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Demi Tuhan Wars Game

Plays: 2612
Category: Action
"Demi Tuhan" is "for GOD's SAKE!" in english, this word was booming in indonesia now. just google or youtube it.. :D
Dish Frenzy Game

Plays: 1036
Category: Other
after finish to perform in singer audition, vatin was so starving, then she smell dish in ALL YOU CAN EAT Resto.. help her to finish her Dish.
Forestia : The Prince Klorf's Journey Game

Plays: 671
Category: Action
Prince klorf form Planet hutanus. beside as a prince in Planet Hutanus he is also a scientist, so he always go for journey to every planet for find new species of plant. then in Earth he find some people who destroy the forest blindly. So he want to save forest.
Forestia : The Prince Klorf's Journey Game

Plays: 637
Category: Adventure
In the year 20XX, how global warming at an dangerous point. But none of those who dare to fix it, because at that time the earth was in power Mr. Wilder. The world leaders are dictators, he can do anything to anyone with his power. Fortunately, Prince (Prince Klorf) from hutanus planet was on his way from planet to planet Earth passes. He did research to find new types of plant species of each planet. How angry he was, at the sight of the forests of the earth were spent for the sake of immediate gratification. Here is the start of a trip klorf princes of the earth to save the forest ..
Aljabarian Game

Plays: 494
Category: Education
ukhi was Aljabarian.. now she need to proof her algebra knowledge for exam..
Run Qambinx Run Game

Plays: 463
Category: Action
In the demon World, there is son of a demon king. his name was "Qambinx". He thinks he strong enough for destroy the earth now. Then he come to earth, but no one afraid to him. however human try to chase him to eat. aannddd.. he thinks he need to run for his life..
BioQu Game

Plays: 401
Category: Education
prototype Edu game about cell
Dilaran Bolos Sekolah Game

Plays: 370
Category: Action
Bahasa Indonesia : Pada tahun 20xx terjadi kekacauan di dunia pendidikan di Indonesia. Banyak terjadi aksi Bolos Sekolah Massal. kekacauan ini sudah tidak dapat ditangani olah pihak-pihak sekolah. untuk itu KPKSD(Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi Sejak Dini) datang untuk mencegah hal ini!.. English in 20xx, there is chaos in world of education in Indonesia. so many student did skipping school. These chaos cannot be handled on staff school. so that why KPKSD (Corrupstion Eradication Commision since childhood) come to prevent this!..
Flappy Qambinx Game

Plays: 367
Category: Action
Tribute to Dong Nguyen "Flappy Birds" this is Flappy Qambinx from Run Qambinx Run..
Skalaan Game

Plays: 282
Category: Education
skalaan means scale for object. so this game just make user click/tap and hold each object to enlarge or minimize object scale to fit with instruction then click Check button to check similarity object. more level more object to need u click/tap. * Total 20 Level * Gallery for object

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