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Key racer Game

Plays: 5495
Category: Puzzles
Race the computer to end of the track. Press the keys that fall in the green and orange squares to speed you up and slow down the computer. Don’t press the keys with the red squares or they’ll slow you down and lower your points.
Blokz Game

Plays: 5476
Category: Puzzles
Click groups of 2 or more bricks to pop them, clear the target amount before time runs out and get through ten levels. The more bricks you pop at once, the higher your score, pop enough and you’ll get points bonuses.
Ping Pong Game

Plays: 5472
Category: Action
A very simple pong game, but with some tasty graphics applied to it.Use the mouse to deflect the ball to defeat the computer player.
DNA Game

Plays: 5466
Category: Puzzles
Connect the DNA nodes to make a strand before time runs out
Plumber 1 Game

Plays: 4998
Category: Puzzles
Connect the pipes and complete the flow.
Space Ace 2 Game

Plays: 4974
Category: Shooting
Aliens have invaded! Use the mouse to steer your ship, and click the mouse to fire. Hold for auto-fire.
Solitaire 2 Mobile Game

Plays: 4708
Category: Casino
The classic game of klondike solitaire, or patience. Get all the cards to the foundations.
Kickit Game

Plays: 4642
Category: Sports
Kick goals while knocking over the mannequins!
Treasure Caves 2 Mobile Game

Plays: 4599
Category: Adventure
Collect the treasure from 100 levels by digging and solving the puzzles of the caves!
Labyrinth Game

Plays: 4559
Category: Puzzles
Escape from the Labyrinth!
Fire Away Game

Plays: 4552
Category: Action
Use the mouse to aim the cannon and click/release to fire. Try to hit as many things as possible! Trees are worth 50pts, walls 100, trampolines 200 and stars 300.
Trampoline Game

Plays: 4512
Category: Puzzles
In the square shapes in the lower right hand corner, draw the symbols you see falling down the screen to make Terry bounce higher and perform tricks. The more symbols you get correct the higher you bounce, and the more points you gain. But, get 5 symbols wrong and it’s game over.
Darts Game

Plays: 4455
Category: Puzzles
The rules are a modified version of ‘Around the world’. You must hit 1-20 consecutively, and cannot move to the next number until you have hit the current number your on. First aim using the mouse, left and right, then click and hold the mouse to get the power you want. The darker green bar (appears after your first shot), shows how much power you last used.
Vector Defender Game

Plays: 4420
Category: Action
Defend the 10 planets from the invading vectors with your base gun. You WILL unlock planets as you successfully defend each one. Use the mouse to aim, click and hold the mouse button to build power, then release to fire. Red blockers on later levels cannot be destroyed Destroy passing satelites that fly across the screen to gain new weapons for a short period of time. Rebound your bullets of multiple enemies for greater scores.
Plumber 2 Game

Plays: 4416
Category: Puzzles
A puzzling pipe game.

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