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Graded Foes Game

Plays: 2921
Category: Action
In this game you have to hit with your sword to kill the enemies, and earn points. You can kill an enemy only if its strength is equal to your strength, if not you lose points. If the points become zero you lose the game.
Car Race Game

Plays: 2921
Category: Driving
Press LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN Arrow keys to steer and move your car. You must reach the goal to win the game.
First Draw Game

Plays: 2897
Category: Shooting
Shoot the enemy before he shoots you. Move the mouse to rotate the player. Click the mouse to fire.
Shoot The Creeps Game

Plays: 2886
Category: Shooting
Mutated creeps start attacking a building. A gun with various types of weapons is arranged to eliminate these creeps. Shoot the creeps in all the levels and win the game. Buy updates, and weapons at the end of every level.
Exploring Robot Game

Plays: 2865
Category: Action
A robot is sent to moon to explore Uranium ore on its surface. Explore 20 mines in minimum time.
Shoot the Militants Game

Plays: 2861
Category: Shooting
Defend the treasury building from militants.
Shoot the Baddies Game

Plays: 2857
Category: Shooting
Drag the trigger around the circle and click. If your bullet hits a baddy you win a point.
Smart Tank-2 Game

Plays: 2856
Category: Shooting
Destroy as many buildings as possible before the smart tank destroys them.
Smart Car Game

Plays: 2853
Category: Action
This is a short multi scene game. Play this game to kill time and relax.
Hit the Platforms Game

Plays: 2844
Category: Action
Click the mouse to release the arrow and hit the Platforms.
Hungry Frog Game

Plays: 2844
Category: Action
Feed the hungry frog, and earn points.
Difficult to kill Game

Plays: 2837
Category: Shooting
Armed Bandits equipped with grenades start attacking the Federal bank. The guard on duty starts defending it before the additional troops arrive. Buy all the updates in the game to win.
Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Plays: 2814
Category: Puzzles
Play Tic-Tac-Toe with your computer. Place an X in any square by clicking the mouse in that square. The computer also places an O in another square. If all your symbols or computer symbols are in a row, column, or in a diagonal you or computer win the game. Otherwise it is a tie.
Enemy Planet(modified) Game

Plays: 2796
Category: Shooting
You have to launch a space ship to travel in space, land on the enemy planet, and destroy rocket launchers using a robot, that is equipped with a laser gun. -Press up/down arrow keys to move the spaceship in up/down directions. -Avoid hitting the rockets and asteroids during the space voyage. -Your satellite is attracted due to gravity pull by the other orbiting planets in space. Avoid hitting them by moving away from them. -After the satellite lands on the enemy planet, press the up/down arrow keys to move the robot in up/down directions, and to avoid enemy rockets. -The laser gun automatically fires and destroys the enemy rockets, asteroids and rocket launchers.
Evil Space Station Game

Plays: 2763
Category: Shooting
Destroy the evil space ship!

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