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Play PathsPaths Game

Plays: 2201
Category: Puzzles
A unique and challenging puzzle game with a simple mission: navigate a shiny orb to a goal. You will encounter twisting paths, traveling portals, and bouncing bumpers along the way. Feel free to create your own levels and share them in the message boards found at!
Play Jungle MafiaJungle Mafia Game

Plays: 2182
Category: Shooting
Jungle Mafia is physics based shooting game with bouncing bullets and Ragdoll. The aim is to kill all the enemies with as less bullets as possible, however watch out for objects that can bounce off and hit you (the player), as you may lose a life. The game consists of 30 logical levels and the player needs to tactfully move the objects carefully by bouncing the bullets and in turn killing as many enemies at one time.
Play Penguin Pop QuattroPenguin Pop Quattro Game

Plays: 2144
Category: Action
Penguin Pop Quattro challenges you to control four separate paddles simultaneously while bouncing a ball off of little penguins.
Play ItIt's Raining Cats & Dogs! Game

Plays: 2108
Category: Action
Bounce on creatures to cushion your fall!
Play Epic BounceEpic Bounce Game

Plays: 2095
Category: Strategy
Bounce bounce bounce, this game is all about bouncing, the more you bounce the more you win! Different coloured pads give you more points, can you beat the hiscore?
Play Bounce RacketBounce Racket Game

Plays: 2068
Category: Action
Keep the ball going by bouncing it off of one of the rackets on both sides of the game area. Don't let the ball get past the edges of the screen!
Play Niuniu BouncingNiuniu Bouncing Game

Plays: 2017
Category: Action
Bounce the Little Cow to Jump and Collect the Fruits to Pass Each Level.
Play Micro TanksMicro Tanks Game

Plays: 1990
Category: Action
This is an enhanced flash tank war game. The games has simple graphics, lots of levels, two player option and a lot of action. Take control of a micro tank and destroy your opponent by shooting bouncing canon balls. You can always use your brain to figure out cunning tactics and ambush the enemy tank. Take the challenge and try to win all the increasingly difficult levels.
Play NeobounceNeobounce Game

Plays: 1977
Category: Action
How long can you keep the ball bouncing? How about two balls? It's harder than you think!
Play Ball BalancingBall Balancing Game

Plays: 1977
Category: Puzzles
Here you have to show your skill in balancing two bouncing balls simultaneously. Both balls will bounce with different forces from the boards. Both boards can be moved with the help of 1 and 3, left and right arrow keys. When balls respawn on board then you can start bouncing with the help of Up arrow key. Balancing one ball is preety easy but balancing two balls at a time needs full concentration and good reflex skills...So get ready for the challenge...
Play String evadeString evade Game

Plays: 1965
Category: Puzzles
10 Unique Levels, each one tries to include a new feature so each level seem new and fun. Get to the end block without dragging the string trail into any walls. You get moving blocks, resizing blocks, spinning blocks, dissapearing blocks, bouncing balls, and even canons which aim for you
Play Bouncing Balls 3 - Bubu Get Nuts!Bouncing Balls 3 - Bubu Get Nuts! Game

Plays: 1931
Category: Action
Bouncing Balls is back! Somebody stole all the stars from the sky! Hit all the pink circles to release the stars and bring back the harmony in the skies!
Play Bounce or DieBounce or Die Game

Plays: 1918
Category: Action
How long can you keep bouncing? You're Joe, a guinea pig dropped into a factory, and your mission is to keep bouncing or die trying! Avoid sharp objects, and bounce as much as you can on the bouncy ones! Can you get the High Score?
Play PyrasnakesPyrasnakes Game

Plays: 1902
Category: Strategy
Snakes with 2D Top down Pyramids! The twist is that there is a bouncing spike in the center of the map. As the game progresses the spike gets faster and faster. Colliding with the spike means instant death!
Play PixalBasherPixalBasher Game

Plays: 1882
Category: Action
Arkanoid-style arcade game with multiple weapons, upgrades, crazy bouncing balls and über effects. Enjoy crashing the oldies, pixel-style!
Play Bouncing MadnessBouncing Madness Game

Plays: 1878
Category: Shooting
The objective is shoot the bouncing balloons while avoiding contact with them. The ballons will change color when shot, until they finally are eliminated. The player's health is reduced every time a balloon touches the player. The game ends when the player's health is reduced to zero. There is a 4 second reloading period during which shots will not occur. If the player passes over the health symbol, some player health points are restored. Use ASDW for movement, mouse cursor to aim, and left mouse button to shoot.
Play Bouncing BallsBouncing Balls Game

Plays: 1875
Category: Action
Match up all the balls to shoot up to the next level. Very addicting!
Play Gummy Pop 4Gummy Pop 4 Game

Plays: 1864
Category: Action
Gummy Pop 4. Try to handle all four mushrooms at once while bouncing a spinning acorn against cute little candy bears.
Play GravibounceGravibounce Game

Plays: 1858
Category: Action
Gravibounce is a bouncing ball puzzle game with 4 sets of 8 levels. Clever features such as 4 directional gravity switches will really put your mind to the test.
Play HexbricksHexbricks Game

Plays: 1847
Category: Puzzles
A ball game where you must eliminate hexagonal bricks by bouncing balls off them. You can orbit your paddle 360 degrees around the bricks.

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