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Car in a Maze Game

Plays: 3478
Category: Sports
Steer the car through the maze of roads, and reach the goal.
Skiing Champ Game

Plays: 3473
Category: Action
Defend the skier from the enemies and the land mines. Play till the skier health becomes zero.
Basket Pong Game

Plays: 3416
Category: Sports
This game is played by red robots and blue robots. Red-circled robot is your robot: Drag your robot and hit the ball with the robot's hands to start the game. There are 50 chances in the game. If the blue robots get 0 goals, and the red robots get more than 10 goals you win the game.
Seek N Destroy Game

Plays: 3413
Category: Action
Seek and destroy all the 20 field guns and win the game taking minimum time. Do not touch the mines.
Capture the Bugs Game

Plays: 3395
Category: Action
Drag the forceps with the mouse and capture the bugs. Drop the bugs in the flask by taking them over its mouth. If you drop all the bugs within 30 seconds you go to next level.
Zombie Night Game

Plays: 3378
Category: Shooting
Fight the Zombies in the night.
Space Mission 2 Game

Plays: 3366
Category: Action
Shoot the incoming enemy space ships by firing rockets from your space ship. If you shoot down all the 20 enemy space ships you win the game.
Tank War Game

Plays: 3365
Category: Shooting
Move the mouse to rotate the cannon. Click the mouse to fire the rockets. If you destroy 20 tanks you can go to next level. If the health of the gun becomes zero the game ends.
Ball in a Maze Game

Plays: 3330
Category: Action
Drag the ball with the mouse and hit the blue square.
Alien Tank Game

Plays: 3314
Category: Action
Destroy the Alien Tank before it destroys all your 20 land rocket stations.
Seek N Destroy-2 Game

Plays: 3310
Category: Action
Destroy the militant camps and the militants in minimum time using your tank. Shoot the enemy plane before it hits your tank.
Gnome Castle Game

Plays: 3300
Category: Action
Gnome castle game is about a gnome who traveled away from his castle fighting the enemies, and wants to return to his castle. In this process he has to pass through several hurdles in 10 scenes. Make the gnome successfully clear all the obstacles, and reach his castle.
Swine Flu Game

Plays: 3295
Category: Shooting
Destroy jet plane of Dr.Swine who is spreading Swine flu on the earth.
Build Rail Links Game

Plays: 3282
Category: Action
Build railroad links by clicking on the rail segment buttons. You have to assemble and complete the track . You have to destroy the enemies on your way. If the bullets from the enemies hit your train your strength gets reduced. If it becomes zero the game ends. If you kill 15 enemies you complete the scene. There are five scenes in the game to play.
Lightning Struck Game

Plays: 3282
Category: Action
Save the hero from the lightning. Press LEFT and RIGHT Arrow keys for moving the hero. The hero has five lives before the game ends.

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