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Play EverstarEverstar Game

Plays: 2254
Category: Adventure
Explore infinite space and come across billions of different and unique planets that you can land on, and trade with other species, fully dynamic background galaxy and stars with an unbelievable amount of randomly generated content almost anything can happen from escaping deadly supernova explosions, finding fruits and plants on a lush planet you just discovered to strange cosmic anomalies and wormholes. Find asteroids to mine to increase your minerals and increase your cash to upgrade your ship as you continue to dwelve deeper and deeper into the universe on your quest to find the Everstar!

Plays: 2240
Category: Strategy
The Princess is trapped in a MineField.. it's your duty to save her!
Play GoldwellGoldwell Game

Plays: 2176
Category: Strategy
"Use your machine to exploit the mine of gold and diamonds, but beware of the monsters infesting these mines."
Play Mine TrapperMine Trapper Game

Plays: 2172
Category: Action
Clear the underwater mine field before you are overwhelmed with their movements, Avoid contact with them use your nets! Build your own game like this on! Build Your Own Games
Play HungrySantaHungrySanta Game

Plays: 2137
Category: Adventure
Move the santa in either right or left directions and with the help of hope holding by santa collect the gold. As the santa is moving press the down arrow to extend the hope and as soon as it makes contact with the gold pull it by pressing the up arrow. Collect all the gold in the valley before the time runs out and move to the next level as you increse your points.
Play Pook SweepPook Sweep Game

Plays: 2127
Category: Action
ESPAÑOL ABAJO ENGLISH ======= Pook Sweep is similar to Mine Sweeper. Your goal is to NOT pick the Pookies (Mines) hidden under the squares. When you click certain squares you will get numbers that show you how many Pookies (Mines) are around that cell. ESPAÑOL ======== Pook Sweep es similar al BuscaMinas. Tu mision es NO pinchar en los Pookies (Minas) escondidos bajo los cuadros, cuando haces click en algunos cuadros conseguiras unos numeros que te muestran cuantos Pookies (Minas) estan alrededor de esa casilla.
Play Fairy Of the MineFairy Of the Mine Game

Plays: 2103
Category: Action
This is a puzzle game, where you have to find a way to collect all gems for portal and reach the portal to solve the level
Play classic mine sweepingclassic mine sweeping Game

Plays: 2086
Category: Puzzles
classic mine sweeping,just for fun,with the same rule as Winmine, enjoy it and share with you friends!
Play Gold FounderGold Founder Game

Plays: 2080
Category: Action
You're the employer of gold mine, but at the time, no one understand about the gold. they think if it's not valuable.
Play Avoid The MineAvoid The Mine Game

Plays: 2028
Category: Action
You're the burglar and you should try to getting out from the enemy base, cause you have pick the important symbol of your enemy. but on the way, the enemy are clever too. they put the mine to trapped the burglar like you.
Play Mine SweepingMine Sweeping Game

Plays: 2003
Category: Puzzles
Sweep mines China.
Play MySweeperMySweeper Game

Plays: 1944
Category: BoardGame
A MineSweeper clone.
Play Dude and ZombiesDude and Zombies Game

Plays: 1942
Category: Action
You are stuck alone in the middle of a night forest, the parts of your car are scattered all around the place and crowds of hungry zombies are eager to eat you alive. Shoot them as fast as you can, buy new weapons, develop better skills while assembling the car and get the hell out of there!
Play Army TrainingArmy Training Game

Plays: 1937
Category: Action
This game abaut traning for soldiers. You can shoot, throw a grenade, put a mine and put a time bomb
Play MinerMiner Game

Plays: 1924
Category: Puzzles
Collect gold and diamonds.
Play Cosmic RocksCosmic Rocks Game

Plays: 1862
Category: Action
Rock to it! Mine the asteroid field for hidden elements
Play Monster Rally - Demon CupMonster Rally - Demon Cup Game

Plays: 1850
Category: Action
Race the Monster Rally with one of four creepy characters. Buy upgrades and weapons in the parts shop to get ahead. Test your speed in the 'Time trial' mode.
Play Mind ItMind It Game

Plays: 1832
Category: Action
It doesn't get simpler than this! Mine the green rocks with the green drill and the purple rocks with the purple drill. Space bar changes drill head. Note the portal at the bottom of the pit, it'll reset your position but with the same velocity you entered it.
Play eXtreme Mine ExplorereXtreme Mine Explorer Game

Plays: 1705
Category: BoardGame
eeeeXtremeeee Mine Explorer !!! Chanllenge your friend, compete who solve the game in shortest time !! My blog : (current version 1.0 keeping update)
Play Dino DropDino Drop Game

Plays: 1680
Category: Puzzles
Dino Drop is a prehistoric-themed with similarities to “Bejeweled” and “Diamond Mine". Arrange the dinasour eggs so that there are 3 or more eggs of the same color in a row. Try to get 3 in a row to earn points and move to the next level.

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