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40 Yard Dash Game

Plays: 50709
Category: Sports
Do you have the speedy fingers of a piano player or a sprinter? Surely gamers have the speediest fingers of them all?!
Bench Press Game

Plays: 35963
Category: Sports
How much ya bench? Hammer the keyboard with both hands till your arms fall off or the keyboard breaks in this ultimate test of strength. Thanks to the custom made physics engine, there is more to this button bashing game than brute strength, though. Balance of the bar, wise expenditure of energy, and precise timing for use of elasticity are additional game play factors. The retro gaming connoisseur will perhaps acknowledge this as the mix of two classic videogame genres exemplified by Konami's Track & Field and Atari's Lunar Lander.
On Your Marks! Game

Plays: 10913
Category: Education
A reaction time test with a track & field sprint start setting.
Long Jump Game

Plays: 10155
Category: Sports
Classic Track & Field game play but with mouse control and superior animation.
Pull-ups aka Chins Game

Plays: 7251
Category: Sports
Can you pull your own weight? This is a faithful rendition of the classic strength exercise.
Athletic Javelin Game

Plays: 5621
Category: Sports
An athletic event that dates way back to the Olympic Games in Greece B.C. According to the legend, Hercules was the very first javelin thrower!
Keep The Race Pure Game

Plays: 4072
Category: Shooting
Where is Wally the Wacky Walker?
Long Jump 2012 Game

Plays: 3935
Category: Sports
Classic Olympic style game. This new version has both innovative mouse control and traditional keyboard control.
Fighting Snowball Fighting Game

Plays: 3744
Category: Shooting
Grab your shotgun and get involved in your son's snowball fight!
Rage of the Race Walker Game

Plays: 3702
Category: Shooting
The rule of race walking should apply to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE!
A Growing Boa Needs His Lunch Game

Plays: 3650
Category: Action
Simply a take on the Nibbler concept. (Nibbler in turn is - of course - a Pac-Man influenced Snake/Blockade game.)
Strip 'em all Game

Plays: 2838
Category: Adventure
Make Comic Strips and reveal the inner nature of the characters!
Marbles of the Amazement Park Game

Plays: 2700
Category: Action
Along the winding ways of the Amazement Park you will be battling bullies, racing patrollers, playing with puzzles, and much more. Rumor has that no one has reached the end and experienced all the fun it has to offer. Certainly, only gamers with a complete set of skills stand a chance of doing so!
Strip 'em all (compact edition) Game

Plays: 1868
Category: Adventure
Make Comic Strips and reveal the inner nature of the characters!
Ms. Mouse Game

Plays: 1610
Category: Action
Can you handle a mouse? A kiss of Ms. Mouse will require a steady hand and a good mouse. Don't even think of the touchpad!

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