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Hidden Gemstones Sea Coast Game

Plays: 2405
Category: Adventure
Explore summer sea coast pictures and find 56 hidden gems. Each of the 8 pictures contains 7 gems. To receive best score find all gemstones faster than others. Good Luck!
Steal Crown And Escape Easy Crown Game

Plays: 2380
Category: Adventure
Infiltrate into the building, explore this location, solve puzzles to get another ancient crown for your collection! Good Luck!
Steal Crown And Escape 4X Game

Plays: 2369
Category: Adventure
Steal Crown And Escape 4X is point and click adventure game crated by Ainars. Explore location, search for items and hints to proceed in to the building. Solve puzzles to get another ancient crown for your collection. Good Luck!
Emerald Room Escape Game

Plays: 2356
Category: Puzzles
You find yourself locked in emerald room. Explore rooms, solve puzzles to obtain 4 emeralds and key. Then unlock doorlock and escape. Good Luck!
Numbscape: Gems Room Escape 4 Game

Plays: 2354
Category: Adventure
Explore room, obtain 4 hidden gems and 10 pieces of code to unlock door and escape. Good Luck!
Safes Room Escape 2 Game

Plays: 2338
Category: Puzzles
Solve all riddles to open all safes, and get the door lock code to open the door! Then escape safes room! Good Luck!
Concrete Basement Escape 3 Game

Plays: 2336
Category: Adventure
Solve all puzzles to obtain 5 hidden antique coins and key, then escape from third part of concrete basement! Good Luck!
Collapsed House Escape Other Side - part 3 Game

Plays: 2335
Category: Adventure
Last episode of "Collapsed House Other Side". Explore last room, solve puzzles and find key to unlock door that leads to freedom. Good Luck!
Attack of Lasagna Lobsters Game

Plays: 2309
Category: Adventure
Explore locked room, and solve puzzles to escape get rid of Lasagna Lobsters and escape!
Escape From Little Flat Game

Plays: 2295
Category: Adventure
Good friends have locked you in a little flat. Explore flat, search for different useful items and find key to unlock door and escape to freedom. Good Luck!
Safes House Escape: Guests House Game

Plays: 2293
Category: Adventure
You find yourself locked in a guests house, collect items and solve puzzles to open all locked safes to get door lock code and escape. Good Luck!
NUMBscape villa Game

Plays: 2285
Category: Puzzles
Room escape, hidden objects type game.
Brick Basement Escape Game

Plays: 2278
Category: Adventure
Search for items, silve riddles and escape from Brick Basemsent. Good Luck!
Good Memory Escape 3 Game

Plays: 2264
Category: Adventure
Third part of Good Memory Escape point and click house escape game. Explore house, examine puzzles and find necessary items to escape. Good Luck!
Ghosts and Escape Game

Plays: 2261
Category: Adventure
You have been trapped in room, where 4 ghosts hiding, capture ghosts in order to get key from the door and escape!

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