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Rabbit Eat Radish Game

Plays: 5876
Category: Action
Help Sunny Starz? munch her way through the maze! Use the direction keys on your keyboard to help Sunny Starz? crunch carrots! · Earn points for every carrot Sunny Starz crunches · Crunch on a stinky Onion and you lose a chance · The game is over when you lose 3 chances
Monkey Eat Banana Game

Plays: 4156
Category: Action
Moving around the direction key can make the monkey shaking hold the blank space key ,can jump
snow ball Game

Plays: 4007
Category: Action
move you mouse let snowball become big too big
Ugly Duck Game

Plays: 3125
Category: Puzzles
You've got 2 minutes to make all the ducks surface! Clicking on a duck will cause him and the neighbouring ducks to duck or surface. Work your way through the puzzles as fast as you can in as little moves as possible. Less clicks = more points!
Eat Food Game

Plays: 2925
Category: Action
smart, funny & fresh for the young minds
motor Game

Plays: 2600
Category: Driving
let yourself become motor master hand! ye!!!
Clear Diamond Game

Plays: 2337
Category: Action
choose more then two diamonds with same color ,click them to disappear
Speed Eye Game

Plays: 2147
Category: Action
Press you left mouse drag the animal in the small box
Strong man Game

Plays: 2143
Category: Action
Instructions: Background You are a stranded marine, with no no chance of surviving. But you can compete for high scores by climbing as high as you can before you die! Controls W – Jump A – Left D – Right Left Click - Fire Main Instructions Move up the level, using the platforms as steps and double jumping. Kill any oncoming zombies and grab health packs if needs be. You only have limited jump at any one time, before it recharges, so use it wisely. Tip: The jump bar refills faster when you're standing on a platform.
Hit Brick Game

Plays: 2078
Category: Action
Press the left mouse let bomb hit brick,and please move you mouse
Hypol Game

Plays: 2072
Category: Action
Eat as much as you can from 'apple'.Be care of 'bugbear ', when he gets you the game is over...
Help Car Game

Plays: 2018
Category: Action
Each driver has ?10.00 they wish to spend at the pumps. When a car arrives, use the cursor keys to guide Stelios to a pump to start filling it up. But make sure you return to the car in time to stop it at ?10.00. A car left overfilling loses you money and creates a dangerous spillage! A bucket of sand will make it safe. But you only get 3 buckets per game. So if you run out of sand it's GAME OVER.
Guess Guess Look Game

Plays: 2011
Category: Puzzles
shoot boy Game

Plays: 1932
Category: Action
Girl Clear Game

Plays: 1812
Category: Action
To check your memory choose two same one can get score time is limited

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