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Open Source Rock Paper Scissors Game

Plays: 3482
Category: Casino
Rock Paper Scissors, a finger-guessing game,this is the first game can view source when playing in the world(click "view source"button to view the source)
Best Fighting Game

Plays: 3477
Category: Fighting
this is the best fighting game.enjoy it.
Miami Zombie Typing Game

Plays: 3433
Category: Education
A fun typing game . Improve your typing skills. type the words on the zombie as fast as you can before the miami zombie attack you. Higher levels get progressively more challenging. Have Fun!
Super Typing Game

Plays: 3418
Category: Education
Super Typing
Tablet PC room Decoration Game

Plays: 3416
Category: Dress-Up
Create a House, Design and build your own house! more funny games on
1-button fighter Game

Plays: 3374
Category: Fighting
1 Button Fighter,the easiest fighter game in the world
Sydney Fighter Game

Plays: 3371
Category: Fighting
the best fighting game for Sydney(Australia)
Stick Street Fighter Game

Plays: 3185
Category: Fighting
When I Was Young,i play the fighting game day after day.and i decided to be a game developer to design the fighting games When I grow up. I will design more beter fighting games to the best of my ability more than a lifetime. thank you.
Tokyo Hot Game

Plays: 3110
Category: Action
Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the center of the Greater Tokyo Area, and the largest metropolitan area in the world. It is the seat of the Japanese government and the Imperial Palace, and the home of the Japanese Imperial Family. Now,Pixel man come to Tokyo,kill all the evil stickman apear in Tokyo. Good Luck!
Super Typing 2 Game

Plays: 3040
Category: Education
Updated:press and key to start; Super Typing is a great online typing game for anyone looking to learn how to type or simply loves typing games. The beginning levels are fairly easy to conquer, but the game gets much harder as your progress. The goal is simple. Type the words falling from the top of the screen before they hit the bottom of the screen. Miss five times and it's game over. While the premise is simple, the game definitely isn't. The truth is, if you are a fast typer, you are likely going to get through the first few levels of Super Typing with little trouble. Those who are newcomers to typing games, however, are likely going to find the game challenging from the beginning. The benefit this game offers over many other typing games is you are given real words to type instead of random letters. This makes the game much easier as many of the words are words you will be familiar with typing although some of the longer words might give you a hard time. In the earlier levels, large words don't come along that often and are generally spaced apart so you won't have a group of large numbers to deal with at once. In later levels, though, it is the smaller words that are few and far between and you will have to deal with predominantly large words. Super Typing is a great game for someone who is new to online typing games and wants to hone their typing skills for more advanced games. This is also a great game for someone who is a fast typer and wants to put their typing skills to the test. You have to go through the slower levels first, of course, but your patience will be rewarded with a great challenge later in the game.
Addition Test Game

Plays: 3016
Category: Education
Addition Test,choose correct answer
Best Typing Game

Plays: 3013
Category: Education
The most fun typing game
The Piano Master Game

Plays: 2969
Category: Driving
The Piano Master
memory challenge Game

Plays: 2911
Category: Other
You better hope you have a good memory as you play this game! The first few levels are a breeze but as you progressively get better at finding matches in the grid, the levels will become harder and harder! Do not worry though with this games difficulty comes an immense amount of fun!
Stick Street Fighter 2 Game

Plays: 2891
Category: Fighting
Updated: s+d+u=shoot When I Was Young,I play the fighting games day after day.and I decided to be a game developer to design the fighting games When I grow up. I will design more beter fighting games to the best of my ability more than a lifetime. Good Luck.

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