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Play Icy FishesIcy Fishes Game

Plays: 5560
Category: Action
A fun chain reaction game with strategic system. Help the octopus to rescue fishes from ice floes to… eat them.
Play Cornelius FeastCornelius Feast Game

Plays: 5538
Category: Action
Cornelius the chameleon has just found a great area in the jungle where there are lots of flies. He's got to eat as many flies as possible but should avoid wasps as they usually sting you if you touch them...
Play Worm MadnessWorm Madness Game

Plays: 5533
Category: Action
You are an ancient hunter - a mad worm, who has woken up and feels very hungry. You can find many delicious creatures around, but...these small creatures are not so harmless and can protect themselves.
Play Snake + BombSnake + Bomb Game

Plays: 5525
Category: Adventure
Mr egg is planting bombs all over the place, your job as a snake is to eat them all.
Play Crop CirclesCrop Circles Game

Plays: 5505
Category: Strategy
Aliens have landed and want to eat the farmers' brains! You must defend the barn. Strategically arrange the crop circles to make them follow a path of your choice. Then place your military assets and blast them back to space!
Play Shark DodgerShark Dodger Game

Plays: 5493
Category: Other
Shark Dodger is a fun flash game where you need to help the little fishy avoid all the hungry sharks trying to eat him.
Play Evolvo PlusEvolvo Plus Game

Plays: 5453
Category: Action
Eat fish that are smaller than you while avoiding fish that are bigger.Eat more fish to evolve and gain new abilities! The Beefed up version of Evolvo with tons more stuff! -Boss Battle! -100 kinds of enemy fish in total ! -4 difficulty levels ! -Medals and High Scores! -Cheats!
Play BacteriaBacteria Game

Plays: 5430
Category: Puzzles
Bacterias eat, eat, EAT and they GROW! Muhahahahahaaaa
Play Big Fish Eats Little FishBig Fish Eats Little Fish Game

Plays: 5386
Category: Action
You are a tiny fish in a big world! Start off eating the tiny fish until you are big enough to eat the bigger fish and so on! Use the arrow keys to maneuver around the ocean, and just run into smaller fish than you to eat them. Be careful though, because the fish bigger than you are trying to engulf you as well. To ensure that you are big enough to eat certain fish, watch the bottom right corner, which there is a scale to show your size compared to others. One more thing... DON'T GET ENGULFED!!!! By the way this was my first ever flash game created from back a few years ago with no training or help, so please understand why its so basic.
Play Yummy CheeseYummy Cheese Game

Plays: 5351
Category: Driving
This is a simple game. Eat all the cheese and avoid snakes.
Play PIRANHAS!!!!!PIRANHAS!!!!! Game

Plays: 5302
Category: Action
Stop All the Hungry Piranhas Before They Eat You Alive!
Play Little wormLittle worm Game

Plays: 5279
Category: Action
Eat all apples on the stage. You can control your worm by te arrows
Play selFishselFish Game

Plays: 5235
Category: Adventure
Puzzle and skills type of game in witch you have to help the little fish on it's mission to rule the whole pond by eating all the other fish.
Play Scottoons Cat-a-pultScottoons Cat-a-pult Game

Plays: 5234
Category: Action
Launch a cat and see how high and how far you can make him go! If you hit the doghouse you'll wake up the hound. Look out, he won't stop chasing you! Make the cat flap his arms to slow his decent. Eat the birds to get more energy power. Get the cat to tuck and roll and he's more likely to hit more springs or dynamite.
Play Life of squidLife of squid Game

Plays: 5223
Category: Action
Grow your squid by eating fish that are smaller than you while avoiding those that are larger. Navigate through levels of increasing difficulty, use your speed boost and collect score bonuses!
Play EvolutionEvolution Game

Plays: 5217
Category: Action
You are a spore and need to progress if you want to make it! Eat everyone that will try to eat you to make it to the next step in evolution, good luck little warrior!
Play Big BallBig Ball Game

Plays: 5217
Category: Driving
You start of as a small orange circle move around with the arrow keys to eat smaller squares then you to grow as large as you can but beware of the large squares or it'll be game over.
Play Super Mario EaterSuper Mario Eater Game

Plays: 5192
Category: Puzzles
Mushrooms have been killed by Mario without any reason for many years...Mario enjoys the killing and never concerns eco-balance...Only Mario Eater can save the mushrooms and protect the world! Hey eaters, eat as many Marios as you can!
Play Going the Distance 3 - TOO FATGoing the Distance 3 - TOO FAT Game

Plays: 5162
Category: Action
A Shen Games Sequel's Sequel. You are Alexander Shen and you have gotten way too fat. You are not floating away because you're too fat. Continue this trend and make it to the stars! Eat the beans. Avoid the EZ-Lax. Falkore! Yeeaaaah! Yeeaaaah!
Play BasraBasra Game

Plays: 5142
Category: Puzzles
The player to dealer's right plays first. Each turn consists of playing one card face up to the floor and possibly capturing some of the cards that are there. Captured cards are placed face down in front of the player who captured them. When all players have played their four cards, the dealer gives them each another batch of four from the undealt cards (but no more cards are dealt to the floor) and play continues. When the whole pack has been dealt and the players have played their last four cards the play ends. The hand is scored and the turn to deal passes to the right. Basra is a super fun middle eat based card game!

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