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Play Football ConnectFootball Connect Game

Plays: 3405
Category: Puzzles
play this football connect game for free. You will have to connect all the similar icons focused on the football to become the virtual champion.
Play Plumber Boy 2Plumber Boy 2 Game

Plays: 3352
Category: Education
Connect pipes form the wheele start to the end of pipe.
Play Connect 4Connect 4 Game

Plays: 3349
Category: Puzzles
Play against the computer or another player and try to get four tokens in a row before your opponent does.
Play black fish 4(connect)black fish 4(connect) Game

Plays: 3343
Category: Action
connect the fishes in the sea !
Play Christmas Gifts ConnectChristmas Gifts Connect Game

Plays: 3337
Category: Puzzles
Let's enjoy a fun and challenging game similar to Majhong and find the pair for all the cards on the board. And as the Christmas is around the corner, of course the theme is about this holiday. Enjoy and Good Luck!
Play Connect four playtime beConnect four playtime be Game

Plays: 3322
Category: Puzzles
This is the classic strategy game of Connect Four. In this game you and the computer take turns to put down coloured pegs, once the peg of a colour forms a line of 4, the game is won. The smaller the number of pegs used when the computer is beaten, the higher the score.
Play SquarixSquarix Game

Plays: 3319
Category: Puzzles
Puzzle game Mix of "Five Connect" and Match3 Games
Play Berathen BlastBerathen Blast Game

Plays: 3288
Category: Action
You're Comedy and Tragedy wrapped into one being. Being these combined entities can be stressful. Why not relax by busting up some balls?
Play Kiz - TotemakuKiz - Totemaku Game

Plays: 3286
Category: BoardGame
This ancient and elegant Nunan token game requires skill, patience and observation. Can you defeat all four of KizPlanet’s Totemaku masters?
Play Da VinciDa Vinci's Flying Robots Game

Plays: 3248
Category: Action
The equipped weapon is connected to the player"s hovering vehicle, and has physically realistic inertia. By moving the vehicle in circles, it is possible to swing the weapon in circles. Keeping the weapon spinning, getting it to solidly connect with your foes, and avoiding their own weapons and other threats represents one of the main challenges of the game.
Play Buggle ConnectBuggle Connect Game

Plays: 3190
Category: Puzzles
A four player multi-player game where you have convert as many Buggles to your cause as possible! Your opponents will be doing the same to you in as many devious ways as they can invent.
Play Chain MasterChain Master Game

Plays: 3171
Category: Puzzles
This clever game is all about chain reaction, in the true sense of the word! Connect the gearwheels with a single chain, in the directions which are displayed. You will find out it is not that easy as it sounds. Get it on! Prove that you are the one and only Chain Master! ;]
Play Fruity 4 ConnectFruity 4 Connect Game

Plays: 3169
Category: BoardGame
A simple connect 4 game. Make a line of four Same FRUITS in vertical, horizontal or diagonal before your computer opponent has done the same with his FRUITS.
Play Mah Jong DeluxeMah Jong Deluxe Game

Plays: 3150
Category: Casino
Connect identical MahJong to each other to clear the board.

Plays: 3145
Category: Customize
Connection game with very cute wow character.
Play Side Effect 2Side Effect 2 Game

Plays: 3137
Category: BoardGame
Place colored pieces into the game field to connect center and the colored sides in this new and completely free version of the game!
Play connect masterconnect master Game

Plays: 3128
Category: Puzzles
Connect Master is a fun puzzle game to practice reaction speed, remembrance, resilience. It is easy to play, and it is good for any ages. The objective of this simple game is to connect two matching icons using three or fewer straight lines. It means that you must be able to connect the two matching pairs with a line that turns no more than twice and is not blocked by another icon. You are given a limited amount of time to accomplish this for all of the pairs of icons at each level.
Play Gems swap 2 nlGems swap 2 nl Game

Plays: 3126
Category: Adventure
In this game there will be a number of gems arranged in a particular pattern. You need to swap the positions of gems so that 3 or more gems of the same kind are connected in a straight line and then they will be destroyed. To clear the level you need to destroy gems in all the positions of the pattern. The game is over when time is up. There will be different patterns for each new level.
Play Vacation dreamVacation dream Game

Plays: 3117
Category: Puzzles
Be the Lame on Your holidays. Try to connect points on the beach.
Play Light itLight it Game

Plays: 3078
Category: Puzzles
Connect all the lamps with the main battery to light them.

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