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Online Maze Games
Play AngerAnger Game

Plays: 4118
Category: Adventure
You surf the dungeon, and chop with the sword (press A and S), you encountered ghosts. Just do not fall under their escaping from the jaws of the fire. Do not get confused in the maze. And in the end you will expect a fierce BOSS! Just a great game Adventure ...
Play Quad BotsQuad Bots Game

Plays: 4112
Category: Puzzles
Control 4 Bots until reach their Finsh Tile simultaneously. Full of challenge especially on Maniac Mode.
Play A Maze Race IIA Maze Race II Game

Plays: 4098
Category: Puzzles
Use your intelligence and items to race against the computer.
Play The Adventures of BlockyThe Adventures of Blocky Game

Plays: 4097
Category: Puzzles
Escape the Maze! Blocky has been trapped and its up to you to get him out. Move with the arrow keys as you avoid the red and get to the Purple. Do you have what it takes to get a highscore?
Play Tiger MazeTiger Maze Game

Plays: 4073
Category: Puzzles
Fire balls to make sets of three, but don't let them reach the circle hole or you're history! HAVE FUN!
Play Maze GameMaze Game Game

Plays: 4067
Category: Puzzles
A simple maze game featuring multiple floors.
Play Digital MazeDigital Maze Game

Plays: 4017
Category: Puzzles
You have to move the car to reach the goal before the time limit. Use arrow keys to move the car. Click the correct door number buttons to open the doors to pass the car.
Play Hour MazeHour Maze Game

Plays: 4012
Category: Puzzles
Logic maze puzzle based on the numbers from a clock. Fill in the maze squares with the numbers 1 through 12 in sequence.
Play StringyStringy Game

Plays: 3984
Category: Action
Drive Stringy through 40 levels avoiding walls, rotating barriers and lasers, and collect red and yellow stars. Beat levels quickly to gain White Stars, try to get them all!!
Play 3D Bunny Track3D Bunny Track Game

Plays: 3982
Category: Action
Physical game where you are a happy rabbit that must escape a world made of blocks.
Play Kachbo eWall 3Kachbo eWall 3 Game

Plays: 3979
Category: Action
Kachbo eWall series is becoming popular with our gamers demanding more. So heres another one for you.
Play Air Maze 2Air Maze 2 Game

Plays: 3950
Category: Action
Fly on the balloons through the maze avoiding obstacles.
Play Murder On EverestMurder On Everest Game

Plays: 3921
Category: Action
Take control of Scott Devlon in his return to Everest to recover the body of Derek Sodoc, only son of the worlds richest and most powerful man. Move from camp to camp up the mountain until you find the body. Negotiate your way around sheer rock faces and deep crevasses in order to reach your goal. Watch out for avalanches and be sure to keep moving to avoid the risk of frostbite and depleting your dwindling oxygen supply. Youll earn points for how far you manage to make it up Everest. Earn bonuses for maintaining your body temperature and any oxgen you have left in your tank by the time you reach the next camp. So always look for the shortest route up the mountain to increase your score.

Plays: 3921
Category: Action
See the ball, use the mouse, tilt the board, hit the walls, watch out for traps, grab the keys, open the gates, hold your breath, take the teleporters, overcome illusions, catch the flags, kiss the girl and find out if the captain lied.
Play Guitar NinjaGuitar Ninja Game

Plays: 3916
Category: Action
A pacman style game with a ninja that must defeat the music demons! Real guitar musics and cartoon-stylish graphics on this maze game!
Play haunted mirror mazehaunted mirror maze Game

Plays: 3915
Category: Puzzles
Met friendly zombies, vampires, and ghosts. Solve puzzles while been entertained by theirs quirky animations and comments.
Play 3D Maze Escape 1 (Molehill)3D Maze Escape 1 (Molehill) Game

Plays: 3912
Category: Action
Find the exit.
Play Treasure HuntTreasure Hunt Game

Plays: 3904
Category: Shooting
A 3D Maze game where you get to collect gold treasure. Inspired by Wolfenstein 3D shareware.
Play Maze-BlockMaze-Block Game

Plays: 3893
Category: Puzzles
MAze-Block game.Mind twisting game.
Play The Mouse PathThe Mouse Path Game

Plays: 3889
Category: Driving
Move through the maze without crashing into the sides. Collect stars and get as far as you can. Try to claim the top post in the high scores.

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