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Bad Memory Escape 4 Game

Plays: 3175
Category: Adventure
Fourth part of Bad Memory Escape point and click room escape type game, where your task is to collect 11 hidden numbers, enter numbers in to a code panel, find key from car and escape from locked room. Good Luck!
Steal Gold And Escape 3 Game

Plays: 3157
Category: Adventure
This game is a third episode of Steal Gold And Escape point and cllick adventure/room escape type game. Your task is to search for hidden gold, solve riddles, find items and unlock the door to enter abandoned underground bunker! Good luck!
Hidden Emeralds: Frogs Game

Plays: 3136
Category: Adventure
Evil frogs is hiding 50 valuable emeralds, help to find all 50 emeralds in less than 300 seconds! Each picture contains one evil frog and 5 emeralds! Good Luck!
Steal Crown and escape Game

Plays: 3117
Category: Puzzles
Find unusual places in pictures and click on them to get different objects, solve riddles, find ancient crown, and escape from the house!
Hidden 120 Butterlies Game

Plays: 3106
Category: Adventure
Find 120 hidden butterflies in 12 locations. Each location contains 10 hidden butterflies. You can submit your score at any time you want, but game progress will be lost, to get best result find all butterflies as fast as you can and submit score! Good Luck!
Hidden Ants Game

Plays: 3105
Category: Adventure
Find 56 hidden ants, each of the pictures contains 7 ants. You have 500 seconds to find all hidden ants. Good Luck!
Hidden Gemstones 5 Game

Plays: 3105
Category: Adventure
Hidden objects game where your task is to find 56 hidden gemstones. Game contains 8 pictures, each picture contains 7 hidden gems. You need to find all gems in less than 500 seconds. Good Luck!
Hidden Pumpkins Market Game

Plays: 3103
Category: Adventure
Search for pumpkins that hidden between fruits, you have only 300 seconds to find all pumpkins, each of the pictures contains 5 pumpkins.
Bad Memory Escape Game

Plays: 3092
Category: Adventure
Find 8 number papers, enter code in to safe panel and escape from room! Good Luck!
Aquarium Differences Game

Plays: 3088
Category: Adventure
Search aquarium for differences. Each aquarium contains 3 differences. Click on the left side picture difference to spot it, game contains 10 pictures. Complete game as fast as you can and receive best score!
Ruby Room Escape Game

Plays: 3084
Category: Puzzles
Search for ruby's all over the room, solve riddles, get the key and escape ruby room!
6 Diamonds Escape Game

Plays: 3056
Category: Adventure
Search around the room for 6 hidden diamonds, solve all puzzles in order to get them all then find key and escape. Good luck!
Hidden SpringStones 2 Game

Plays: 3039
Category: Adventure
Find 56 hidden SpringStones. Each of the pictures has seven hidden SpringStones. To progress to the next picture you need to find all stones in current picture. Good Luck!
Hidden 120 Butterflies 2 Game

Plays: 3027
Category: Education
Find 120 butterflies in 12 locations of mega picture. Each location contains 10 butterflies. You can submit your score at any time you want, but game progress will be lost, to get best result find all butterflies as fast as you can. Good Luck!
Concrete Basement Escape Game

Plays: 3023
Category: Adventure
One day Bruce decided to explore old house basement, when he entered door behind him somehow closed... Help Bruce to escape. Good Luck!

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