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Lielpils Castle Game

Plays: 1725
Category: Adventure
Explore location around the "Lielpils" Castle, solve some puzzles and avoid some guards in order to infiltrate in to the castle. Good Luck!
Numbscape Halloween Escape Game

Plays: 1692
Category: Adventure
Search for 10 coloured papers to unlock door lock, solve all other riddles and escape from Halloween room! Good Luck!
Diamnond Room Escape: Green Code Game

Plays: 1675
Category: Adventure
Explore locked rooms, search for 4 green code papers to get key from cabinets, collect items and press buttons to unlock more cabinets and obtain 4 hidden diamonds, then use key to escape. Good Luck!
Green Crystals Escape Game

Plays: 1643
Category: Adventure
Explore locked green crystals room. Find seven green crystals and key-code to unlock door and escape. Good Luck!
Revenge of Angry Tomato Game

Plays: 1632
Category: Adventure
Angry tomato have locked you! Explore house, search for items and clues to solve different tasks and puzzles. After all puzzles solved use keycard to escape. Good Luck!
Valentines Day Numbscape Game

Plays: 1628
Category: Adventure
Explore Valentines day room. Search for items and clues to solve puzzles and collect 10 code papers and code hint. After all items obtained, enter code in to the door lock panel and escape. Good Luck!
Black Crystals Escape Game

Plays: 1626
Category: Adventure
This time your task is to find 7 black crystals. After all puzzles solved and all crystals found use key to unlock door and escape. Good Luck!
Hidden Rings: Horses Game

Plays: 1624
Category: Adventure
Help horses to find 56 hidden rings, this time you have 500 seconds and each of the pictures contains 7 hidden rings, wrong click adds 1 second to overall time. Good Luck!
Christmas Numbscape Game

Plays: 1615
Category: Adventure
Explore Christmas Numbscape rooms, solve puzzles to proceed further and escape from this place. Good Luck!
Escape from the Big House Game

Plays: 1601
Category: Adventure
Explore big house, search for valuable items and solve different puzzles in order to proceed in game. Solve all puzzles and escape from house. Good Luck!
Failed Memory Escape 5 - Ship Game

Plays: 1566
Category: Adventure
After succesfull escape from Island Villa your are on puzzled luxury ship. Search for usefull items in order to find helicopter key and escape. Good Luck!
Christmas Safes Room escape Game

Plays: 1563
Category: Adventure
Explore Christmass Safes room, solve all puzzles in order to unlock all safes and escape. Good Luck!
Pink Crystals Escape Game

Plays: 1553
Category: Education
Explore pink crystals room, and solve puzzles to find seven pink crystals and key to escape. Good Luck!
Failed Memory Escape 2 Game

Plays: 1546
Category: Adventure
Second part of point and click room escape game Failed Memory Escape. Explore Failed memory house pickup items and solve puzzles to obtain 11 shapes, unlock safe and get key to open door and escape. Good Luck!
Usb Flash Room Escape Game

Plays: 1453
Category: Education
Explore Usb flash room and collect seven usb flash sticks that contains valuable information. After all sticks collected use key on door to escape. Good Luck!

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