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Zombies hit the road Game

Plays: 2157
Category: Action
Make your player shoot, and throw grenades at the zombies. Your player should reach his residence before his health becomes zero.
Robot Adventure 3 Game

Plays: 2137
Category: Action
Robot and his master go for treasure hunt. .
Dino Run Game

Plays: 2122
Category: Action
Reach the end line without getting hit by the dinos.
Car Escape Game

Plays: 2118
Category: Action
Drive your car to escape from the enemy territory by clicking the hidden clues/objects.
Dr.Infector Game

Plays: 2068
Category: Action
Infect the earth with a virus till your health is zero.
Robot in Space Game

Plays: 2066
Category: Action
Destroy the enemy spacecraft having the same number as that of your spacecraft and earn points.
Forest Escape Game

Plays: 2063
Category: Action
Escape from the forest in minimum time.
Zombie menace Game

Plays: 2052
Category: Action
Kill 100 zombies in minimum time.
Car Maze Game

Plays: 2024
Category: Action
Drive your car to the goal by passing through a maze.
3D Racing Game

Plays: 2021
Category: Action
Race your car in three laps.
Space War Game

Plays: 2017
Category: Shooting
Win the space war by playing 5 levels, and destroying the enemy missiles.
Meteor Shower Game

Plays: 2013
Category: Action
Destroy 20 meteors in all levels to win the game.
Baby Dino Game

Plays: 2000
Category: Action
Make the baby Dino reach the goal in all the six scenes in minimum time.
Zombie Search Game

Plays: 1974
Category: Action
The zombies are prowling in the dusk for food. These zombies are visible only with the search light / viewfinder of your gun. Move the gun on the screen to search, and locate the zombies. Find out how much time you take to kill all the 20 zombies
Escapade Game

Plays: 1955
Category: Action
Play this escapade game by clicking the correct objects on the screen.

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