dungeon so you can stop the evil overlord and get back home. Good luck.
Play Savage FightSavage Fight Game

Plays: 1510
Category: Action
This game is a fight the barbarians with swords. In this one you can play with the computer as well as each other and look at a auto-battle of the barbarians.
Play Dungeon of GenesisDungeon of Genesis Game

Plays: 1503
Category: Action
Have a fun time playing this one I wanted to make a role playing game with action! This was my first try at this, there are nine heroes but only three are out at the start. You will need to find a way to unlock them as you play through the game.
Play Knight VS GiantKnight VS Giant Game

Plays: 1412
Category: Action
You Play as a White Knight with a rusty Sword to slain the Mighty Giant ,To Defeat The Giant the knight must ready him self prepare to fight with the giant by constantly upgrading weapon and skill on the Black Smith Instruction: User ASWD for Direction Movement Up = W Down = S Right = D Left = A Attack = Left Arrow Special Attack = Down Arrow Sprint = Right Arrow
Play Mambo and RamboMambo and Rambo Game

Plays: 1354
Category: Action
Mambo and Rambo is a fun, new side-scroller. It has more than 15 Levels of stomping goodness!
Play Dance With PrincessDance With Princess Game

Plays: 1347
Category: Dress-Up
The princess is picking her best gown from the wardrobe because she is going to dance with the brave knight who saved the country. Please help her pick the most beautiful items and make her gorgeous!
Play Tomato Engine 02 - Fat KnightTomato Engine 02 - Fat Knight Game

Plays: 1331
Category: Adventure
A new Tomato Engine adventure game! TE #02 - Fat Knight. The story puts you in the shoes of the town jerk who also happens to be fat. Those two things are completely unrelated. In hopes of gaining the love from his fellow townsfolk, he goes out to slay the Evil Wizard. Can you solve the one puzzle in this game? Can you find the Evil Wizard's weakness?!
Play ChanceChance Game

Plays: 1328
Category: Adventure
A 60 second chance to meet your fate! Know your chance, pick your door and make your way through an endless 60 seconds of sandy floors and doorways! But be wary, not all doors are as enticing as they seem! Will you escape! Will you fall to your doom! Or will wander around aimlessly... unsure... and confused... UNTIL you fall to your demise! You decide!
Play The KnightThe Knight's Tour Game

Plays: 1303
Category: BoardGame
The Knight's Tour is an ancient puzzle in which the object is to move a knight, starting from any square on a chessboard, to every other square, landing on each square only once.
Play Man on Fire GuyMan on Fire Guy Game

Plays: 1289
Category: Action
A fun action-puzzle game! Guide your ignited-knight through 35 puzzling levels towards a pool of water before he burns to a crisp! Simple, but challenging.
Play Knights vs ZombiesKnights vs Zombies Game

Plays: 1264
Category: Action
Deploy and upgrade units. Use special powers, buy upgrades, win boss fights and unlock new game mode!
Play Fairy Tale BookFairy Tale Book Game

Plays: 1238
Category: Dress-Up
This fairytale princess is waiting for a handsome knight to save her from her faerie enchantment. But only the bravest warrior, a true chivalrous knight can break the spell that prevents her from retaking her throne from the bandit usurpers!
Play KnightKnight's tour Game

Plays: 1167
Category: BoardGame
A knight's tour is a sequence of moves of a knight on a chessboard. Try to visit as much squares as you can.
Play Demon HornDemon Horn Game

Plays: 1165
Category: Action
Dynamic and fun platformer/slasher which tells the tale of a brave battle between a knight and terrible demons. Long ago, knights of the Teutonic Order built a great castle just above the abyss, which led to the gates of hell. They vowed not to leave this place and give their lives in battle if there were ever an invasion. Hundreds of years pass, and the seal blocking the portal between the two worlds is broken. Hordes of demons escaped and stormed the Castle! The brave hero takes up his sword, and goes to the bottom of hell, to re-seal the ancient evil spirits!
Play Ninja vs KnightNinja vs Knight Game

Plays: 1113
Category: Action
You are an imagination in a childs mind, as a ninja, Defeat the evil warrior knight before you are killed by them first!
Play Knight Run 2Knight Run 2 Game

Plays: 1085
Category: Action
Knight Run is a fast-paced fighting game where your goal is to get as far as possible without dying. Along the way, you can fight enemies to gain experience and levels which allows you to learn skills to better fight off enemies.
Play Dark Path RPGDark Path RPG Game

Plays: 937
Category: Action
Real time rpg with simple quests, hard enemies, over 40 skills and many types of items. Would you be a knight, archer or mage?
Play Knight vs planesKnight vs planes Game

Plays: 917
Category: Action
You are a knight who protects his castle from weird creatures who have come from distant future.
Play Bomb BesiegerBomb Besieger Game

Plays: 846
Category: Action
Evil knights have captured the city! They have fortified themselves behind the walls... Can you be the brave knight, who can take back the city?
Play Clash of the WorldsClash of the Worlds Game

Plays: 803
Category: Action
Defend your kingdom! Upgrade your army and fight against barbarian hordes.

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