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Online Maze Games
Play Invisible WalkInvisible Walk Game

Plays: 3740
Category: Puzzles
52 Weeks of Game Development: Week 2. The "52 Weeks of Game Development" project is a 2012 New Year's resolution I made to create a new game every week. This game takes the idea of the invisibility powerup that you see in games, but makes you invisible to yourself as well! Now your score is simply based on how close you can get to the goal without have a good idea of what's going on. The maze... is in your brain.
Play mazemaze Game

Plays: 3739
Category: Puzzles
Play Cheetah MazeCheetah Maze Game

Plays: 3736
Category: Puzzles
This cute cheetah is lost, can you guide this cheetah through the maze and find his way home.
Play Kachbo eWallKachbo eWall Game

Plays: 3725
Category: Action
An interesting maze game, played with the mouse reaching from start to destination.
Play GobstoppersGobstoppers Game

Plays: 3716
Category: Action
As a set of chomping teeth, your must eat all the candy dots in the maze, while avoiding the teeth-shattering jawbreakers. Although the concept is similar to Pac-Man, in this case, you are limited to horizontal rows, which you can escape only by traveling through moving openings in the walls. If you manage to finish off all of the candy on the screen, you will be rewarded with a vigorous toothbrushing to prepare you for more candy eating. Beware of gobstoppers.
Play Mouse QuestMouse Quest Game

Plays: 3713
Category: Other
Pass thru 12 different levels to go away the dungeons
Play Piping - PazePiping - Paze Game

Plays: 3706
Category: Puzzles
Piping Maze Puzzle Game
Play 3D Car And Maze3D Car And Maze Game

Plays: 3688
Category: BoardGame
You are lost in a maze with a car and you must escape.
Play PocaPoca's Adventure Game

Plays: 3665
Category: Adventure
Pocahontas and her adventure. Enclose all the non-empty areas in a level to advance to the next level.
Play CursorCursor Game

Plays: 3654
Category: Adventure
Guide your cursor through the mazes!
Play Avoid BlueAvoid Blue Game

Plays: 3634
Category: Strategy
Don't hit anything blue with your mouse to rack up your score. Simple.
Play Mindfields 3Mindfields 3 Game

Plays: 3628
Category: BoardGame
Mindfields is back with a level editor, custom maps, challenges and of course 25 brand new levels in this third episode - Aftermath. This is for you BRAINIACS!
Play Impossible Labyrinth 6Impossible Labyrinth 6 Game

Plays: 3625
Category: Action
The Chapter SIx from impossible Labyrinth Saga. Exit from the labyrinth in 30 seconds.
Play The incredible mazeThe incredible maze Game

Plays: 3623
Category: Puzzles
An in house production of hobogaming, play our latest cursor maze!
Play Mirror WorldMirror World Game

Plays: 3622
Category: Puzzles
Emmy visited a fair in her neighborhood. Emmy was very excited to see the Mirror World. ALAS! The Mirror maze was enchanted and as soon as Emmy entered she got captured in the mirrors. The only way to come out is to match the reflected tiles and complete all the levels. Will you help Emmy to come out of the enchanted Mirror World?
Play Mr. Rocket PenguinMr. Rocket Penguin Game

Plays: 3618
Category: Action
Mr Rocket Penguin loves popsicles. Help him eat all the popsicles without running into the evil walls of destruction.
Play Cheese HuntCheese Hunt Game

Plays: 3606
Category: Puzzles
Cheese Hunt is another puzzle game. the game idea is to collect all the cheese from the maze.
Play A Growing Boa Needs His LunchA Growing Boa Needs His Lunch Game

Plays: 3603
Category: Action
Simply a take on the Nibbler concept. (Nibbler in turn is - of course - a Pac-Man influenced Snake/Blockade game.)
Play Johnny: Maze LabirintoJohnny: Maze Labirinto Game

Plays: 3602
Category: Adventure
You have been kidnapped, attempt get out the maze before time runs out.
Play The Maze Game 2The Maze Game 2 Game

Plays: 3596
Category: Adventure
Steady hand is a must if you want to succeed in this maze. Small movements are needed with high precision and accuracy. By the start of the game you are given instructions to drag the pointer onto a green box. A big slanted yellow arrow will be pointing at it but will disappear at the instance the pointer is placed. The image is then replaced by an irregular shaped maze that is set on a black background. The mouse arrow changes into a hand pointer. The green box that you have dragged into will be the starting point of the maze. The gray maze is very simple at first, as you see a wide road to the end point. The green box will now be placed at that point. Your objective is to get to the end of the maze without having to touch any black areas of the maze. If you do, however, accidentally dragged the mouse outside the gray path, a single touch on the black pixel will finish the game and you will have to restart. The maze gets longer and narrower as your level increases. You will need to focus on the point of the finger because the hand itself will not be penalized if it goes out of bounds.

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