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Concrete Basement Escape Game

Plays: 2933
Category: Adventure
One day Bruce decided to explore old house basement, when he entered door behind him somehow closed... Help Bruce to escape. Good Luck!
Gold Room Escape 5 Christmas Game

Plays: 2907
Category: Adventure
Room escape game where your task is to search for golden coins, golden ring, jewels, ruby... and solve all puzzles to obtain key from door and escape from gold room!
Gold Room Escape 5 Game

Plays: 2901
Category: Puzzles
Hidden objects, room escape type riddle game whare your task is to search for golden coins, golden ring, jewels, ruby... and solve riddles to get the key from door and escape golden room!
Lielpils Castle: part 2 Game

Plays: 2895
Category: Adventure
Continue your adventure, this time explore castle rooms. Get rid of all guards to pass further, collect 11 code papers in order to unlock door and proceed to next part of castle.
Steal Gold And Escape 7 part 2 Game

Plays: 2894
Category: Adventure
This game continues story after in "Steal Gold And Escape 7" you entered in to the underground abandoned Soviet bunker... Explore this dark place, collect all hidden gold and escape in to the next location. Good Luck!
Gold and Gems Adventure Game

Plays: 2883
Category: Adventure
"Gold and Gems Adventure" is point and click adventure game with escape elements. Your mission is to open safe and steal hidden gold and gems, but first you need to infiltrate in to the building. Good Luck!
Mini Tunnel Escape 3 Game

Plays: 2854
Category: Adventure
You were trapper in underground bunker! Unlock all doors and solve all puzzles in order to be able to escape from this place! Good Luck!
Numbscape: room 2 Game

Plays: 2853
Category: Adventure
Use your mind to solve all riddles, get the objects and escape the room!
Frogs Differences Game

Plays: 2845
Category: Adventure
Ask frogs to help you find differences, each picture contains one frog and three differences, game contains ten frog pictures, find all differences as fast as you can in order to get best score.
Steal Crown and Escape: Sapphire crown Game

Plays: 2837
Category: Adventure
Your secret mission continues, this time your objective is to find and steal sapphire crown. Infiltrate in to the building search all around, find crown and escape. Good Luck!
Collapsed House Escape Other Side Game

Plays: 2836
Category: Adventure
One more soul released from dark collapsing house, solve all puzzles in order to be able to escape from this dark place... Good Luck!
Gold Room Escape Easter Game

Plays: 2834
Category: Adventure
Search for hidden gold then find key and escape from Easter room!
Gold Room: Ancient Coins Game

Plays: 2830
Category: Puzzles
Seach for hidden ancient coins, solve all riddles, get the key and escape gold room!
Escape from Fort - Underground Game

Plays: 2825
Category: Adventure
You found yourself imprisoned in underground fort. Explore fort and open all doors to proceed further and escape. Good Luck!
Safes Room Escape Game

Plays: 2804
Category: Puzzles
Solve all riddles to open all safes, and get the key from the door! Then escape safes room! Good Luck!

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