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Moooving Cows Game

Plays: 17603
Category: Action
As a herdsman, you must take care as many cows as you can. Avoid any collision with cow that can reduce your health. Use grass to remove cow so that you can stand as long as you can in the field.
Anaconda Chain Game

Plays: 15997
Category: Action
Control anaconda and eat as much cookies as you can to grow it longer.
Rapid Turtle Game

Plays: 7152
Category: Sports
Help the turtle to be finish the race against time.
Speed Memory Game

Plays: 4079
Category: Puzzles
Speed Memory is a matching game where the player need to remembers what cards he or she sees when a match is not made, and determine where pairs are located after several failed tries. The player's objective is try to achieve highest score per second.
Zombie Dusun Durian Game

Plays: 3461
Category: Action
Zombie shooting game for fun.
Bomberia Game

Plays: 2926
Category: Shooting
You play as a blue droid that launch bombs to eliminate alien flying saucers from invading earth. Try to destroy as many flying saucers as you can and avoid any incoming missiles from ground.
Crystalfish Game

Plays: 5500
Category: Puzzles
Crystalfish is a matching game for everyone. Swap crystalfish horizontally or vertically and get points for it. Its simplicity and straight forward control is the key for a fun gameplay.
Energy Collector Game

Plays: 3645
Category: Action
The player control an energy collector satellite ("ECS") to search for source of energy in outer space. Use arrow keys to navigate the ECS. Collect as many energy balls as you can and advance to the next stages. Avoid space garbage objects that can reduce your points and be careful not to collide with enemy satellite.
Uncle Beard's Orb Game

Plays: 3617
Category: Action
The sky is blocked by unidentified objects, which prevent the sunshine to reach the sea. This disrupt the sea life's' health. Please help Uncle Beard to clear the sky with his magical red orb. Finish every level and get points every time you hit the objects with the magical orb.

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