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Perfect Shift Game

Plays: 11431
Category: Driving
Try to get the cleanest gear shift on a red manual convertable for the fastest time on a quarter mile track.
Worlds Hardest Maze Game Level 1 Game

Plays: 9082
Category: Adventure
Do you have what it takes to defeat the first chapter of the worlds hardest maze game series.
Big Ball Game

Plays: 5130
Category: Driving
You start of as a small orange circle move around with the arrow keys to eat smaller squares then you to grow as large as you can but beware of the large squares or it'll be game over.
Huge Ball Game

Plays: 3634
Category: Driving
A simple to pick up game with different levels. You start of as a small Orange ball and you have to eat smaller squares to grow while avoiding larger ones.
Worlds Hardest Maze Game Lv 3 Game

Plays: 3374
Category: Adventure
Can you beat the worlds hardest maze game level 3 its easier then 1 and 2 since none of you guys could handle those.
Worlds Hardest Maze Game LV 2 Game

Plays: 2955
Category: Adventure
The second Chapter of the worlds hardest maze game series Thanks for playing Enjoy!
SpaceBar Game

Plays: 2358
Category: Strategy
Click the space bar as many times as you can in 10 seconds compete against players all over the world.
Drop Your Ball Game

Plays: 2307
Category: Action
Control your ball falling down an infinite hole make sure not to hit any of the obstacles and reach for the fastest speed against competitors all over the world.
Element Escape Game

Plays: 2208
Category: Action
A simple addicting survival game where you must avoid various types of enemies. Includes upgrades, various simple enemies, and a survival mode.
Cloud Jumper Game

Plays: 1941
Category: Action
The keep jumping on clouds to keep from falling. If you fall you die, reach for the highest score in the world packed with achievements and a special 500 point bonus item.
CatchAroo Game

Plays: 1825
Category: Action
Eat as many balls and special items as you can to reach for the highest score in the world!
Trap World Game

Plays: 1797
Category: Adventure
Navigate through many obstacles and enemies to escape Trap World. A very addicting and challenging game that includes 15 levels that gradually get harder, 5 Boss Levels, and many Achievements.
Hungry Plant Game

Plays: 1493
Category: Action
Feed the Plant by navigating with the mouse. An Addicting game packed with levels, scores, achievements , and powerups.

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