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Fish Life Game

Plays: 27643
Category: Action
You are a small green fish that must face many predators. Survive as long as you can by using the arrow keys to avoid fish and objects.
Barack Obama's 100meter Dash Game

Plays: 13439
Category: Sports
Run the 100 meter dash with president Barack Obama in this exciting track and field game.
Bass Fishing Hero Game

Plays: 11640
Category: Action
In this rock n' roll style game you are a bass fisherman who has to catch as many fish as he can in 90 seconds. Input the key combinations as quickly as possible to get a highscore. Catch 4 different types of fish, kelp fish, large mouth bass, amur catfish, and fresh water large mouth bass. In the fish journal you can see how many of each fish you have caught and see your fish points you have earned from your catches. Challenge your fish points against others by submitting your score. Train your fishing skills even more by returning with automatic save feature in the fish journal. There is bass fishing, and then there is Bass Fishing Hero!
Barack Obama Dreamland Game

Plays: 6793
Category: Rhythm
Enter the mind of president Barrack Obama and try to keep his dream going.
Shark Fishing Game

Plays: 5860
Category: Action
Catch as many sharks as you can to achieve a highscore within the time limit. There are 4 different sharks you can collect in varying sizes.
A Horse Tale Game

Plays: 5037
Category: Adventure
Live the story of a brave horse who seeks freedom. Survive as long as you can by dodgeing rocks, logs, and holes.
Marvelous Skies Firework Edition Game

Plays: 4360
Category: Action
Take flight on a peaceful journey and avoid other planes on the way in this 4th of July edition game.
Fish'n For Love Game

Plays: 3893
Category: Adventure
You are an old fisherman tries to win the heart of a young lady. Go on a quest with your trusty fishing rod to obtain gifts for her.
St. Patricks Day Quiz Game

Plays: 3732
Category: BoardGame
Answer questions relating to St Patrick's Day in this interesting quiz. If you need help you can search the answer, but make sure the source if reliable as information on the internet can be incorrect.
Marvelous Skyscrapers Game

Plays: 3348
Category: Action
Take a peaceful journey over building dodging other planes along the way.
Lost Shark Game

Plays: 3325
Category: Action
Maneuver your way through a underwater cavern and eat fish along the way. Avoid the walls at all costs and collect the special ultra shark power-up!
Crazy Fisherman Game

Plays: 3283
Category: Action
You are a crazy old fisher man who fishes up unusual things. See how much stuff you can fish up in a minute.
Army of the Dead Tower Defense Game

Plays: 3032
Category: Action
Launch arrows at an endless swarm of zombies to protect your castle. **Leader board now added**
St. Patricks Match Game

Plays: 2721
Category: BoardGame
Fun match game with a St. Patricks Day theme.
Snake n' Mouse Game

Plays: 2661
Category: Action
Why should a snake eat apples? Play a classic round of snake where you eat as many mice as you can.

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