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Play Ancient Civilization DefenseAncient Civilization Defense Game

Plays: 4010
Category: Strategy
Currently a game in progres if anyone can help me program it i would appreciate it email [email protected] Aliens have attacked earth and you must stop them with the oldes civilizations around based off of Elemental Tower Defense
Play aMazeaMaze Game

Plays: 4003
Category: Action
A nice little time waster where the object is to make it through the mazes as quickly and cleanly as possible without making too many mistakes. Once your score runs out and your tail catches up to you it's game over.
Play MattMatt's Random Mazes Game

Plays: 4001
Category: Adventure
Matt's Random Mazes game is a series of mazes for you to solve, the game will be updated often adding new mazes, new futures and more.
Play aMaze ThiefaMaze Thief Game

Plays: 3998
Category: Adventure
You are a thief who wants to become rich. Your recent task is to crack a security system and rob the vault. It’s not as easy as you think; there are Laser Security Systems, Cops and Security Cameras, that you have to be careful off. Collect a few tools on your way to crack the safe. Let’s see if you are a skilled thief and do you become rich…
Play Keyboard MazeKeyboard Maze Game

Plays: 3983
Category: Strategy
A fun challenging game
Play The Mouse PathThe Mouse Path Game

Plays: 3978
Category: Driving
Move through the maze without crashing into the sides. Collect stars and get as far as you can. Try to claim the top post in the high scores.
Play Just Another ShadowJust Another Shadow Game

Plays: 3965
Category: Action
Escape the maze you find yourself in, no matter how many times you need to beat the same level. And don't let your shadow distract you!
Play Maze Game Play 2Maze Game Play 2 Game

Plays: 3939
Category: Puzzles
Play the maze game 2 and help the Blind man to find house.
Play Lazer MazeLazer Maze Game

Plays: 3926
Category: Puzzles
Lazer Maze is a puzzle game for 1 or 2 players. Each player controls a generator that shoots periodically. The players have to buy blocks which alter the shots flight or modify it in other ways, and reroute it into the opponents generator.
Play A Quizmaze Game DemoA Quizmaze Game Demo Game

Plays: 3922
Category: Puzzles
A Game filled with Questions and maze's! *Demo version* This contains a question about
Play MazeRunnersMazeRunners Game

Plays: 3921
Category: Puzzles
Race your way through a maze of traps tricks in search for the moon rock aka chese
Play Cursor GetawayCursor Getaway Game

Plays: 3905
Category: BoardGame
Escape alive from the tiny maze with your mouse cursor.
Play Hilarious Challenge! The GameHilarious Challenge! The Game Game

Plays: 3900
Category: Puzzles
A simple maze like game where you simple use your mouse to try and reach the end.
Play MinotaurMinotaur Game

Plays: 3896
Category: Adventure
Explore the Minotaur's dungeon mazes. Find objects, avoid traps and seek out the stairs to the next, larger maze. Randomly generated mazes give you a different game every time you play.
Play CavescapECavescapE Game

Plays: 3892
Category: Puzzles
Use the Arrow Pad to navigate through the cave. You are on ice, which is why you can't stop whenever you want to. The only way to stop is to hit a boulder or wall.
Play Silver MazeSilver Maze Game

Plays: 3867
Category: Strategy
A deep tower defense game featuring 31 unique turrets, customization, and tower combinations! This is a big repolishiment/remake of my first game, Snow Virus TD. I guess I could call it a sequel, all maps have been changed or severely rebalanced ;) The game can be very complex. Each one of the 31 towers has a use ;). There is also an enchant system designed for you to abuse and exploit. The lightning enchant for instance adds extra area damage when the enemies are hit. Use that enchant with an area damage tower, and every creep hit by that bullet will also strike everyone nearby. The (minimal) plot remains the same: "An evil AI has taken over the military forces of a space colony. Arm your defenses and protect your base before being overrun by all those pesky fiends!" I hope you guys enjoy it!
Play Michigan HawkMichigan Hawk Game

Plays: 3857
Category: Action
Are you the one who can survive the dangers in this tomb? Find the sarcophagus of Ra-Amin-Kah. Collect treasures, gold, diamonds and more. To escape, from the tomb of Ra-Amin-Kah, you need the old Maps of Atlantis. Find and open the shrines to collect this maps.
Play Dig Your WayDig Your Way Game

Plays: 3850
Category: Adventure
dig your way out in this random maze game!
Play Franklin: Bank AloneFranklin: Bank Alone Game

Plays: 3822
Category: Adventure
Mr. Franklin is the main local Banker. Once upon a time he decided to go to the work a bit earlier. He noticed that bank is full with thieves and the money is even falling out of their bags. Your task is to stop them and collect and bring all money back in safe.
Play Invisible WalkInvisible Walk Game

Plays: 3819
Category: Puzzles
52 Weeks of Game Development: Week 2. The "52 Weeks of Game Development" project is a 2012 New Year's resolution I made to create a new game every week. This game takes the idea of the invisibility powerup that you see in games, but makes you invisible to yourself as well! Now your score is simply based on how close you can get to the goal without have a good idea of what's going on. The maze... is in your brain.

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