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Play Broken CrabBroken Crab Game

Plays: 2666
Category: Puzzles
2D Slider Puzzle
Play Tobikomi DemoTobikomi Demo Game

Plays: 2637
Category: Action
Tobikomi Demo is a demo version of a soon to be finished platformer videogame. The platformer game will feature 7 worlds divided accross 28 levels, with addictive gameplay consisting in jumping, evading baddies, and reaching the end of every level. This demo has 4 levels (the main release will have all 28 levels), and other than the length, it is fully playable. This demo is planned to be submitted to every major flash portal as the prelude of the real and finished product next month.
Play Open Gem ShooterOpen Gem Shooter Game

Plays: 2634
Category: Action
Open Gem Shooter is a 2D shooter game taking place in space. Destroy all the blue gems and avoid them as they have a deadly poisson. You have 3 tries commander.
Play Alien RescueAlien Rescue Game

Plays: 2632
Category: Action
Game name is "Alien Teleportation". It is based on physics engine and have a nice graphics.The objective of the game is to remove unnecessary blocks and to land Alien on teleportation block. If all this done you can teleport the Alien.It has 90 levels, many blocks types. All 90 levels divided into 3 worlds (constellations) which has different graphics on background. Constellations are appears in main menu during progress of game. Then you can choose any level by pressing planet in those constellations.
Play Box Stack 2D.Allhotgame.comBox Stack Game

Plays: 2619
Category: Puzzles
Using Mouse to rotate the brigde and keep all boxes not drop down, simple and fun game. Relax in your office
Play Gravity BomberGravity Bomber Game

Plays: 2618
Category: Puzzles
game with accurate 2d gravity physics ... a ship capable of dropping bombs... and the unique ability to change the direction of gravity..
Play Virtual Ace FighterVirtual Ace Fighter Game

Plays: 2612
Category: Action
Do you remember those old aircraft arcade games? With Virtual Ace Fighter you will bring them to your memories. You are in the middle of a war, the sky is full of enemies. Kill them all! Fight through 16 stages with 3 different game modes and defeat their bosses. Collect new weapons, drop bombs, and more... You will have new experiences with the 2D/3D render effect included in this game.
Play SmashCrashTeroidsSmashCrashTeroids Game

Plays: 2599
Category: Shooting
SmashCrashTeriods is a fantastically fun 2D space shooter. You have an array of weapons and powerups including your "smash-crash shield" to obliterate anything that gets in your way. You and your friends will love SmashCrashTeriods, you will want to marry it.
Play Drift DrivinDrift Drivin' Game

Plays: 2598
Category: Driving
An old-skool top-down racing game.
Play H1N1H1N1 Game

Plays: 2571
Category: Action
About the Game: Your goal is to separate the healthy cells (the blue) infected with the H1N1 influenza virus (the red), only directing the mouse input to the cells remain in their respective sides (left blue, and red in right). Design: A 2D game, super fun, produced in Flash CS5 with coding in As2. Created by Xpectre Games
Play Escape the Lost HolidayEscape the Lost Holiday Game

Plays: 2565
Category: Other
Reiss is a brave young elf. When he is going to experience his holiday trip, he is trapped inside his own house by a mysterious magic. Help Reiss to escape from his lost holiday.
Play Balls 2DBalls 2D Game

Plays: 2539
Category: Action
Fun physics arkanoid, using Box2D engine. There is 20 levels. If ball stuck, just press KICK BALL! In the game you have to juggle lots of balls! Chalange yourself with 4 and more balls!
Play Sky HoundsSky Hounds Game

Plays: 2531
Category: Action
This is a 2D, horizontal scrolling shoot’em up in the spirit of classic games such as R-type and Gradius. Play as a small, round mech, Dizzy, and his human co-pilot, Charley, in a search to find and rescue their friends after an alien invasion. The Game features five areas all with completely distinct, parallax scrolling backgrounds and each with its own unique, multi-staged boss. It also features over a dozen unique enemies to destroy. This is a dense game, and if it’s not enough, unlock new game plus mode for an even greater challenge. Farm money by playing or replaying levels, and buy a variety of weapons and equipment to ease your struggle. Also buy and deploy “pods” which are small floating entities that attack or provide utility.
Play DittoDitto Game

Plays: 2520
Category: Adventure
The game has one goal, to get each lover, Eros & Roxana together again. May seem simple but as the game progresses you will face a number of challenges and obstacles that will need patience and ultimate gaming skills to overcome! The game features a symmetry between Eros and Roxana so when you move Eros, Roxana will move towards him and when Eros jumps, Roxana jumps. Now what if an obstacle gets in the way of a lover or the path given is not symmetrical? That’s the premise behind Ditto being a deceptive puzzle game, where the slightest wrong move could be your last!
Play Quest For BonesQuest For Bones Game

Plays: 2517
Category: Action
A friend needs your help. He has lost all his bones and only you can gather them for him. Gather them up as fast as you can but watch out for the bulldogs that do not want to give them up.
Play Comic BouncerComic Bouncer Game

Plays: 2512
Category: Strategy
~Comic Bouncer, is a new 2D physics game involving a ball, and a goal. This is the official remake of Line Bouncer 2, which includes better graphics, more options, harder levels, and much more. Thematrix2010 introduces a new generation of games starting with Comic Bouncer as the Lead Off to a new generation of gaming.
Play Comic: DefenderComic: Defender Game

Plays: 2491
Category: Shooting
Comic: Defender is a basic 2D shooting game which involves
Play Little BasketballLittle Basketball Game

Plays: 2473
Category: Customize
Little Basketball - flash game with 2D physics, built on Box2D engine.
Play OmikronOmikron Game

Plays: 2457
Category: Adventure
A classic 2D platform game.
Play Flight of the RavenFlight of the Raven Game

Plays: 2423
Category: Action
Here is a 2D space shooter arcade style game, modified from good old space invaders, no,actually its very different from space invaders. Serious! Player controls a configurable ship up against fleets of drone ships. Drone ships forms into alternating attack formations and player must take out the main controller/arbitor ship to defeat each formation. Players gain resources by destroying enemy crafts. Resources can be used to purchase new weapons and different classes of ships. Go to 3 different space stations to upgrade to ship classes uniquely available only at each station. There are 20 different weapons in 3 different weapon categories to choose from, 18 playable ships player can buy, 17 enemy ships and 5 bosses to blast to smithereens.

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