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Bomb Squad Game

Plays: 7321
Category: Action
Type as fast as you can, before the fuse burns out!!
Money is Coming Game

Plays: 5367
Category: Action
Money is like tsunami. You have to run before you get buried!
Word Wise Jetsetter Game

Plays: 5174
Category: Action
You stay in trendy boutique hotels, lugging around nifty suitcases. Yet, you are just a lame wannabe hipster without a proper understanding of the globalizing world. You don’t need to feign any interest about the civil war in Sudan, nor petition against sharia caning in Malaysia. All you have to do, is to indulge in exoticism while you continue to bask in gilded consumptions. Just master a few words derived from foreign languages, and you will be on top of the world again. After all, the English language has been appropriating foreign words for centuries. Who needs cannons and spy gadgets to colonize the world? The cool lingo for the new global village is, of course, still English!
Bandage Bunny Game

Plays: 4998
Category: Action
Poor Bandage is kidnapped and used as a bait at dog racing track. You must keep Bandage running smoothly on the track.. otherwise, the dogs will bite.
Last UFO Hero Game

Plays: 4838
Category: Action
As the pilot of the only space worthy craft in your space reef, you alone are responsible to bring your reef from agricultural productivity, toward industrialization and long term sustainability…take whatever you want from earth.
Kick Bu Game

Plays: 4556
Category: Action
"Bu" is a popular messenger emoticon in Asia. Bu's creator, Bei, has created this kick up game for those dull moments in your long work day.
Typing Jim Game

Plays: 4545
Category: Action
Type as fast as you can!
Laku Game

Plays: 4454
Category: Action
clear the balls before they reach your line of defense.
zleep Game

Plays: 3643
Category: Action
Don't let the classroom become a sleeping lounge! Throw the chalk at your snoozing students, before the dulldrum becomes contagious and put you to sleep.
Sheep Chronicle Game

Plays: 2848
Category: Action
Pink sheep is no cotton candy. She walks through the history of sheeps and refuses to fall in the rank..
Tan Tan Ma Shu Game

Plays: 8998
Category: Action
"Ma Shu" (AKA Mochi) is a delicious dessert made by stuffing the finest beans around the softest rice dough. This is the rite of passage for the humble dessert to become the most mouth watering mochi.
Love Saver Game

Plays: 3221
Category: Action
Catch your lover, before she falls into the sewage. You need to avoid other fallen object, and send her back to the roof top!!

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