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Online Asteroids Games
Play _flash.Drift_flash.Drift Game

Plays: 2974
Category: Action
Move the arrow keys and dodge the asteroids in this Fun, Helicopter style game!
Play Enemy Planet(modified)Enemy Planet(modified) Game

Plays: 2964
Category: Shooting
You have to launch a space ship to travel in space, land on the enemy planet, and destroy rocket launchers using a robot, that is equipped with a laser gun. -Press up/down arrow keys to move the spaceship in up/down directions. -Avoid hitting the rockets and asteroids during the space voyage. -Your satellite is attracted due to gravity pull by the other orbiting planets in space. Avoid hitting them by moving away from them. -After the satellite lands on the enemy planet, press the up/down arrow keys to move the robot in up/down directions, and to avoid enemy rockets. -The laser gun automatically fires and destroys the enemy rockets, asteroids and rocket launchers.
Play Retro Wars: AsteroidsRetro Wars: Asteroids Game

Plays: 2959
Category: Shooting
Star wars meets asteroids
Play UFO AttackUFO Attack Game

Plays: 2945
Category: Action
School project done as a learning exercise. This is not finished and may have some minor glitches. If u happen to find any id love to know, thanks. ~Tayway
Play Asteroids Treasure HuntAsteroids Treasure Hunt Game

Plays: 2932
Category: Action
Dodge the meteors and collect space treasure in this fun arcade game inspire by Asteroids.
Play AsteroidAsteroid's Rampage II: Counterstrike Game

Plays: 2932
Category: Action
The asteroids have finally decided on a counterattack on humanity. Help the asteroids wipe out humanity's outer colonies!
Play Asteroid 3000Asteroid 3000 Game

Plays: 2914
Category: Action
Avoid asteroids to reach the Orion system
Play AsterdroidsAsterdroids Game

Plays: 2914
Category: Action
Our robot is in danger in space! Collect as many points as you can--each one makes the robot faster, but watch out for asteroids!
Play Asteroid DefenderAsteroid Defender Game

Plays: 2910
Category: Action
Pack of asteroids bomb Earth. Build turrets and platforms to protect Earth Groups of asteroids appears on different edges of map. Build Bastion turret, rocket turret and laser turret. Each turret has its own specials. Bastion - big mass, big HP. Rocket - extra strong damage, Laser - cheap.
Play asteroids zoneasteroids zone Game

Plays: 2888
Category: Action
control with accelerometer or mouse(on th right panel) and survive as long as you can at the asteroids zone . for mobile only!
Play Asteroid DefenseAsteroid Defense Game

Plays: 2880
Category: Action
This is my first Flash game. The gameplay is extremely simplistic; it is an Asteroids clone after all. I originally created this game for a competition. I thought I would update it a bit and submit it here.
Play Moon CannonMoon Cannon Game

Plays: 2874
Category: Action
Your task is to defend the Earth against the asteroids and attacks of the alien ships. A great number of upgrades, satellites with laser weapons and energy shield will help you. Humanity needs your help.
Play Retro CommanderRetro Commander Game

Plays: 2857
Category: Shooting
Retro Commander is a fast spaced action shooter! Blast away at endless foes and level up while you own it up in the void of space! PEW PEW PEW!
Play Space AsteroidsSpace Asteroids Game

Plays: 2849
Category: Shooting
Clone of popular asteroids game. Three types of asteroids, eight kind of weapon and lots of asteroids!
Play Hyper Speed AsteroidsHyper Speed Asteroids Game

Plays: 2849
Category: Action
Destroy all of the oncoming asteroids before they destoy your ship! Good luck!
Play Asteroid RunnerAsteroid Runner Game

Plays: 2842
Category: Other
Survive by not crashing into any of the asteroids.
Play Physics FlyerPhysics Flyer Game

Plays: 2840
Category: Action
Avoid the giant red ball(s) in this unique physics based avoider game. Somewhat similar to particles, this game allows you to pull off incredible maneuvers with asteroids style control.
Play Asteroids ReturnAsteroids Return Game

Plays: 2839
Category: Action
Asteroids Return. A clasic game has come back!
Play GravitroidsGravitroids Game

Plays: 2835
Category: Action
A combination of the old game asteroids and another concept that i can't name. Avoid the flying rocks and gather planets with your space ship.
Play SpeedFlySpeedFly Game

Plays: 2812
Category: Action
Fly as much, as you can. Avoid different obstacles on your way. Collect bonuses, which will help you in you ride, and minerals, which rising up your race score. Don`t forget to to fly frought checkpoints! They considerably increases your score and race distance. Flying asteroids can contain some minerals to collect, shoot it with your gun. Use your gun and shield wisely, they are not endless.

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