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Play Jumping FunJumping Fun Game

Plays: 3643
Category: Adventure
This game is complete fun with 10 difficulty levels and amazing graphics. Its a single key game. In order to complete any level the player need to reach at the other end of the river by jumping on floating objects. While doing this the player needs to avoid falling in river. It's not an easy task as you need to have very good judgment and skills to do so.
Play Pool PracticePool Practice Game

Plays: 3639
Category: Shooting
Practise your pool skills! Decide on the position of the white ball first. Let the white ball hit the red balls into the pockets. You score higher when you can pop in red balls for consecutive cues. The game is over when all red balls are in the pockets. If you manage to pop in all red balls without missing one single time or popping in the white ball, you proceed to the next round.
Play Gobang PlayP2PGobang PlayP2P Game

Plays: 3616
Category: BoardGame
Gobang But this is not a single player You need to connect with your friends play games online Now invite your friends by copying the URL
Play Humbies VS ZombansHumbies VS Zombans Game

Plays: 3591
Category: Action
Humbies vs Zombans is an action shooter game where you are a human and must defend yourself against the attacking zombies.You can choose single or multiplayer mode. Two pistols, grenade thrower and heavy machine gun – all these weapons are available at your arsenal. Use the special bonus ring kill to kill multiple zombies.You have only one goal: to survive!
Play Phineas and Ferb - Find the DifferencesPhineas and Ferb - Find the Differences Game

Plays: 3524
Category: Puzzles
Check out the picture closely, than appear the other image closely? They are precisely the same? You are able to doubt about that. The first thing you see are two pictures side by side. As you might assume they may be each of the same, but your mission precisely would be to come across out where the two pictures differ. Most commonly the image on the left side has additional issues than the picture on the proper side. The following few actions will clarify you in detail how you can play the game and its guidelines. Firstly it is best to know that there is 10 pair of photos in this game. Each pair differs in five spots. You will be supposed to discover these spots so that you can continue towards the subsequent pair of pictures. You've 60 seconds to find these differences and to continue for the next image. When these 60 seconds run out and inside the exact same time you have not identified the five variations you are automatically redirected towards the similar pair of pictures and have yet another shot to pass the level. Moreover, you'll want to realize that you might have the correct to produce only five blunders on every single pair of images. When you click on a spot, exactly where there is no difference you happen to be losing a single of one's five blunders. Again of you make these 5 blunders and simultaneously do not find the 5 differences, you're redirected towards the similar picture and have one more shot to pass the level.
Play Battalion: SkirmishBattalion: Skirmish Game

Plays: 3485
Category: Strategy
Take command of the mighty Warmachine and lead your troops to victory in the latest chapter of the Battalion saga. Battalion: Skirmish is a 1-level preview of Battalion’s improved graphics and game engine, which you will see featured in upcoming multiplayer and single-player Battalion titles this summer! In this turn-based combat strategy game, you must prevent the Warmachine, the new backbone of the Northern Federation forces, from falling into the hands of the traitor General Mullen. The Akadians are coming. Without the Warmachine, your armies will be powerless to stop them.
Play SpaceRaceSpaceRace Game

Plays: 3474
Category: Action
Win Empire Cup, Galaxy League or single circuit in funny space races.
Play Freecell SolitaireFreecell Solitaire Game

Plays: 3391
Category: BoardGame
A fun freecell type of solitaire.
Play XRXR Game

Plays: 3386
Category: Action
Control the running man in this single button platformer. Use the UP key to jump and avoid the endless obstacles. The longer you stay on the screen the faster he'll go. Submit your score and compare with others.
Play Castle of CardsCastle of Cards Game

Plays: 3375
Category: Puzzles
Use strategy and the luck of the draw to build your own Castle of Cards! You can progress through exciting levels or just play for fun in practice mode. With five unique decks to choose from, you can customize the game to your own liking. But watch out for the Joker! He will wipe out your progress with a single turn of the deck!
Play The Darkness Project DeathmatchThe Darkness Project Deathmatch Game

Plays: 3370
Category: Action
KILL COMPUTER! OR SHOOT WITH REAL PLAYERS! A single & multiplayer shooting game. Game features: * 3 maps * multiplayer game support * singleplayer bot fighting * 5 weapons * in-game grenades & medkits * in-game chat * comfortable user interface with different game & performance settings * user avatar creator
Play Show the SingleShow the Single Game

Plays: 3350
Category: Puzzles
Simple attention training. On the screen the number of figures is displayed: all the figures are identical except the one. The player must quickly find the single different figure and click on it. The number of figureas is increased time by time.
Play ZyrxZyrx Game

Plays: 3348
Category: Education
Robotube Game's award-winning and original mind-boggling memory test! (And now it's available on the iPhone!) To play, match the pattern of dots in the blue box by clicking the large dots in the orange grid. Sounds easy, doesn't it? It would be, if you didn't have only a couple seconds to memorize the pattern! Solve 20 puzzles in a row and enter Round 2 where you'll need to double-click for Pink dots and single-touch for White dots...and it only gets harder from there.
Play Chain MasterChain Master Game

Plays: 3344
Category: Puzzles
This clever game is all about chain reaction, in the true sense of the word! Connect the gearwheels with a single chain, in the directions which are displayed. You will find out it is not that easy as it sounds. Get it on! Prove that you are the one and only Chain Master! ;]
Play RA Motocross Afrika 1RA Motocross Afrika 1 Game

Plays: 3338
Category: Action
Freestyle tricks! Catch big air and score new moves.
Play Cyber Mech MasterCyber Mech Master Game

Plays: 3331
Category: Action
"Cyber MECH Master" is new fighting game where machines are warriors. Tournament Mode for single player. Three levels of difficulty. To win the tournament you must defeat nine mech warriors. Versus mode is designed for the fighting 2 players.
Play Apocalypse RallyApocalypse Rally Game

Plays: 3302
Category: Action
Apocalypse Rally it is a new arcade racing game. Races take place in the world after the destruction of the present civilization. Atmosphere of the game inspired by the movies Mad Max series. Player can participate in rally championship or take part in single races. The player can unlock new cars and new races
Play CANNONS RevolutionCANNONS Revolution Game

Plays: 3302
Category: Shooting
A multiplayer artillery game where you build up your tank and fight players from around the world. This cross-platfrom game can be played both on your phone or on your computer's web browser. Choose from 6 upgradable tanks each with 3 different weapons. Fight your way through 14 single player missions or battle up to 8 players on one of 10 possible map in multiplayer mode!
Play UpUp Game

Plays: 3301
Category: Puzzles
Up is a unique puzzle-platformer in the isometric perspective that is addicting, fun, re-playable, and very easy to learn. The player controls a single character whose goal is to climb as high as possible up the never ending tower. While avoiding the constant barrage of falling blocks, the player collects coins, cake, and hearts that appear on the play-field when blocks are "activated." The player activates blocks by making their colors match their spots. Features: * Never-ending level * Personal high-scores that are stored on the user's system (i.e. they are saved between plays) * Addicting gameplay. When the player dies, the urge to play again and again to try to get even higher is hard to resist. * Good looking backgrounds and quality music * Simple-to-learn controls (just the arrow keys), and * Room for player improvement: the better you are, the higher you can get
Play Dynasty Fighter 3Dynasty Fighter 3 Game

Plays: 3284
Category: Action
Choose the character you like to eliminate all the enemies alone in single mode or fight with your friend in double mode.

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