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Play Mine HeroMine Hero Game

Plays: 229
Category: Action
Shoot bubbles and pop those mines in this fun two player arcade game.
Play Tim AdventureTim Adventure Game

Plays: 224
Category: Driving
Our young biker Tim requires your driving guidance in order to complete his big motorbike driving adventure. Hop on the motorbike and start collecting some stars as you drive thru portals to get a new bike and jump over hills to earn some points. Drive carefully and good luck completing all 10 stages!
Play Bike RampageBike Rampage Game

Plays: 220
Category: Adventure
Bike Rampage. You're in big trouble man! The cops are chasing you, while the road is a real nightmare. Now, you must do whatever it takes to escape and overcome all obstacles.
Play Hill Truck TiralsHill Truck Tirals Game

Plays: 219
Category: Driving
Drive over the bumpy hills to complete the level and progress.
Play Valentine ThemValentine Them Game

Plays: 217
Category: Shooting
Bow like game where you need to shoot your arrow to the man and woman at the same time.
Play Hungry BrothersHungry Brothers Game

Plays: 216
Category: Puzzles
Hungry Brothers are hungry like an all time. Help them to eat more food. Try to get all the 18 achievements and the 'secret button'. Enjoy your meal!
Play Egypt ExploreEgypt Explore Game

Plays: 215
Category: Other
Get all the treasures from within the Pyramid, but do not get squashed by the magic stones. You can switch between moving with the mouse or arrow keys. Pick up the treasures for more points. Hide in the spaces in the grey blocks.
Play spaceships attackspaceships attack Game

Plays: 211
Category: Shooting
Destroyed spacecraft enemies using your ship and beware of enemies shots and try to win
Play Kick & PunchKick & Punch Game

Plays: 1
Category: Action
This awesome game sponsored by is an addicted martial arts game where you play as a fighter and you have to knock down all the enemies by kicking and punching them. You can unlock 3 great characters once you have enough coins collected. TIP: If you share your score on facebook, you get 100 coins as a bonus. So what are you waiting for? Test your reflex and have fun!
Play 24/7 Adrenaline24/7 Adrenaline Game

Plays: 0
Category: Driving
Make excellent use of those arrow keys and learn when to press the acceleration down or when to hit the breaks. Complete laps successfully and dominate everyone else in the race to claim you professional driver title.
Play Demolish TruckDemolish Truck Game

Plays: 90838
Category: Driving
Be hardcore and demolish cars and gather stars as you monster truck through the rough terrain! You must be careful though or your car will blow up! Use the arrow keys to direct, maneuver and jump to get stars! Be fast and keep progressing in levels!
Play Achtung die kurve flashAchtung die kurve flash Game

Plays: 83702
Category: Other
If you like the game snake you will absolutely love this game. It is a bit more complex than the original classic you have learned to love. In this game you have to try and not die as you avoid other lines and the edges of the game board. Use your arrow keys to maneuver around the game and get the highest score by avoiding the other lines!
Play Dragon FuryDragon Fury Game

Plays: 68766
Category: Fighting
Fighting game between fantasy characters. It includes awesome special moves and cool atmospheric effects. Keys: Left Arrow -> Left, Right Arrow -> Right, Up Arrow -> Jump, Down Arrow -> Down, 'A' 'Space' or 'Enter' -> Fire
Play Bemani XtremeBemani Xtreme Game

Plays: 23764
Category: Adventure
Bemani xtreme is a music game, a bemani game , click on the keyboard arrow when the arrow of the game come to the line.
Play Fruit ManiaFruit Mania Game

Plays: 14490
Category: Shooting
You're a firefly stuck in a fruit fly world. Destroy fruit for points, chained kills = more points! Press the left and right arrow keys (alternate) when you get hit to attempt to get back up. Collect + shaped bonuses to reduce the amount of times you need to alternate.
Play Gluttonous jellyfishGluttonous jellyfish Game

Plays: 8619
Category: Action
Use arrow keys to collect plankton items Avoid crab and barrel Be careful, time not waiting!
Play FGC2- Gold CatcherFGC2- Gold Catcher Game

Plays: 7962
Category: Driving
This game is for Scion Driving Creativity Contest. 1 month ago I knew nothing about Actionscript….now at least I know this much. You are FGC (Flying Gold Collector). Your job is to collect the debris raining down from the sky from the mid-air explosion of a freighter. Some of the debris is very valuable….some increase your fuel’s power, and some (the chemicals)… damage you. Special Thanks to ParagonX9 (for his song Chaoz Fantasy played on the short game), DJ-VIZ for his awesome song- Raver’s Fantasy [Viz Revamped Club Mix]- which was played in the menu, level selection, and the normal game, and finally Mundhir Werner (syphonmax) for his song Code Lyoko Theme (Edit) (which was played in the long game, and extreme game levels). All these song artists were from Newgrounds! Instructions Arrow keys to move, (more instructions are in-game)
Play Arrow HeroArrow Hero Game

Plays: 7538
Category: Other
Its Guitar Hero turned flash!
Play Bombing MissionBombing Mission Game

Plays: 7076
Category: Shooting
Move your fighter by using, Left, Right, Down, and Up, arrow keys. Fire your rockets by clicking the space bar. If our rockets hit the enemy you earn 10 credit points. If the enemy rockets hit your fighter your fighter health gets reduced by 5%, and if it becomes zero the game ends.
Play PaccoPacco Game

Plays: 6866
Category: Action
You only can fly into the direction of the green cursor which doesn't stop rotating! Set its direction with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Hold spacebar to fill the powerbar and release it to let Pacco fly into the current direction of the green arrow.

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