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Play Rumble BugsRumble Bugs Game

Plays: 2763
Category: Strategy
Great clash between bugs! Command your army and conquer the enemy! Sponsored by:
Play Epic Zombie KillerEpic Zombie Killer Game

Plays: 2745
Category: Shooting
A simple tribute to endless zombie combat. Good ole' fashioned zombie killin', down to the basics. Survive...if you can! Like zombie shooters? You'll really enjoy this simple tribute to blood, guts, and zombie violence. Epic Zombie Killer is one man's stand against an endless barrage of zombies. Battle a never ending onslaught of mindlessly endless zombie hordes, locked in a single arena with no way out. It's a sick, twisted game, and your the prey. Whose idea was this anyway?...AND WHY ARE THESE ZOMBIES SO FAST!?!?
Play VoidVoid Game

Plays: 2730
Category: Action
Space trading / combat game.
Play NecrorunNecrorun Game

Plays: 2693
Category: Action
Death has been challenged by the knights to a duel that will reward them immortality. Necrorun is a platform running game with a combat system, and it requires skill to play and cunning to achieve high scores.
Play Tiny Combat 2Tiny Combat 2 Game

Plays: 2674
Category: Action
Tiny Combat 2 more little soldier but this time they have Tanks, Jeeps, and F16. These little guys never give up do they, this time they have brought in the heavy stuff, P's Watch out for the F16's. and those damn tanks.
Play Ninja StealthNinja Stealth Game

Plays: 2674
Category: Action
Unlike every martial arts the Ninjas have no rules about honor and combat. Your goal is simple: you must steal the money and kill enemies!
Play TDS v1.0TDS v1.0 Game

Plays: 2651
Category: Shooting
A shoot-em up game in which you control one of three spaceships to battle 30 waves of oncoming attackers. You are a cadet playing a simulator to hone your skills for the upcoming war (which will be a sequel possibly). You can pilot one of three unique spaceships with different sizes and characteristics to fight your way through 30 levels of enemy ships. You can upgrade 6 different attributes which all affect combat.
Play Air Combat AlphaAir Combat Alpha Game

Plays: 2631
Category: Shooting
A amazing WWII shooter.
Play Furyman Protect and ServeFuryman Protect and Serve Game

Plays: 2589
Category: Action
A new superhero is born, his name: Furyman Today he has a lot to do with a gang of thieves called the Chilly. They are armed, dangerous and also use flying men to protect them in their misdeeds. They have just stripped the bank of Noland City (your city) and taken flight over the rooftops of the city. You Furyman, decide to terminate the actions of these thugs. There's no pity, you're not the kind of hero who doesn't aim to shed blood ... No, the only way to combat vermin is to destroy it. No need to use your super powers today, you have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal ... Noland City needs protection ... Will you measure up?
Play Tiny CombatTiny Combat Game

Plays: 2587
Category: Action
This game will start off easy but will get very hard!
Play Attack PantherAttack Panther Game

Plays: 2506
Category: Action
Let's take down the enemy helicopters and prevent the train loaded with explosives exloda the city.
Play Crazy SoldierCrazy Soldier Game

Plays: 2499
Category: Adventure
Crazy Soldier who attack enemy's HQ alone !
Play Young LichYoung Lich Game

Plays: 2462
Category: Action
Set up your lich and kill holy warriors until you are prepared to face the king. Timing is essential in this weird combat game.
Play Theta RaceTheta Race Game

Plays: 2439
Category: Action
Theta Race - Battle wave upon wave of Drones and Battle Droids in your quest to prove your worthiness as a Theta Defender!
Play Exit WoundExit Wound Game

Plays: 2437
Category: Shooting
Play an awesome 3D Stickman secret agent game where you infiltrate an enemy compound...Be warned, there is a low chance of return. Enemy units will react so be swift and deadly. Use your tactical combat training to remove all enemy targets with pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, mines, explosive barrels and more. Good Luck Soldier!
Play Indians vs NinjasIndians vs Ninjas Game

Plays: 2420
Category: Action
The indians and ninjas have been having differences for yours in the ways of combat, You as an indian must prove that indians are just as good of fighters if not better than the ninjas, Good luck!
Play Pestilence ZPestilence Z Game

Plays: 2406
Category: Strategy
Pestilence Z is a zombie survival turn-based RPG with hours of gameplay and content. This includes 3 playable characters with 3 specialization trees each, 5 unique enemy AI zombie types with 9 full zombie animation sets, 60 detailed and immersive maps, including 8 secret maps, compiled from a set of 600+ unique tiles, 100s of searchable items and over 602 possible different equipable items. Pestilence Z features a deep, engaging combat system to battle through the zombie mobs as you fight for survival. This is the first episode of the series of three and includes 5 missions. Pestilence Z also features several minutes of cinematic animation and an original sound track to drive the compelling story of the outbreak's origin.
Play Urban City DefenderUrban City Defender Game

Plays: 2397
Category: Action
Urban City Defender - Shoot the incoming aliens. Kill the final boss. Will you survive?
Play Down to HellDown to Hell Game

Plays: 2380
Category: Action
In a suicidal missison two brothers decide to rescue their father. Where is that? In hell! Every 4 levels you must defeat a devil until you beat the Devil and rescue their father.
Play MisfortuneMisfortune Game

Plays: 2376
Category: Adventure
In ‘Misfortune’ you find yourself alone in a strange city, struggling to survive. Collect exotic items, combat mysterious monsters, save people in danger... Oh, you've already done all that before? Well, if this for some strange reason isn’t enough for you, you can also solve murder mysteries, unite lovers, get into a cursing match with a parrot and discover strange and unbelievable truths about the town of Rodnia.

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