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Red Crystals Escape Game

Plays: 1484
Category: Adventure
Red Crystals Escape is point and click room escape game. Find seven red crystals and safe code to get key. Then use key to escape. Good Luck!
Jaunmoku Castle Game

Plays: 1463
Category: Adventure
Explore "Jaunmoku" castle, search for hidden jewelry and gold. Find 8 pieces of gold and jewelry, plus golden key, then use key to escape.
Small Safes House Escape Game

Plays: 1420
Category: Adventure
You find yourself locked in small safes house. Explore house, search for items and solve puzzles in order to get door password and escape. Good Luck!
Sleepy Watermelon escape Game

Plays: 1403
Category: Adventure
Sleepy Watermelon escape is compicated point and click escape the room type game. Explore big house and help Sleepy watermelon to find hints, various objects,. Use objects and hints to solve puzzles and escape.
Micro Bunker Escape 3 Game

Plays: 1370
Category: Adventure
Explore collapsed bunker, examine pictures, find all items to solve puzzles and escape. Good Luck!
Failed escape Game

Plays: 1336
Category: Adventure
Failed escape is point and click escape the room game where task is to examine all views and close-ups in order to obtain items and hidden locations that will help to find key and escape.
Refuel And Drive Away Game

Plays: 1289
Category: Adventure
Explore this location, obtain items to solve all puzzles and get 5 fuel cans and blue car key. After all fuel cans obtained start car and drive away. Good Luck!
Crazy Octopus escape Game

Plays: 1244
Category: Adventure
Crazy Octopus got locked in a puzzle house. Explore this location, search for hidden safes, different items and complete puzzles in order to get outside. Obtain rocked launch button and escape from this planet!
Bad Memory Escape One Game

Plays: 1240
Category: Puzzles
Bad Mmeory Escape - One is point and click room escape game with a twist. Your task is not only escape from locked room, but also find bike key and start bike in order to complete game.
Collapsed Navy School: SE Game

Plays: 1215
Category: Adventure
Explore dark abandoned building, activate energy spheres and find ghostly amulets in order to open door to nowhere...
Halloween Splatters room escape Game

Plays: 1180
Category: Puzzles
Explore locked room, search for 7 Halloween splatters, then obtain golden key to unlock door and escape.
Collapsed Wooden House escape Game

Plays: 1155
Category: Adventure
Collapsed Wooden House is point and click escape the room type game, where task is to explore Collased Wooden House, find items like 11 amulets, spheres, switches and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Underground Crystals Escape 3 Game

Plays: 1135
Category: Puzzles
Explore underground bunker. Solve all puzzles to collect 7 crystals, plus 1 key. Unlock door to escape.
Collapsed Brick House: SE Game

Plays: 1127
Category: Adventure
Explore dark abandoned collapsed brick house, collect mysteryous energy spheres and open safes in order to escape. Good Luck!
Good Memory Escape 4 Game

Plays: 1124
Category: Adventure
Fourth part of Good Memory Escape point and click escape the room game series. Solve clever puzzles in order to unlock door lock and escape.

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