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Save the Golden Eggs Game

Plays: 3566
Category: Shooting
Save the golden eggs from the eagles by shooting down the eagles with your gun. Drag and click the mouse to drag your gun and fire bullets. If you can save all the eggs laid by the hen you go to next level. There are as many levels as you can play.
Fast Shooter Game

Plays: 3564
Category: Action
Shoot the number of enemies according the level, and finally fight with the enemy king.
Jumpin Frog 2 Game

Plays: 3544
Category: Action
Depending on the direction required for the frog to jump and land on a leaf, and earn ten points, press and release the mouse at a suitable position. In case of a miss the frog loses one life. If the frog loses five lives the game ends.
Encounter 2 Game

Plays: 3505
Category: Action
An alien space ship lands in the Andrea desert. All efforts to destroy the alien spaceship fail. Finally a sharpshooter engages the aliens in a gun battle and makes them to retreat to their spaceship.
Icebergs Game

Plays: 3477
Category: Action
Sail your ship up to the shore hitting minimum number of icebergs. If the ship hits an iceberg life of the ship gets reduced by 10%. If the ship’s health becomes 0 the game ends. Controls: LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move the ship in left and right directions. Space bar to fire cannons from the ship's gun. If the cannons from the ship's gun hit the fighter the health of the ship increases by 10 %. If the rockets from the fighter hit the ship the health of the ship gets reduced by 10%.
Rat Race Game

Plays: 3467
Category: Action
Defend your town from attacking rats.
Super Hero Game

Plays: 3464
Category: Shooting
Press the UP/DOWN buttons to select the force. After selecting the required force, press the "start " button. The force should be such that the hero lands on the landing pad and score 10 points. Press SPACE Bar to fire bullets from the hero. If the bullets hit the enemy you score one point. If the enemy hits the hero you lose one point. The hero has five lives. If the hero lands on the base, the health of the hero reduces by one. If life of the hero becomes 0 the game ends.
Evil Space Station 3 Game

Plays: 3439
Category: Shooting
Destroy the evil space station before it destroys the earth, and its spacecraft.
Christmas2011 Game

Plays: 3432
Category: Action
Get a gift from the Santa Claus for Christmas.
Magnetic Balls Game

Plays: 3413
Category: Action
Drag the Magnetic ball and release it to draw the path for the red ball to move. Click the play button. If the red ball hits the green square you get points, and go to next level.
Defend your Castle Game

Plays: 3408
Category: Shooting
Press the mouse and draw a line from the left side red dot to the right side red dot. Press the play button. Drag the gun with your mouse and place it above the enemy path. The gun shall not touch the enemy path. Please see the figure below. Press the mouse to fire bullets from the gun. The gun is provided with a fire effectiveness ratio (GER) depending on the game level. The game has three levels to play. if you reach a score of 2000 you win the game. If the number of enemies in the castle exceeds 30 the game ends.
Zombie Assault Game

Plays: 3406
Category: Action
Kill all the ten attacking zombies by stabbing them, and go to next level. There are five levels in this game.
3D Maze Game

Plays: 3406
Category: Action
Drive your car in a maze, and kill all the 20 zombies.
Power Creeps Game

Plays: 3396
Category: Shooting
Mutated creeps start attacking a building. A gun with various types of weapons is arranged to eliminate these creeps. Shoot the creeps in all the levels and win the game. Buy updates, and weapons at the end of every level. The levels end when you buy all the available weapons, and updates. When a creep hits the building the health gets reduced by a percentage marked on it. Press the Mouse to aim and shoot.
Skiing Champ Game

Plays: 3371
Category: Action
Defend the skier from the enemies and the land mines. Play till the skier health becomes zero.

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