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Fish Crunch Game

Plays: 11986
Category: Action
You are a piranha that is lost in the waters after a tsunami killed your family. Now, you must survive by eating smaller fish and not becoming dinner for the larger fish! Eat smaller fish and avoid becoming dinner for the larger fish! Crunch your way through 15 levels of crazy munching action!
Sewer Germs TD Game

Plays: 11490
Category: Action
Disinfect the sewers by planting various anti-germ towers! Use the different tower abilities to blast the germs and make use of different cells which carry special attributes.
Citrus Strike Game

Plays: 6678
Category: Action
The oranges are mad at the humans for boxing them and selling them off. Get revenenge on the humans by ridding of the horrid boxes! Launch the angry citrus fruits at the boxes!
Stickinator Game

Plays: 6331
Category: Action
After years of being harassed by the stickmen, you built the ultimate offensive machine, the Stickinator! Fend off the waves of stickmen for as long as possible with your trusty Stickinator! Featuring 25 unique stick killing weapon cycles!
Scooter Master Game

Plays: 5490
Category: Adventure
Drive your scooter in the busy streets and dodge all the incoming obstacles in this 3d perspective scooter driving game brought to you by!
Block Run Game

Plays: 4160
Category: Action
Dodge the falling blocks and achieve the highest score!
Papa's Salad Stall Game

Plays: 3690
Category: Action
Slice and Dice all the vegetables to create the best salads in town!
Toss A Nerd Game

Plays: 3622
Category: Action
Toss the nerd as far as you can!
Fruit Ranger Game

Plays: 3467
Category: Action
Shoot the tossed fruits and test your archery skills in this cute archery game!
Antibiotic Game

Plays: 3382
Category: Shooting
Use you antibiotic medication to create a chain reaction and destroy all the bacteria! This game requires both skill and luck to destroy the infected germs!
Zolf Game

Plays: 3267
Category: Sports
Play mini-golf, as a ZOMBIE! Happy Halloween
Tower Tank Destruction Game

Plays: 3130
Category: Action
A neighboring country has just declared war and your command center is right on the border! Protect against an onslaught of enemy tanks. Use 8 tower types and 19 upgrades strategically in this non-stop isometric tower defense.
Twitch Game

Plays: 2879
Category: Other
Test your twitching skills my moving the ball as least far away from the ball and rank on the high scores to show the world your worth!
Clear Cube Game

Plays: 2705
Category: Puzzles
Pop cubes of the same color. Try to pop more at once to gain a higher score!
Reflexology Game

Plays: 2665
Category: Action
Test your reflexes and compare them with your friends. See who has the best reflex and reaction time! Press the spacebar as soon as you see the lightning bolt! The lower your score, the better your reaction time!

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