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Steal Gems And Escape 2 Game

Plays: 2225
Category: Adventure
Find another 10 valuable gems for your collection, search house, unlock safes and solve all puzzles to obtain all hidden gems, then use key and escape from Gems house. Good luck!!
Escape from Lielpils Castle Game

Plays: 2225
Category: Adventure
Explore last part of "Lielpils" castle, bribe guards and solve all puzzles to collect 11 pieces of code, obtain rare emerald ring and gate keys. Good Luck!
Concrete Basement Escape 4 Game

Plays: 2220
Category: Adventure
You find yourself locked in basement, explore concrete basement, obtain some items, search for clues and solve all puzzles in order to open door and escape. Good luck!
Escape From Fort 2 Remake Game

Plays: 2188
Category: Adventure
You find yourself deep underground, you do not remember how you get here, only thing you know, you must escape to from this place. Search for items and solve puzzles in order to be able unlock all locked doors and escape from fort. Good Luck!
Escape From Fort - Expanded Game

Plays: 2150
Category: Adventure
You find yourself trapped in a underground fortified bunker. Search for different items and clues to unlock all doors and escape to surface! Good Luck!
Hidden Gemstones 8 Game

Plays: 2146
Category: Education
Explore winter sea cost pictures and find 56 hidden gems. To receive best score find all gemstones faster than others. Good Luck!
Hidden Summer Hearts Game

Plays: 2145
Category: Adventure
Search For 56 hidden summer hearts, each of the images contains different amount of hidden hearts. Find all hearts as fast as you can in order to receive better score. Good Luck!
Cubber House Escape Game

Plays: 2141
Category: Adventure
Solve all riddle unlock all doors and escape from Cubber house! Good Luck!
Easter Crystals Escape Game

Plays: 2138
Category: Adventure
You found yourself trapped in Easter decorated room. Explore Easter room and collect 7 easter crystals, 4 code papers. After all crystals and code papers obtained, enter code and escape. Good Luck!
Attack of Spaghetti Crab Game

Plays: 2115
Category: Adventure
Your enemy Spaghetti Crab have locked you in this puzzle house. It's time to show him who's the boss! Solve all puzzles to unlock door and proceed to next location. Good Luck and Have Fun!
Gold Room Escape Summer Game

Plays: 2088
Category: Adventure
Solve all puzzles in order to obtain all hidden gold, then search for key and escape from Gold Room! Good Luck!
Numbscape Easter room Game

Plays: 2085
Category: Adventure
Find ten hidden colour papers and solve all riddles to unlock door and escape from the Numbscape Easter room. Good Luck!
Lost Heart Escape Game

Plays: 2077
Category: Adventure
Your task is to find rare and very expensive heart pendant for your jewelry collection. Solve puzzles and complete tasks in order to achieve success. Good Luck!
Collapsed Navy School Game

Plays: 2063
Category: Adventure
You found yourself in a collapsed navy school. Explore this dark place, avoid ghosts. Solve all puzzles to get key from last door and escape from this dark place.
Ziga's Robbery 3 Game

Plays: 2034
Category: Adventure
Explore Zigas room, search for valuable items and different clues to obtain safe password and expensive ring, then escape. Good Luck!

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