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Play Cannon DodgeCannon Dodge Game

Plays: 4063
Category: Shooting
Use your awsome mouse skills to avoid the cannons and balls!
Play ButtonHuntButtonHunt Game

Plays: 3993
Category: Puzzles
Navigate your way through 30 creative levels using only your head and your mouse.
Play SQUAREballSQUAREball Game

Plays: 3739
Category: Puzzles
A puzzle game where you have to find your way to the exit. this would normally be easy, but this game has a twist. the road you have to travel is being blocked by blocks, these blocks you cannot pass. but luckily you have a power that can make one of the blocks passable at a time. Use your mind and your power wisely and you can find your way through the 35 levels.
Play GravoiderGravoider Game

Plays: 3654
Category: Action
A fun physics based avoider is now here Move the balls and try to survive as long as you can by dragging each of the balls so they dont touch the red balls comming from the top of the screen. you can get combos for keeping more then 2 balls in the air at once and a score bonus based on your multiplier the closer you move the balls to the top of the screen.
Play Catch the pancakes!Catch the pancakes! Game

Plays: 3515
Category: Action
Choose to play with the mouse or the arrowkeys, and then try to catch every of the falling pancakes!
Play CollectorCollector Game

Plays: 3439
Category: Action
Collect as many butterflies as possible. Move the net using the mouse, and trap the butterflies. If you catch more than 25 butterflies you go to next level. If you miss to trap more than 50 butterflies the game ends.
Play Dr.SlimeDr.Slime Game

Plays: 3379
Category: Shooting
Dr. Slime riding a helicopter slimes the environment. You can shoot his helicopter, but he reappears to do his dirty job. If the slime reaches100% the game ends. Each time you shoot his helicopter you score one point. If your score reaches 15, you can clean the environment by firing the anti slime device, and win the game. Move the mouse to rotate your gun. Click the Mouse to fire the rocket.
Play Juggle TroubleJuggle Trouble Game

Plays: 3353
Category: Action
Hone your mouse skills and try to become a master Juggler by hitting targets whilst juggling balls in the air in arcade mode. And once you've mastered the art of target hitting, see if you can achieve a high score by playing in free play mode.
Play Dodge Fall Delux!Dodge Fall Delux! Game

Plays: 3227
Category: Action
Move your mouse and dodge the blocks as they fall. Go on, try it on extreme ;D
Play EllipticElliptic Game

Plays: 3165
Category: Other
Mouse avoider game with 10 levels of normal mode with increasing enemy difficulty and a survivor mode.
Play SquareBolSquareBol Game

Plays: 3016
Category: Shooting
This game is a mouse avoider with a lot of effort and development time put in! A spinning square constantly shoots lasers, which must take down the enemies in characteristic ways. There are also bosses and power ups. Give it a try, it's got a lot of addictiveness potential!
Play Cheasy mouse avioderCheasy mouse avioder Game

Plays: 2983
Category: Other
very hard, but cheasy mouse avioder
Play DodgeDodge Game

Plays: 2593
Category: Action
Move the space craft with your mouse to avoid the obstacles. How long will you survive?
Play Mosqy MosquitoMosqy Mosquito Game

Plays: 598
Category: Action
No one likes to be bitten by a mosquito. Take your revenge out on them in this game. Click your mouse button to spray the mosquitoes with poison and kill them.
Play Shoot The BottlesShoot The Bottles Game

Plays: 712065
Category: Action
Shoot as many bottles as you can and score highest. Play with mouse.
Play Dress Up The WorldDress Up The World Game

Plays: 600050
Category: Dress-Up
Make the world beautiful with his fun dress up game! There are 5 different dress up styles from different cultures around the world and you have to match and dress up in the existing model in the top left hand corner. Be quick and pay attention to detail though because you will be scored and judged on your accuracy and speed! Have fun dressing up these beautiful women!
Play Grasshopper YuichiGrasshopper Yuichi Game

Plays: 590069
Category: Adventure
Yuichi wishes to set a new intergalactic jumping record! Press and hold the left mouse button to set the power and release it to Jump!
Play MagnetsMagnets Game

Plays: 93643
Category: Puzzles
In this game you need to destroy magnets by connecting 3 or more magnets of the same colour together. For two magnets to be connected, the north pole of one magnet must be connected to the south pole of another. Use the mouse to click a magnet and rotate it so that the magnets may be connected and destroyed. Note that when a certain amount of time has passed, some magnets will be locked and cannot be rotated. The game is over when there is no way you can destroy any more magnets.
Play Bop ItBop It Game

Plays: 73896
Category: Other
The original hand held Bop It game preserved in Flash!
Play Polar Bear CrossingPolar Bear Crossing Game

Plays: 73871
Category: Action
In this game polar bear cubs will jump out from the iceberg on the left, and you have to use the floating iceberg to catch the polar bear cubs and bounce them to the iceberg on the right where their mother is waiting. A polar bear cub may have to be bounced a few times to reach the iceberg on the right. Good judgement is needed in order to determine which polar bear cub should be caught first. Use the mouse to control the iceberg and catch the polar bear cubs.

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