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Play Roach SplatterRoach Splatter Game

Plays: 2297
Category: Action
Guide the hand and smash all the roaches. But keep your eye on the pain meter, you won't be able to hit if it runs out. If you get the butter use it to restore the pain meter
Play GornaxGornax Game

Plays: 2291
Category: Action
Avoid death and humiliation in front of millions by defeating Gornax, the big giant crab. This game is not approved by any Marine Life Protection Association.
Play Trample the AntsTrample the Ants Game

Plays: 2288
Category: Action
Trample the ants before they eat your sugar castle.
Play Catch The Carrot ThiefCatch The Carrot Thief Game

Plays: 2288
Category: Action
Chester the rabbit is trying to steal your carrots. Smash him before he can steal them. Move the hammer with your mouse to smash him when he pops out of the holes. He has dug up several holes near the carrots and pops out of them alternatively. You have seven lives in every level and 100 points every time you smash him. Check out how many levels you can pass through.
Play Shell ShooterShell Shooter Game

Plays: 2283
Category: Shooting
Use your hunting skill to smash golden shells before they hit the ground. Destroy black shells or balloons to get more points and experience. Improve your gun and master the leaderboard on three difficulty levels!
Play Smashed!Smashed! Game

Plays: 2273
Category: Action
Break those bricks in this twist on the classic game!
Play CycloManiacs2CycloManiacs2 Game

Plays: 2260
Category: Action
Long awaited sequel to the smash hit Cyclomaniacs. This time you play as the Cycle King on a quest to rescue Princess Jennifer from the evil LongAnimals and RobotJAM. Masses of levels and bikes to unlock, hidden minigames, and hours of fun!
Play Dry LakeDry Lake Game

Plays: 2228
Category: Action
Smash rain drops and kick eggs to prevent your dry lake bed from getting too wet. Drag drops to cactus to smash them using your spacebar. Move with your arrow keys and Fly with your spacebar. You can only fly at the edge of the lake. When you have the gun shoot by pressing your "B" key.
Play Halloween SmashHalloween Smash Game

Plays: 2219
Category: Puzzles
The object of this game is to quickly align 3 or more objects horizontally or vertically by simply clicking with your mouse.
Play Burrito BisonBurrito Bison Game

Plays: 2189
Category: Adventure
Launch yourself as far as you can. Smash gummies, collect coins and purchase upgrades in your quest to escape an evil candy land!
Play Crystal BallCrystal Ball Game

Plays: 2175
Category: BoardGame
The classic crystal ball game, click on the more than 2 adjacent crystal balls can smash them into crystal drops, make good use of all bombs, consumption of props, to create the most high score.
Play UmbrellaUmbrella Game

Plays: 2133
Category: Action
use the umbrella to protect yourself. don't forget your umbrella!
Play Alien SmashAlien Smash Game

Plays: 2121
Category: Action
Protect the M-35 Ship from the alien menace by using the power of gravity to pull asteroids from space and launch them at the hordes of flesh hungry aliens.
Play Defense de reveDefense de reve Game

Plays: 2108
Category: Action
Help the boy to protect his castle from zombie creatures. Draw symbols to cast the spells and smash zombies with the sword in this beautiful nightmare.
Play New York ParkingNew York Parking Game

Plays: 2100
Category: Driving
New York City is one of the busiest cities in the world. The point of the game is to drive your car to the parking space without any bump, smash, or collide with other cars. Each level has a giving limit of time of 120 seconds, if you can park you car in a giving times then you can move to the next level.
Play Emerald BeachEmerald Beach Game

Plays: 2080
Category: Puzzles
Welcome to Emerald Beach! The rules are simple, using your mouse (leaving your other hand free for a coffee!) slide the crane left and right. Press and hold the mouse button down, the crane will dive downwards and pick up a gem. Move the gem above a matching gem and release the button. The gem will fall back down into it’s new position. Match three or more to smash and collect! Gain a ‘Tech bonus’ by smashing gems all the way down and hitting the bottom!

Plays: 2062
Category: Action
A fun variation of the classic breakout. Destroy all the bricks and get access to the next level. Use the MOUSE to move. Good luck! Tips and help: [email protected] Another game by
Play Super Asteroid SmasherSuper Asteroid Smasher Game

Plays: 2060
Category: Action
So you like blowing up asteroids? Smash tons of asteroids in Super Asteroid Smasher, and collect upgrades for your ship as you go. See if you can smash your way to the top of the high scores leaderboards!
Play Super car smasherSuper car smasher Game

Plays: 2055
Category: Driving
Drive in your new car over this rocks, and dont smash it to much! Good luck with this adventure!
Play The Chaos ReactorThe Chaos Reactor Game

Plays: 2046
Category: Puzzles
Smash atoms in the reactor with this fun chain reaction game, earn up to 60 achievements and unlock the fun survival mode for hours of particle bashing goodness. Particle physics has never been so much fun!

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