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Sevgililer Günü Hediyesi Game

Plays: 4881
Category: Other
Valentine's day gift gift your sweetie will get in the game. In order to start the game, after loading at the bottom right of the game by clicking the Play Game starts and immediately after the declaration of selecting the sex would continue. Choosing a gift that will be located in the left side menu located at the bottom right You complete the entry by clicking on the game. Good Luck.
Showman Fight Game

Plays: 3777
Category: Fighting
Showman Fight game is a game WHICH famous characters fight. By controlling the character you will see competitors going through one at a time, and a total of 3-part game tammaliyorsunuz. Comments on Play by clicking on the arrow direction keys and then start the installation by using the controls in the game with the S key to kick and punch while pressing A smokefree. Good Luck.
Didier Drogba Ball Show Game

Plays: 2972
Category: Sports
Drogba ball bouncing game, Galatasaray sports club Are you ready to bounce the ball with the world-famous star Didier Drogba? Game Drogba's goal is to try to rebound with a soccer ball hitting the maximum level without falling down. In order to start the process of bouncing the ball, the ball simply click with the mouse. For the following stages, the ball does not fall down and do not move very fast clicks with the mouse must be timely. Drogba scoring record by having the ball bouncing rebound that match if you wish you can find your place in the world ranking game. Have fun playing the game of football was prepared by a team of
Ahmet Kural Oscar Yolunda Game

Plays: 2897
Category: Adventure
Balance Ahmet Kural
Turkey Syria War Game

Plays: 2492
Category: Strategy
Continue and immediately after the war between Turkey and Syria Play after loading the game by clicking on the entry and choose the degree of difficulty do you login to the game. Where the ball using the arrow direction keys by pressing the space key immediately after atacaginizi and adjusts to shoot. Your goal is to destroy your opponent's castle hope you enjoy the game.
Combine Numbers Game

Plays: 2305
Category: Puzzles
Combine Numbers on the figures given on the platform the game will be using your mouse and consolidate respectively. Finish the possible use of your time and part combines all the figures.
Grumpy Balls Game

Plays: 2245
Category: Strategy
In order to be able to login the game wait for the completion of the installation grumpy balls. Continue the installation by pressing the button immediately after the encounter after login pop-up window by pressing the Play button to start. Goal is to stop the ball round the fields, the nearest place to make the highest score in the game that you will play with your mouse. Good Luck
Find Your Woman Game

Plays: 2080
Category: Adventure
Find Your Woman on the desert in the game by controlling the male character will try to find a female character. Decreased closer to the character you are away trying to find the following figures will begin to rise again. Game is played using the keyboard arrow direction keys and part of the desert to escape from other people arriving by car will try to complete as soon as possible. Good Luck.
Turkiye'yi Koru Game

Plays: 1984
Category: Strategy
Ülkenin dört bir yaninda konuslanan düsman askerleri ittifak yaparak ülkemize saldirmaktadir. Siz ülkenin ortasindaki silahin kontrolünü saglayarak düsman asker ve savas araçlarina ates ederek etkisiz hale getirmelisiniz. Oyunun her bölümünde sizden vurmaniz gereken düsman sayisi üst bölümde belirtilmektedir. Enerjinizi koruyarak düsman askerlerinin tamamini öldürmeyi basarmaniz halinde Türkiye'yi koru oyununda yeni bölümlere geçebilirsiniz. Bölüm aralarinda puaninizin yetmesi halinde lazer, çifte, makineli, s2, s3, s4 gibi silahlari satin alarak düsmanlara daha güçlü saldirilar yapabilirsiniz. tarafindan hazirlanan Türkiye'yi koru oyununda kontrolü saglayabilmek için fareyi kullanabilirsiniz. Iyi eglenceler dileriz.
Colorless Man V Game

Plays: 1967
Category: Adventure
Colorless Man V game continues, this time with a series of characters and also appears on various platforms by taking the desired object, you need to upgrade to the next section. Controls by using the SHIFT key while using the keyboard arrow direction keys within the partition by using the colored people will receive help. To pay attention to some of the gaps should not fall down.
Revenge of Salih Abi Game

Plays: 1926
Category: Shooting
Role in the minds of your friend's brother's righteous vengeance across the game have to shoot the apple. Continue doing and immediately after the declaration of entry by clicking Start you start the game by clicking yaisina. Your goal is to shoot the apple using your mouse arrow at the bottom part of the game you need to pay attention to discontinue hit a friend in the role. Good Luck.
Dangerous Granny Game

Plays: 1804
Category: Shooting
The shining star of the world lie in the recent period a series of large and small Vasfiye Aunt followed by a great pleasure to everyone. You are prepared for the Turkish language in this great fighting game series with the players to help Aunt ediceksiniz the Vasfiye. Section that appears later in rapid sequence with Aunt Vasfiye by hitting them with other members of the signage will try to reach the desired points. New equipment with the money you earn or receive Vasfiye Aunt strength potions. wish you success
Turkish Warrior Game

Plays: 1726
Category: Shooting
Warrior Turkish military control in the game is located on a platform and a variety of oncoming trying to earn points and money by destroying enemies. Located in the lower part with the money you earn and your opponents easier to raise your power weapons do not agree on taking the shot. Em up game is a game in which the Turkish Warrior Wait for the installation to log in first. Comments on Start and then clicking on the entry immediately after the declaration of the installation continue doing. Controls are provided in the game by using your mouse using the left mouse button to shoot. Good Luck.
Ball Jumper Game

Plays: 1724
Category: Action
Ball Jumper game of intelligence games area and a game that you play using the keyboard arrow direction keys. Play immediately after the entry after installation by clicking on the arrow direction keys to check in and complete the sections by using the scroll. Every move you make is to pay attention to some thinking about the next move to destroy all the red points. Good Luck.
Knight White Game

Plays: 1709
Category: Action
White Knight, the character you control the game and exited the competitors will try to defeat in a row by winning the second round. After installation start the game using the arrow direction keys to control and jumping with the S key will attack A key. Good Luck.

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